Theses/Dissertations from 2022


Poor mental health as a correlate of perceived unmet needs of earthquake survivors in evacuation camps: Posttraumatic stress and growth as parallel mediators, Maria Angelika T. Balungay


The mediating role of exercise self-efficacy on the relationship between depressive symptoms and exercise participation of student athletes in the Philippines, David Kuyunjik T. Damian


Unblocking the pathway to psychological care: The role of stigma and mental health literacy in general help-seeking for psychological distress, Abigail P. Del Puerto


The need to belong, perceived social support, and loneliness in Filipino college students, Ana Mariel A. Enrile-Inton


Impact of altruism on Filipino young adult volunteers' subjective well-being: The role of relatedness, autonomy and competence, Danica Mae L. Mangampat

Theses/Dissertations from 2021


The moderating role of employee voice in the relationship between regulatory focus and leader receptivity, Ann Lorainne Ancheta


The moderating role of psychological capital components in the Job Demands Resources (JD-R) model among a sample of filipino elementary and secondary school teachers, Beatriz C. Balilu


Pagsusuri sa pagpapahalaga ng “utang na loob” sa konteksto ng ugnayan sa pamilya, Jennifer Ides Rocha Bernardo


Age differences in future time perspective, social goals, and psychological symptoms of Filipino adults in the time of the COVID-19, Shiela Grace M. Casis


Childhood maltreatment and dysfunctional parenting style of mothers: The mediating role of insecure adult attachment, Alyssa Patricia R. Cleto


Exploring the roles of locus-of-hope dimensions and self-stigma on help-seeking intentions among Filipinos, Angela Lorraine P. Cunanan


When worrying helps impostors cope: Metacognitive beliefs associated with impostor phenomenon and psychological well-being, Mark Lawrence Q. Gale


The moderating effect of extraversion on transformational leadership and employee engagement, Alison D. Galian


How does corporate social responsibility improve employee engagement: A mediational study of organizational trust, Alain Louise F. Garcia


The moderating effect of emotion regulation on telecommuting intensity, anxiety and depression: A study on telecommuting in the Philippines, Cecille Nicole Q. Golloso

Challenges, coping and future plans of aging parents who have older children with special needs, Ana Maria Cruz Ilustre


The mediating role of thriving at work: Transformational leadership influences organizational citizenship behaviors, Uzziel Nicolai C. Magsalin

A model of employee engagement: Integrating the job demands-resources model and Kahn's psychological conditions, Merwin R. Masanque


The moderating role of religiosity and relational spirituality in trait anxiety and marital satisfaction of filipino married couples, Mary Abigail G. Miranda

Bullying and college adjustment: The moderating role of resilience, Mary Anne J. Montoya


Shaping senior high school students' career adaptability through aspirations for the future and well-being, Mirasol A. Pineda

Do adaptive humor styles mediate the relationship between emotional intelligence and well-being?, Raydon L. Reyes


“The buffering effect of ego resiliency on the relationship of combat exposure and severity of post – traumatic stress disorder symptoms”, Jenny Marie Davantes Ruanto


Sibling rivalry as a mediator of therRelationship between parental differential treatment and depressive symptoms on college students, Ma. Jenine C. Santiago


The role of stressful life events, daily hassles and sense of coherence in understanding depressive symptoms, Jomar Veridiano Sayaman


The parenting styles and experiences of Filipino mothers of children with autism spectrum disorder, Lisette Ann T. Tan


Filipino psychologists and counselors experience of integrating spirituality in psychotherapy and counseling, Indira Grace P. Voloso


Levels of TriPM-disinhibition on the relationship between TriPM-boldness and verbal intelligence, Reinier Dave P. Zapanta

Theses/Dissertations from 2020


Impact of military deployment to Filipino children's well-being: A qualitative study, Lalaine N. Bajin


The moderating role of virtual work environment on transformational leadership and personality types as predictors of occupational self-efficacy of employees from selected institutions in Metro Manila, Lizelle T. Caballes


The mediating role of locus of control in the relationship between paternal over parenting and depressive symptoms among children in transnational households, Eunica A. Dee


Factors affecting motivation of corporate scholars across the stages of their graduate study completion, Jaimie Lynne M. Elnas


The meditating role of job satisfaction in the relationship between job characteristics and organizational citizenship behavior, Philip S. Maaño


