Theses/Dissertations from 2018

Egocentric activities of daily living recognition application using android platform, Reich Rechner D. Canlas

Design and development of a bamboo plant growth chamber, Ezekiel Karl A. Cotoco

Traffic management scheme for Anda Circle : traffic study, Mel Harvey A. Gonzales

A crew pairing model and generation heuristic for airline disruption management using crew swaps and slack times, Ian Frederic A. Ilagan

Optimization of power generation and distribution for vertical farming with wireless sensor network (WSN), Cornelio G. Labrador II.

Fuzzy based automated irrigation system with fertigation, Selwyn Jenson C. Lao

Synthesis and performance analysis of reduced graphene oxide/titanium dioxide nanotubes capacitive deionization electrode composite for water treatment, John Paolo L. Lazarte

Design criteria assessment for ball grid array semiconductor packaging based on thermomechanical simulation and crack analysis, Niño Rigo Emil G. Lim

Development of an intelligent, knowledge-based hospital triaging system for desktop and mobile devices, Raphael Benedict G. Luta

Development of a predictive aeration strategy for microalgae cultivation in photobioreactors, Jeremy Jay B. Magdaong

Development and implementation of cooling system in a controlled environment for romaine lettuce crop, Jo-Ann V. Magsumbol

Evaluation of the design components being adopted for portland cement concrete pavement (PCCP) along Philippine roads, Emraiza D. Mangacop

A monitoring of distributed energy resources (DER) using off-grid solar power system for smart farm, Anthony Christopher L. Ong

Formation-based 3D mapping of micro aerial vehicles, Mark Lester F. Padilla

Investigating the effect of geotextile as reinforcement on the bearing capacity of granular soil, John Carlo R. Samarita

Assessing energy security cost of the transport sector, Jimwell L. Soliman

Fabrication and characterization of lead tin telluride (Pb1-x SnxTe) thermoelectric nanomaterial using horizontal vapor phase growth technique (HVPG), Sam. Sopheap

Evaluation of the correlation of the contractor’s bid variance and its performance rating in the implementation of DPWH projects under a lowest calculated and responsive bid (LCRB) awarding system, Cherizalyn M. Unabia

Theses/Dissertations from 2017

Bilevel fuzzy optimization model of an algae-based eco-industrial park under cooperative game theory, Kyle Darryl T. Aguilar

Automated traffic light and speeding violation apprehension system, Francis Noel I. Alarcon

Carbon and nitrogen footprint optimization of ammonia as an automotive fuel, Donna A. Angeles

Flood risk based analysis and its impact to the strawberry fileds of La Trinidad, Benguet, Dexter Hansel C. Apnoyan

A fuzzy-genetic robust optimization framework for UAV conceptual design, Lemuel F. Banal

An evaluation of DPWH monitoring and reporting program on projects implemented by DPWH - Bicol Region, Erika Joy C. Banguilan

Optimization of bundling and pricing strategies in a supply chain network considering a stochastic consumer purchasing behavior, Paul Siegfried C. Barrios

Development and implementation of an automated vehicle tracking and profiling system, Rhen Anjerome R. Bedruz

The effects of trust assurance in initial consumer trust, Ezekiel L. Bernardo

Development of a seismic evacuation safety index (ESI) for public schools, Jan Mae N. Cariño

The dynamics of mini-waterfalls : modelling the regression from agile scrum to waterfall development within a single software project, Phoebe Mae L. Ching

Performance analyses of low Reynolds number airfoils for small-scale horizontal axis wind turbines, John Christian T. Chua

Fly-ash-based geopolymer as stabilizer form embankment materials, Edward Ephrem T. Codilla II.

