Theses/Dissertations from 2004


Students' conceptual change on factors affecting rate of chemical reactions, Lorna N. Jonson

Theses/Dissertations from 2003


Factors influencing students' intent to choose college courses in science, Raymund Bigueja Bolalin

The enhancement of student concept attainment and student attitude towards science through the integration of history and philosophy of science in teaching mechanics, Marie Paz S. Escaño Morales


The grasping process in problem solving of selected high school students, Tita Salcedo Natividad


An exploration of classroom learning environment in college physics in a Philippine technical school, Elizabeth R. Rivera


Exploring students' conceptions of forces in uniform circular motion, Charish R. San Juan

Theses/Dissertations from 2002

Development and evaluation of self-instructional modules on heat for home technology students, Rosemarie E. Aliac

The effect of orientation, planning, action and checking (OPAC) problem-solving strategy on students' problem-solving skills and conceptual understanding, Ernesto S. Dedel Jr.

Evaluating Science-Technology-Society (STS) approach in teaching high school science, Virginia Ramos Fornias

A mathematics curriculum design for freshman nursing students, Wilhelmina S. Lacambra

An evaluation of the readability of the training manuals for radiographic testing and ultrasonic testing courses at PNRI, Jocelyn S. Lagarde

Causes of difficulties in college algebra among M.I.T. freshman engineering students school year 2001-2002, Reynaldo D.V. Mendoza


A survey on personal and family related variables among individuals with emotional disturbance and behavioral disorders: Implications to social skills development, Hui-Fang (Vivian) Yeh

Theses/Dissertations from 2001

Effects of mathematical modeling on students' achievement and attitude towards mathematics, Eugenio S. Adrao

The effects of selected relaxation activities on the science anxiety and achievement of grade VI pupils in selected public and private schools, Joel G. Castillo

The status of secondary physics education in selected schools using accelerated Christian education program in the national capital region, Jocelyn A. De Guzman

Problem solving skills of selected students in college algebra, SY 2000-2001: A case analysis, Marissa SJ. Laniog

Cognitive skill achievement of college freshmen using Piaget's logical operations in mathematics, Jaime Acedillo Leongson

Development and validation of an integrated science process skills test in high school chemistry, Ricky M. Magno

The development and evaluation of a CAI power point presentation in biology on the concept of genetics, Rosario U. Martinez-Belmi

Open-book vs. closed-book examination in trigonometry: Effects on student's achievement and attitude towards mathematics, Amparo I. Nataya

Using open-ended questions for the enhancement of student's conceptual understanding, Carlos Asuncion Pangilinan Jr.

The effects of kaya kita math: A self-help workbook on the students' anxiety and performance in college algebra, Dante V. Partosa

Development and validation of a module in logic gates, Lina Luz M. Tolentino

Science as inquiry in selected high school chemistry textbooks, Nelian A. Tolentino

Theses/Dissertations from 2000

Development and evaluation of a module on capacitor, Ernie M. Baranquel

An appraisal of the science education program of four Agustinian secondary schools, Genevieve G. Gicole

Learning experiences in physics and attitude toward a career in physics among senior students of public high schools of Manila, Conchita Pagute Nagac

The predictive validity of the nursing aptitude test, Danilo M. Romero

Theses/Dissertations from 1999

Development and evaluation of sound-slide learning package (SSLP) in stoichiometry, Rubilee L. Alaban

Students' alternative conceptions in introductory college physics courses, Nilo Sumil Capistrano

Development and evaluation of a guided inquiry laboratory manual for high school chemistry, Fitzgerald L. Fabelico

Development and validation of modules for teaching photosynthesis in college biology, Stella Guartero Fernandez

Common errors encountered by freshman students in college algebra: an analysis, Carlos Feliciano Garcia

Development and formative evaluation of computer-assisted instruction on selected topics in general biology, Ma. Elena Bernadette Pardo Hojilla

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The effect of a cooperative learning environment on achievement test scores in stoichiometry of third year high school students, Richard Pulmones

Degree of bilinguality and achievement of students in high school chemistry, Rhoda Santillan Tayag

Theses/Dissertations from 1998

The effect of graphic organizers on facilitating learning in Biological Science: an analysis, Teresa M. Abalon

The effects of cooperative learning on the general science achievement of fifth-grade pupils, Cristina S. Abanto

Illustrated laboratory procedures in chemistry: effects on the achievement of surface and deep learners, Fidela Quinita Aranes

Assessment of selected physics teachers' readiness to use constructivism as a teaching approach and its effects on their classroom practices, Aileen Songalia Aumento


Design and evaluation of a computer-assisted instruction material in heat and thermodynamics, Arlene M. Avila

The use of games in teaching selected topics in general science VI, Jennifer Vicente Bachiller

The use of multimedia in teaching selected topics in chemistry, Evelyn Bahandi Bucoy

Effects of a computer instructional program on college students' performance in solving simple problems in mechanics, Edgar De Guzman Corpuz


The effects of using "derive", a computer algebra system (CAS), as a supplemental tool in teaching selected topics in BMATI, Rey de la Torre Enriquez

Competency assessment of the integrated science process skills and creative thinking abilities of the college freshmen of the University of Nueva Caceres, Armin A. Fullante

Values depicted in selected science textbooks used by grades five and six pupils: An analysis, Rosenda P. Gundaya


The effect of video materials on the students' achievement on polynomial functions, Estrellita F. Lagamayo

The effects of concept mapping on the achievement of grade five pupils in general science, Salve S. Molit

