Theses/Dissertations from 2019

Context and conceptualization of supervision in school counseling practicum, Marissa Nicasio

Theses/Dissertations from 2018

Inquiry approaches in learning physics, Arra Quitaneg Abaniel

Pre-service teachers’ scientific epistemic beliefs, conceptions of learning science, and curriculum emphases, Michael Allan A. Bahtaji

When words and images play : a multimodal analysis of a community theatre performance, Anne Richie G. Balgos

Testing the pathways of the hierarchical model of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation on Filipino college students, Ryan Francis O. Cayubit

The discourses of a childcaring agency in the Philippines : a community of practice perspective, Jonna Marie A. Lim

A continuing journey towards student develpment : the essence of being a neophyte teacher, Feliciano Valdez Malaque

Improving critical thinking skills and motivation towards learning physics through 7E’s learning cycle model, Richard C. Monserrat

Towards a possible selves-based model of language teacher identity among new teachers : an exploratory sequential analysis, Edward Jay Mansarate Quinto

Development, implementation and evaluation of a whole child instruction framework for junior high school physics, Von Anthony G. Torio

Theses/Dissertations from 2017

Design, utilization and evaluation of an algebra course site using Blackboard mobile learn, Ezra S. Aguilar

The role of commitment in the relationship between religion and marital satisfaction, Priscilla E. Ashonibare

Students' understanding of physics concepts, attitude, engagement, and perceptions in a flipped classroom environment, Ederson G. Bawang

Grammatical features of spoken Binukid, Teresita H. Borres

Using process oriented guided inquiry learning activities in teaching climate change, Honelly Mae S. Cascolan

Analyzing public basic education teachers’ paradigm shifts in teaching as aftermath of the LEEP Training Program, Victor G. De Gracia

A transforming dynamic journey : the essence of being a novice principal of the archdiocesan school towards leadership goal, Corazon M. Flores

Leading passionately for innovation towards quality education : the essence of being an entrepreneurial leader, Brando G. Geniza

Towards a service-learning framework of selected higher education institutions in the Philippines, Girlie Foulkes Guiuan

A recursive and refelective peregrination : the essence of becoming a teacher leader, Rowena Raton Hibanada

Discourse features in selected Philippine billboards, Mary Kathleen Garcia Javillonar

Developmental experience of adolescent daughters of institutionalized and non-institutionalized schizophrenic mothers in Kerala, India : a qualitative case study, Lizy Lukose Sr.

A reference grammar of Waray, Jovito B. Madeja

Towards the development of a Filipino servant leadership framework in public and private secondary education schools in the national capital region, Cristina A. Monsanto

Exploring resilience from psychiatric nurses’ experience in a tertiary mental health institution, JN Junnile Soliven Paat

Reflective teaching practices and students' statistics performance, Renante C. Pagala

Online homework in statistics : strengthening student engagement towards improved performance., Celina P. Sarmiento

Mattering and self-compassion as mediators of the relationship between attachment style and marital satisfaction among young spouses in Kerala : a mixed method study, Praseena Sebastian

Simulchieving forward : a grounded theory of presidential leadership of highly effective private higher education institutions, Raymund Sison

Theses/Dissertations from 2016

Exploring assertiveness among Filipino late adolescents and late adults, Diane Marie U. Consolacion

The Linguistic and discoursal features of computer mediated communication by Filipino users, Chenee M. Dino

Accessing globalized health literacy in a multilingual community in the Philippines : a case of cultural appropriation of community-based health services, Ilyn Rabago Faminial

The Experiences of active engagement of signature strengths on the well-being among Indian college-going seminarians: An intervention study, Elvis Hilton Fernandes

Towards an understanding of leadership development among women, Virginia R. Fornias

Assessment of the capacity building program for science teachers: The K to 12 perspectives, Ricky M. Magno

Exploring the relationship between spiritual well-being and psychological well-being among religious sisters in Vietnam, Bao Uyen Nguyen Sr.

Palawan's prime tourist destination' Tourism landscapes and discourse, Janet B. Oab

A framework of understanding preschool educational leadership of religious sisters in Vietnam, Ngoc Dung Phan Thi

Development and validation of problem solving competence model (PSCM) - based chemistry learning material, Mary Sheenalyn P. Rodil

Professional identity development and qualities of community counselors in India : a qualitative inquiry, Sebastian Puthen Varghese

Appropriating the mother tongue-based multilingual education (MTBMLE) in the grassroots: ground level language ideologies and policy implementation, Yvonne Pedria Velasco

The features of Philippine English across regions Rey John Castro Villanueva., Rey John Castro Villanueva

Towards a unified framework of outcomes-based education best practices in the Philippines, Arnie Christian D. Villena

Theses/Dissertations from 2015

Design, development and implementation of an enthomathematically-enriched learning material in high school geometry, Flordeliza Alburo

Topical structure analysis as an aid to the teaching of writing, Matilde M. Allado

A framework for inquiry-based teaching in selected international baccalaureate schools, Jennifer Mapua Banal

Anchoring educational leadership on culture and spirituality in Chinese-Filipino Christian Schools, Chui Eng Tan Dy

Form and functions of stance markers in Tagalog, Lemuel R. Fontillas

After-school program – environment-based education: A pedagogy for promoting biodiversity conservation, Maria Rosario Virginia Cobar Garcia

Promoting Conceptual Understanding and Advocacy on Biodiversity Conservation, Moises Norman Zaragoza Garcia

Grammaticality and idiomaticity of English monolinguals and English bilinguals in a semi-naturalistic setting, Hamid Gomari

The Experience of institutionalized elderly women in Kerala, India: A qualitative case study, Daisy Isaac