Fabrication and evaluation of forward osmosis membrane from alginate-bacterial cellulose for clean water recovery, Thi Bich Ngan. Dang

A new approach in determining the tensile strength of bamboo perpendicular to the fiber, Carlo Dominic U. Dela Cruz

Multiple stage microwave-assisted extraction of phenolic compounds from dark purple sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.)Lam.) peels, Pisey. Heng

Synthesis and characterization of one-part geopolymer from fly ash and water treatment sludge, Vuong T. Ho

A two-level seismic vulnerability screening of school buildings considering the post-disaster functional asset value : PSU as case study, Rizalyn C. Ilumin

Active controller for an upper extremity exoskeleton using EMG feedback, Michael V. Manguerra

Rehabilitation of existing reinforced concrete fire tank (330 m3) and domestic water tank (860 m3) of Eton Tower Makati in Makati City, Philippines, Rainier Cruz Marcelino

An evaluation methodology with applied life-cycle assessment of coal-biomass cofiring in Philippine context, Dan William C. Martinez

Hydrodynamic investigation and characterization of a photo-bioreactor for microalgae cultivation, Andres Philip. Mayol

Flood hazard zoning of Tarlac City: Towards the development of flood overlay zones and provisions, Murphy P. Mohammed

Structural assessment of a 6-storey academic school building, Ma. Cynthia M. Ong

Assessment on the National Hydrologic Data Collection Program (NHDCP) of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPHW), Mikka Angelique Serrano Padilla

Design assessment of waste water treatment facility for small scale mining Case study: Camgat Surong River in Didipio, Rio Octovinary. Pramanagara

An assessment of the approved variation orders in DPWH-implemented projects, Andrea Mae R. Quiniquini

Development of automated number coding violation detection system using computer vision of plate recognition, Ana Riza F. Quiros

Public utility jeepney demand and supply analysis : the case of Baguio City, Philippines, Lovely L. Rañosa

Computational fluid dynamics analysis on the performance of the new design of savonius wind turbine for urban wind energy exploitation systems, Sân. Râthana

A vacuum drying characterization and optimization of spirulina sp. using definitive screening design of experiment, Christian Joseph C. Ronquillo

Slope stability assessment of Carabao Mountain in Baguio City, Eleazar H. Santiago

Machine vision based facial expressions recognition and analysis for Filipino gamers, Juan Raphael. Sena

Development of supply chain based fuel cycle inventory model for the Philippines, Alexis Mervin T. Sy

Optimization of one-part geopolymer based on fly ash and volcanic ash for soil stabilization, April Anne S. Tigue

Kaplan-Yorke map Implementation on FPGA for a highly secured image encryption system, Orland D. Tubola

Estimating trip attraction rates of schools and malls in the city of Dagupan, John T. Zamora

Theses/Dissertations from 2016

Performance, emission and net energy analysis of a diesel genset using producer gas from jatropha press-cake in dual fuel miode, Nechoh A. Arbon

Optimization of the adsorption of copper, lead and nickel from aqueous solution using chitosan-coated bentonite beads in a fixed bed adsorption column, Eric Lance D. Astillero

Evaluation of moringa oleifera cationic protein functionalized rice husk ash as point-of-use water treatment for water disinifection, John Raymond B. Barajas

Design and implementation of a batching tool, Zairee May Martos. Bodino

Development of graphene oxide/biobased polymer hybrid composite aerogels for carbon dioxide capture, Clarence Joseph U. Co

Philippine digital television (DTV) transition : technical challenges based on actual digital and analog terrestrial television transmission scenario, Dennis R. Dela Cruz

Development of Wireless Mesh Network (WMN) radio for intelligent transport systems, Joel C. Delos Angeles

A Text-to-braille script converter using tesseract-based optical character recognition implemented in raspberry Pi, Robert G. de Luna

Performance evaluation of bench-scale electrocoagulation for treatment of bio-treated distillery wastewater, Chompey. Den

Implementation of the swarm intelligence behavior social foraging in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) quadrotors, Gerard Ely U. Faelden

Optimization of in situ transesterification of wet microalgae chlorella vulgaris under subcritical conditions, Charles B. Felix

Obstacle avoidance algorithm for swarm of quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), Reagan L. Galvez

