Theses/Dissertations from 2009

Perceptions of parents and coaches on the positive effects of sports on the self esteem of children ages 6-8 years old, Renelyn Benigay

Epistemological beliefs as predictors for self-determination among Filipino preservice teachers, Abigail A. Mendoza

Theses/Dissertations from 2008

Enhancing prosocial behavior through the use of bibliotherapy in the classroom, Hyun Seon. Ahn

Development and validation of the general academic procrastination scale, Ma. Anjeluz O. Austria and Toni Rose L. Pinero

Close parental attachment and teacher closeness: A cross-gender study, Genevieve U. Chan and Vic Fortunato I. Zapanta

The relationship of coaching competency on the athlete's self-efficacy and hope, Robert Dane Chu and Christopher John Tingzon

A descriptive study of early childhood programs : the Lumad experience, Krisha Katrina Alexa. Orcullo

Theses/Dissertations from 2007

Bullying in primary schools : teacher and guidance counselor perceptions, anti-bullying strategies and programs, Camille C. Castillo

The effects of performance goal orientation in relation to self-handicapping and defensive pessimism, Joseph Benjamin L. De Leon

Management of challenging behaviors of selected kindergarten students: A case study, Toni-Len L. Florentino and Jinkie Joyce T. Gan

Relationship of social goals and motivation to academic performance, Cheyenne Patrice P. Guasa

Attribution of success and failure in academics among Korean students and Filipino professors in the selected private colleges in Metro Manila, Yookyung. Lee

A comparative study of the stressors and motivational factors of teachers in selected pre-schools in Muntinlupa, Francis Carlo Y. Reyes

A study on the parent involvement activities of a selected progressive preschool, Ma. Alexandra Isabela R. Roces and Katrina Grace C. Lozano

A descriptive study of the teaching practices using computers in a selected preschool, Zara Erika M. Sol Cruz

The selection of task group mates based on desired characteristics and preferred group composition: The role of gender, Chastine Torres and Japitana Dyanne

Theses/Dissertations from 2004

A descriptive study on the implementation of the communicative approach's learner-centered learning in speaking, writing, and reading classrooms at De La Salle University Manila's Center for Language Learning (CELL), Ana Blanca Paredes and Patrick Oliver Salomon