The relationship of science laboratory environment with attitudes toward laboratory work among high school chemistry students, Cesar B. Ortiz

Theses/Dissertations from 1997

The effect of audio-visual aids on the mathematics achievement of freshman student at Manila High School, Milna K. Cabrera

The effects of the use of science-related humor on the achievement and attitude of grade IV pupils in elementary science, Helen Z. Cornelio

The effect of MTAP prepared materials on the achievement of slow learners in Mathematics I, Delia M. De Castro

The use of games in teaching selected topics in college chemistry, Elyn Macalisang Dimagiba

The effectiveness of the Student Teams-Achievement Divisions (STAD) in the teaching of calculus, Fe P. Legaspi

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Development and evaluation of modules on animals in general science for grade 1 pupils, Bernardita Rigoroso Margate

Correlates of achievement in analytic geometry of the first year Bachelor of Technology students at TUP Cavite SY 1996-1997, Susan L. Nunez

Comparative performance of sophomore college students in physics tests under the closed-notes and open-notes policies, Celeste Joan C. Santisteban

Development and evaluation of Computer-Assisted Instructional (CAI) modules on chemical bonding and molecular geometry, Lilia A. Urbano

Theses/Dissertations from 1996

An evaluation of the performance of Trichogramma evanescens Westw in the control of corn borer (Ostrinia furnacalis Guenee) on yellow corn (Zea mays Linn), Rolando D. Cadiz

Development and evaluation of computer-aided instruction on selected topics in mechanical wave phenomena, Imelda S. Caleon

Modified procedures for the phytochemical and cytotoxic screening of natural products, Rosalie Requito Rafael

Theses/Dissertations from 1995

An alternative apparatus for measuring electrical resistance, Celso P. Castillo

A comparative taxonomic study of the Brachyuran fauna collected from two selected sites of Manila Bay, Jennifer M. de Pano

The effects of matching students' learning styles with the teacher's learning styles., Rosalle Cioco Lansangan

A proposed program for the mathematically gifted high school students of Lourdes School of Mandaluyong, Edna H. Negru

Effect of congruence between medium of instruction and testing in assessing students' achievement in general college chemistry, Evalina Gabay Rigonan

Theses/Dissertations from 1994

Modules on problem solving for second year high school students, Ma. Concepcion Molano Cachero

The relative effectiveness of calculus-based college physics instruction on student achievement, Antriman Vipinosa Orleans

Some variables related to the problem solving achievement of third year high school students, Cresencia S. Reyes

Readiness of first year engineering students of the University of the Assumption for college algebra SY 1993-1994, Agnes Cenen E. Sarmiento

Theses/Dissertations from 1993

Development and validation of modules on selected topics in SEDP Math II at the Manila High School 1992-1993, Teresita Javier Abalajon

The prevalence and intensity of soil-transmitted roundworm infections and their correlation to the academic achievement of grade II students, Louella Flores Brion

Comparative effectiveness of three methods of remediation in Algebra, Virginia L. Cayaoyao

Development and evaluation of a laboratory manual in College Physics I for Engineering students using standard and improvised apparatus, Glorina A. Curammeng

The teaching of selected topics in quadratic functions at Torres High School: a modular approach, Dominador L. De Castro

The effects of the use of calculators on the attitudes of high school students toward Mathematics, Janet Duldulao Dionio

Improvised McLAb apparatus for experiments in electricity and magnetism, Abraham Moldes Heriales

Students' preparedness to take Mathematics IV under the Secondary Education Development Program (SEDP) : an evaluation, Jisela M. Naz

The effectiveness of group educational modules for a cooperative learning program in analytic geometry, Ederlina Ganatuin Nocon

Theses/Dissertations from 1992


Levels of cognitive development among first year college students in relation to some intellective and non-intellective factors, Fe Constancia Canete Agapito

An assessment of the impact of values integration in the teaching of college Biology for the non-science students at Saint Paul College of Quezon City, Carmen Figueroa Bartolome


An assessment of an in-service training program for physics high school teachers of Bulacan province, Belarmino S. Cruz


The effects of the use of calculators on the computational skills of high school freshmen, Priscila Canela De Sagun


The effect of structured problem solving in teaching physics to two different groups of engineering students, Josefina Rabara Dumalanta

The relative effectiveness of the expository and the discovery methods of teaching college algebra on the achievement and attitudes of students, Lopito Eguia

Factors related to the mathematical problem solving ability of the freshmen and sophomores of De La Salle - Santiago Zobel School, 1991-1992, Nila R. Jaramillo

Factors associated with the academic performance of the third year students of Quezon City Science High School in learning the Secondary Education Development Program (SEDP) Mathematics III course, Kathy Aquino Josue

The effectiveness of the DECS mass training program in upgrading NCR teachers for the SEDP Math IV curriculum, Elvie N. Laganson

The effectiveness of the computer-aided instruction and the computer-aided-instruction plus as drill and reinforcement strategies in studying graphs of circular functions, Enya Cortez Lim

Development, validation and evaluation of modules on selected topics in probability and statistics for engineering students, Rizaldi Costa Nocon

Analysis of problem-solving strategies in Chemistry, Zenaida T. San Felipe

The effectiveness of modular instruction in the study of selected topics based on identified difficulties in Advanced Algebra, Dante L. Silva

Theses/Dissertations from 1991

Cognitive development and achievement in science through the traditional and inquiry approaches of teaching general Chemistry, Rosalinda T. Agton

An analysis on the knowledge and skills in integrated science processes of fourth year high school students in the public high schools in Manila, Janet Palce Ale