Subcritical water extraction of glucosinolates from mustard (Brassica juncea L.) seed meal, Peany. Houng

Development of centralized bus management system for Metro Manila bus station, Ramon Christhoper D. Intal

Entropy-based indexing and retrieval system of medical images using FPGA, Cristian S. Lazana

Regional feasibility analysis of wind and solar renewable technologies in the Philippines using analytic hierarchy process (AHP), Neil Stephen. Lopez

Designing a real-time data access GUI to support a water utility ICS upgrade, Joselle A. Macrohon

Swarm aggregation implementation in quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle swarm using smoothed particle hydrodynamics, Jose Martin Z. Maningo

Simulation and Implementation of Physicomimetics in Quadrotor Swarms, Reiichiro Christian S. Nakano

Design of a hand wearable device for grasping with kinematic simulation, Aira Patrice R. Ong

Hydrologic analysis for the modification of four earth dams and reservoirs in Hawaii, Marlon Bryan R. Palisoc

Fungal bioleaching of aluminum, iron & titanium from coal fly ash using Aspergillus niger NBRC 31125, John Gabriel R. Querido

Multiple-input Zeta converter topology for modular hybrid PV-wind-battery microgrid system, Jane S. Salenga

Evaluation of green cement paste from geopolymer using coal fly ash, coal bottom ash and rice husk ash as lumino-silicate resource, Ana Karmela. Sumabat

FPGA Implementation and performance analysis of MUSIC algorithm for microphone array, Antipas T. Jr. Teologo

Theses/Dissertations from 2015

Life cycle assessment of ammonia as transportation fuel, Kristian Ray Angelo G. Are

Design and development of the intelligent operating architecture for audio-visual breast self-examination multimedia training system, Robert Kerwin C. Billones

Numerical Investigation on the effects of local damage to the dynamic properties of buildings using limited vibration data, Kristian Lawrence Villar. Caringal

Development of gas leak detection system using fuzzy logic, optical flow and neural networks, Edgar Carrillo II.

Artificial neural network modeling of rheological parameters and compressive strength of self-compacting concrete with zeolite mineral as partial replacement for cement, Stephen John C. Clemente

Development of an automated transesterification reactor controller using refractive index to detect end point of reaction, Dana Mae S. Co

An Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) approach in the design study of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) in a food manufacturing plant, Ronald Allan Santos. Co

Proposed methodology on performance-based assessment and retrofit of reinforced concrete heritage buidlings with case studies on selected heritage buildings in the Philippines, Marabelle R. Del Prado

Microwave-irradiated zinc chloride catalyzed glycerolysis of high free fatty acid veegetable oil, Arniel Ching O. Dizon

Development of volume delay functions for trip assignment in Metro Manila, Jiaan Regis G. Gesalem

Characterization of different stent designs through numerical modelling, Earl Henri E. Go-Aco

Multiple camera video surveillance for customer behaviour analysis in a retail store, Emmanuel C. Guevara

Development of a multi-perspective assessment tool in the evaluation of the service quality of public higher education institutions in the Philippines, Marc Immanuel G. Isip

Development of depth level estimation algorithm for breast self-examination, John Anthony C. Jose

Development of the positive anticipated experience and emotion engenderment model (PAXEEM), Joseph Mari F. Lumanlan

Development of a reference for seismic amplification: The case of Metro Manila, Carlo Joshua M. Macaraeg

Design and implementation of a database management system for an android ECG device, Abel Ross A. Maningas

Combustion characteristics of Philippine coal blended with Indonesian Coal, Ariziel Ruth D. Marquez

Modeling, design and simulation of AC reverse energy absorber for uninterruptible power supply systems y Alex Andrew Mosqueda., Alex Andrew, Mosqueda

SynthesIs and characterization of silver-titanium dioxide nanomaterials via horizontal vapor phase growth (HVPG) technique for antibacterial applications, Muhammad Akhsin Muflikhun