The moderating effect of resilience on the relationship between perceived community violence and anxiety of youth in a high-violence urban area, Gaea Marelle J. Miranda


The utility of human figure drawings as a screening tool for identifying anxiety and depression among substance users, Jeffrey Danao Sanchez


Moderating role of parental presence in the relationship between childhood adversity, emotional reactivity, rumination, and emotion dysregulation, Florina P. Santiago

Theses/Dissertations from 2019


A study on rewards and organizational commitment in a higher education institution, Johanna G. Minglana

Theses/Dissertations from 2018

The experiences of friendship of male adolescents with autism spectrum disorders, Marie Elaine F. Avellana

Self-compassion, mindfulness, internalized shame and aggression among adolescents in residential centers in the Philippines: Testing a moderated mediation model, Lorraine Jessica L. Baclig

The relationship of materialism and vitality among Filipino adolescents and the mediating role of relatedness, Matthew Christian Robert R. Doming

Social networking sites addiction: The moderating effect of self-regulatory focus and the mediating effect of affective state on need for belongingness online and dysfunctional social networking site use, Mary Jo Jessica V. Fenix

Sense of coherence as mediator in the relationship between spirituality and depressive symptoms among college students, Mary Jane A. Guba

Childs life satisfaction as a mediator of perceived maternal parenting style in having obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD) symptoms, Beverly Denice T. Ongson

Relationships among employee stress, job satisfaction, health & well-being programs and employee well-being in a sample of working adults, Suzanne Marie D. Roxas

The moderating role of perceived self-efficacy on the relationship of intolerance of uncertainty, pessimistic prediction certainty, and depressive symptoms, Jan Marie E. Santos

Identifying the organizational and individual factors perceived to contribute to employee enngagement towards the development of employee engagement program for Bank X, Rochiel D. Tannagan

Theses/Dissertations from 2017

Why bother? The moderating effect of social cynicism on the relationship between self-stigma and attitudes towards mental health help-seeking, Richard Dominique D. R. Almendral

The moderating roles of acquired capability for suicide and trait impulsivity in the interpersonal-psychological theory of suicide, Angeline Martha P. Beroin

The recovery experience: Stress, recovery capital, and personal views on addiction and recovery in post-treatment addiction recovery, Therese C. Castillo

External shame as a mediator in the relationship between self stigma and help-seeking intention among college students with depressive symptoms, Iris Lapak Crisostomo

The mediating effect of autonomy on the relationship between mindfulness and well-being: Self-determination theory and cognitive and affective perspectives, Maria Elena Maglalang Cruz-Santos

Traumatic bonding in romantic relationships: The roles of psychological aggression and relationship contingent self esteem, Avila Odia S. De Jesus

Reactions, challenges, and coping resources of college teachers who have encountered students with diagnosed psychological disorders, Mary Irene Clare O. Deleña

A multiple case study of the experiences of obesity among six adult Filipinos, Joseph B. De Roxas

Anger expression among Filipino emerging adults: Does interdependent self-construal contribute to indirect aggression?, Sahar H. Fattahi

Dispositional mindfulness and relapse vulnerability as mediated by self-efficacy among persons in recovery from substance use disorders (SUDs), Niño B. Galacgac

Impulsivity and hostility indicators in human figure drawings of Filipino public utility vehicle (PUV) drivers, Marie Franz A. Gavino

The influence of economic and psychosocial resources on the well-being of Filipino migrant workers in Spain: A narrative analysis, Ma. Angeles Gelano

Physically abused children's emotion understanding of self and peers in the context of peer relationships, Laarni K. Go

Emotion regulation on social competence among physically abused and neglected adolescents living in residential centers and the possible moderating effect of maternal attachment, Sharlene F. Ho

The mediating role of affective commitment to the relationship of person-organization (P-O) fit and employees intention to remain in the organization, Jerome Q. Ignacio

Mental health literacy of schizophrenia among Filipino youths, Perri Margaret A. Lua

Future orientation as a moderator between perfectionism and suicide ideation, Melvin A. Macuha

Career indecision as a function of entity theories of intelligence and person: The mediating roles of negativity, adaptability, and self-efficacy, and the moderating role of positive parenting behaviors, Maria Althea N. Masangkay

Goal orientation and academic achievement among low and high ability groups: The moderated mediation effect of self-efficacy for self-regulated learning, Shayne G. Polias