An investigation of Boholano as a separate language or a Visayan dialect from a linguistic and sociolinguistic perspective, Daylinda Luz R. Laput

Humility as a spiritual value among educational leaders in higher education in Vietnam, Dang Nguyen Nguyen

Goal pursuit, goal attainment and subjective well-being among young adults and the elderly of India : a mixed method study, Lis Johnny Ookken

Towards developing a framework of leadership in public basic education in the Philippines, Abdul Jhariel M. Osman

Concretizing environmental stewardship through green chemistry integration in science instruction, Ronald G. Santos

A Framework for understanding leadership at a university in transition in Cambodia, Om Sokha

Theses/Dissertations from 2014

A phenomenology of ICT scarcity: a lived experience of instructional leaders, Jonathan R. Adanza

Towards a framework for the use of blogs in the teaching and learning process, Samuel S. Chua

Perceived parental involvement and mathematics achievement as mediated by achievement goals and self – efficacy in mathematics, Carmelita L. Espinosa

Lived experience of teachers transitioning to new curriculum models : a phemomenological study, Minerva Reyes Hill

The Moderating effects of SES on the relationship of cognitive-lingustic skills and english spelling abilities of Filipino bilinguals, Clarisse Anne P. Ilustre

Internet gaming disorder among adolescents in Metro Manila: A case study, George Palackal

Grammar and discourse features of contemporary Pangasinan, Veloria Dizon Perfecto Jr.

The construction of overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in educational discourse among maritime training institutions in the Philippines: A Sociolinguistics of globalization, Irish Chan Sioson

Roles of acculturation patterns, ethnic identity, and social support in the subjective well-being of Korean adolescents in the Philippines, Youn Mi Song

On being women leaders in Higher Education in Vietnam, Mary Nguyen Thi Nga

Intellectual role performance in leading English Newspapers in Mainland China : a CDA perspective, Kexiu Yin

Theses/Dissertations from 2013

Linguistic and discourse features of students' academic texts in selected Philippine Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs), Arceli M. Amarles

Identifying factors that influence suicide related behavior in sexually abused Filipino child-adolescents, Maria Lourdes C. Bautista

Doing right for patienst : a grounded theory on physicians' understanding and negotiation of ethical dilemmas, Rhodora Carino Estacio

Investigating the implementation of blended learning instruction in mathematics foundations at higher colleges of technology, Manuel T. Eusebio

A Mixed methods study on goal pursuit, goal attainment and subjective well-being during adolescence and young adulthood, Mary Jane A. Galang Sr.

Examining factors predicting the risk of relapse and abstinence among Malaysian drug users, D Gerard Joseph Louis

The moderating effects of teacher's self-efficacy on the relationship of job satisfaction to teacher's autonomy, perceived collective efficacy and supervisory support, Josefina Carreon Ochoa

Assessing conceptual understanding of material science among non-physics majors, Lynn G. Penales

Responding to learner’s realities : a grounded theory on homeschooling as an educative journey, Rachel Edita O. Roxas

Understanding lay leadership in Franciscan basic educational institutions, Sr Ruth Austria Santiago

Theses/Dissertations from 2012

The experience of bereavement among spouse and child survivors of suicide, Anish Sebastian Cheripurath

Learner and value-oriented pedagogy and meaningful relationship : an inquiry on the spirituality of accounting and business professors, Roberto C. Dacanay

Enhanced employability of TVET graduates : a multiple case study on the effectiveness of Philippine TVIs, Antonio M. Del Carmen

Critical discourse analysis of selected online intercultural news stories in the Philippines : linguistic and discursive strategies in constructing writers' social identities, Jennifer Tan De Ramos

The role of self-compassion on psychological well-being among Filipino teachers, a mixed method study, Henry D'Souza

Module on solution chemistry using understanding by design (UbD) framework, Ammie Peñalba Ferrer

Panbunga ni Soyosoy (The blooming of the Benguet Lily) : a grounded theory of being a teacher in rural Benguet, Evangeline Rachel S. Mandapat

Relationships among motivation orientations, metacognitive awareness and proficiency in L2 reading, Alex H. Navarroza

From devastation to celebration : stages of reactions, experiences, character strengths, and best practices of Filipino fathers and mothers of children with autism, Ron Reyes Resurreccion

Predicting the ethnolinguistic vitality of an endangered Philippine language : the case of three batak communities in Palawan, Teresita D. Tajolosa

Roles of filial piety, parental control and parental warmth in parent adolescent conflict among Vietnamese families, Thuy Tri Thi Minh

The burnout syndrome : a mixed method study among Indian female nurses, Lilly C. Vattamattam

Theses/Dissertations from 2011

Factors influencing marital satisfaction among Christian couples in Indonesia : vulnerability-stress-adaptation model, Yonathan Aditya

A grammar of the verb in Philippine English, Ariane M. Borlongan

Four dimensions of ethical dilemmas : a grounded theory towards understanding ethical dilemmas of higher education leaders in Metro Manila, Catherine Midel Deen

Experiences of spiritual struggles among Filipino religious seminarians, Henry Praveen D'Souza

A framework for a sustainable community-based environmental educational program for Non-Profit Organization (NPO) in the Philippines [electronic resource, Bienvenido C. Eusebio

Developmental characteristics of chronically ill Filipino children's concept of pain : an exploratory study, Angelita Rosario Sievert Fernandez

Towards building a Filipino counselor development model, Niño Jose Mateo

Strategies adopted by skilled and unskilled Filipino and Iranian first year college students in summarizing an expository text, Maria Cristina P. Mercado

A framework of leading change in universities in Vietnam, Thuy Thi Thanh Nguyen