Facebook envy and well-being of emerging adults: Emotion regulation as a moderator, Maria Pamela C. Ramiro

Intrinsic motivation as mediator in the relationship between salary and retention among Filipino seafarer officers: A self-determination theory perspective, Susan Cynthia Elazegui Sanchez

Psychological distress of Filipino deaf: Role of environmental vulnerabilities, self-efficacy, and perceived social support, Marcella L. Sintos

Romantic relationship dissatisfaction and depression mediated by satisfaction of basic psychological needs, Erika A. Tanaka

Theses/Dissertations from 2016

The role of interpersonal conflict at work, occupational constraints, quantitative workload, and guilt proneness to counterproductive work behavior, Armando Ricardo J. Aguado

The differential impacts of low and high intensity of negative emotions on creative thinking, Allesandra T. Arpon

Exploration of relationship maintenance strategies in spouses and their partners with mild neurocognitive disorder using dyadic approach, Rahel Dika Puspita Christian

Hope in the Unknown: The relationship between intolerance of uncertainty, hope, and anxiety, Isabel Victoria Ledesma Coscolluela

The Role of family and peer support in the relationship between fear of being single and mental health, Anthony Joseph B. Covar

Coping strategies of adolescents in residential care institution, Elaine L. Dangoy

Workplace bullying and quality of life: The moderating role of proactrive coping, Roger S. Mangalus

A narrative study on the strategies and resources for emotion regulation in old age, Angelica M. Maunahan

Hedonic tone and negative affect suppression: A conditional indirect pathway to delay dscounting, Monica Renee G. Policarpio

Examining a Filipino therapeutic community: The role of attachment styles in client clinical progress as mediated by treatment motivation among recovering patients with substance use disorder, Sixtus Dane A. Ramos

The Mediating role of identity status on parental involvement, and risk behaviors among Filipino emerging adults, Marvin Franz Yap Samala

Leadership styles, generational differences, and organizational culture as predictors of employee resilience and turnover intent in a selected retail organization in identifying relevant HR interventions, Neulfred Paul A. Torres

Theses/Dissertations from 2015

The lived experiences of trauma and posttraumatic growth of women with history of sexual abuse, Anna Marie C. Abrera

Motivation of adolescent boys in learning Mandarin as a second language, Diana Ong Ang

The organizational culture and transformational leadership styles of selected administrators of Pasig Catholic College: Implications for a leadership development program, Sherly P. Cordova

The Lasallian values inventory as a measure of Lasallian core values: A validation study, Jacylyn D. Lapa

The grief experiences and impact of suicide among survivors in the family: A phenomenological study, Marian Jasmine Alcantara Lopez

The necessity of negative affect? The role of rumination in creative writing, Marie Rose Henson Morales

Cyberbullying victimization: Experiences, responses and coping strategies of Filipino adolescents, Karmia A. Pakingan

An exploratory study about the buffering effect of gratitude on the relationship between neuroticism and anhedonic depression, Patricia D. P. Simon

Cambodian students' career exploration as a function of self efficacy, aspirations and family socioeconomic status, Ann Sorita

Theses/Dissertations from 2014

The relationship between mindfulness and subjective well-being among Filipino seminarians, Ma. Dinah Espartero Asiatico

In the eyes of the rapist: Meanings and perceptions of rape, sex and women of convicted male Fililipino rapists, Jim Rey Rosare Baloloy

Attitude towads psychological help-seeking: The role of mental health attriution, Annabel Hui Callos Choy

A Construct validation of the spirituality scales of the multicontext assessment battery of youth development (MAB-YD), Galen G. Cortes

Authenticity and mindfulness: The processes involved in regulating depressive symptoms in day-today living, Rosalind Therese M. Espiritu

Modifying the technology acceptance model: The influence of perceived resources and organizational infrastructure, Candice M. Hernandez

Organizational justice, organizational support, and turnover intent as dimensions of organizational climate: Basis for a retention plan for company x, Jason A. Manalo

The engagement of the working youth in the workplace context: The mediating effects of agency and initiative, Anna Carmella G. Ocampo

Outcome of play therapy among children exhibiting aggressive behaviors living in a residential shelter, Kristylle E. Salen

Theses/Dissertations from 2013

Phenomenology of interpersonal trust, Karina M. Agustin