Theses/Dissertations from 2009

Mixed methods study on the motivational goals and learning strategies of Filipino nontraditional college students in an urban college, Stewart Panchorelo R. Abancio, Nicole Diane C. Factuar, and Maria Angela F. Gomez

Construction of the teaching metaphors scale, Ricardo Manuel T. Aguado, Maria Nicole Fernandez, and Timothy Joseph O. Moran

Self-regulated learning and learning approaches of college students in composition writing in English, Miguel D. Baltasar, Kristen Shayne P. Enrile, and Justin C. Ramirez

Perceptions of parents and coaches on the positive effects of sports on the self esteem of children ages 6-8 years old, Renelyn Benigay

Using mnemonics to improve the recall and understanding of vocabulary words in grade six science, Ma. Danielle Mae M. David, Kimbely C. Samson, and Ma. Francesca O. Tinio

The student athlete: a study on learning strategies of dean's list and failing student-athletes before, during, and after class, Irwin Edwin A. De Guzman, Timothy Joseph O. Dugay, and Carol Ann R. Quilantang

Acculturation: The role of acculturative stress experiences in the academic adjustment and social adjustment of Korean students in De La Salle University, Sol Arainni F. De Jesus, Nestor Riel P. Cruz, and Ryan Patrick Co

Epistemological beliefs as predictors for self-determination among Filipino preservice teachers, Abigail A. Mendoza

Theses/Dissertations from 2008

Enhancing prosocial behavior through the use of bibliotherapy in the classroom, Hyun Seon Ahn

Teaching approach, perceived parental involvement and autonomy as predictors of achievement, Aldrich B. Alvaera, Ma. Eloisa S. Bayan, and Darwin P. Martinez

The relationship of learning anxiety, self-regulation and learning approach among Filipino college students, MR T. Aplaon, Gilbert Paul Z. Estrella, and Jerika C. Senales

Development and validation of the general academic procrastination scale, Ma. Anjeluz O. Austria and Toni Rose L. Pinero

The relationship of perceived parenting styles, parental acceptance and rejection, with achievement motivation, self-efficacy, and grades, Mikaela Benipayo, Garen. Robles, and Beatriz Rocha

The relationship between achievement goal orientation and learning and study strategies in mathematics of college students, Breelette Joice Briones, Reginald T. Bueno, and Renzo Rae R. Robles

Close parental attachment and teacher closeness: A cross-gender study, Genevieve U. Chan and Vic Fortunato I. Zapanta

The relationship of coaching competency on the athlete's self-efficacy and hope, Robert Dane Chu and Christopher John Tingzon

Assessing Korean students' foreign language learning and their proficiency in English, Kristine Dianne Z. Co, Cheryn Eimie C. Dy, and Elyse Matilde J. Fajardo

Relationship of action control and student participation among students with high and low school abilities, Gabriel Immanuel B. De Gala, Juan Paulo G. Fernandez, and John Paul V. Regodon

Effects of social loafers on high performing students, Alexii Dominique L. Fadul, Jacquelyn Florence T. Lim, and Erbin M. Vila

The role of relational interdependent self-construal in group-based learning tasks, Carmine Maria N. Ganac, Sheena Marie T. Morales, and Melissa Joy A. Yecla

Filipino parental involvements: Parents' school-related behavior, Robina Marie Ko, Aylsworth Kyler Lee, and Janelle Carmela Lynn

Character strengths and thinking styles: An analysis of their interralationship and influence on academic achievement in two subjects among Filipino high school students, Darya Lis and David Silayan

Asian values and epistemological beliefs as predictors of valuing education among Asian students, Angeli Marie S. Malaki, Ma. Socorro Theresa Z. Soriano, and Florangel M. Valdez

Action-control as predictors of learning-related achievement emotions, Christopher Bernard L. Matti, Dwight Alfon T. Tria, and Carlo Manuel L. Verano

A descriptive study of early childhood programs: The Lumad experience, Krisha Katrina Alexa Orcullo

Theses/Dissertations from 2007

Discipline practices of Filipino parents with different living arrangements in dealing with temper tantrums of children ages three to four years, Hannah Viole G. Aggabao, Aleli Camille C. Cortes, and Alexandra Marie P. Prufer

A descriptive analysis of students' socioeconomic status in relation to achievement goal orientation and social goals, Ma. Carenina Aguado, Kevin Neal Mariano, and Jielene Sato

Chores: Its justification based on general and salesian education towards the development of a program for Don Bosco College, Canlubang, College Department, Aduane Joseph DC. Alcantara, Eduardo Miguel F. Ramirez, and Ronel B. Pena

Teacher evaluation of the Headstart Teacher Training Program of 2007 offered by CFC-EFI for the Gawad Kalinga Sibol pre-school teachers, Melissa Antonette Andaya, Patrick Stephen Magno, and Mary Faye Prado

Procrastination and locus of control: The effect of students' locus of control on their procrastinatory behavior, Rhaul Angeles, Alisa Angeli Guerrero Cruz, and Gian Paolo Tadeo Imperial Purisima

Bullying in primary schools: Teacher and guidance counselor perceptions, anti-bullying strategies and programs, Camille C. Castillo

The outdoor play program of selected DepEd recognized preschools, Kristine L. Chua, Anna Camille D. Santos, and Ma. Catherine B. Sindiong

The effects of performance goal orientation in relation to self-handicapping and defensive pessimism, Joseph Benjamin L. De Leon

Case studies of the beliefs and practices of teachers who espouse and assert self-regulated learning in the Philippine context, Donna M. Edralin, Eunhye L. Kim, and Ivy B. Kua

Management of challenging behaviors of selected kindergarten students: A case study, Toni-Len L. Florentino and Jinkie Joyce T. Gan

A study on the attitudes of regular pre school teachers towards the practices in inclusive settings in selected preschools in Parañaque and Muntinlupa, Bienvenido Jose O. Gangan, Larianne L. Joyosa, and Christiane P. Tiongco

Relationship of social goals and motivation to academic performance, Cheyenne Patrice P. Guasa

Superhero play in selected Barangay day care centers in NCR: teachers' perception and classroom management techniques, Mary Suerische Illee T. Ipanag, Abigail Y. Ong, and Ma. Carissa L. Sioson

Attribution of success and failure in academics among Korean students and Filipino professors in the selected private colleges in Metro Manila, Yookyung Lee

Motivating factors and predictors of job satisfaction among university faculty members, Cardozo Junior S. Luna, Roberta Nicole Y. Sadiua, and Pocholo Inigo A. Villanueva

A comparative study of the stressors and motivational factors of teachers in selected pre-schools in Muntinlupa, Francis Carlo Y. Reyes

A study on the parent involvement activities of a selected progressive preschool, Ma. Alexandra Isabela R. Roces and Katrina Grace C. Lozano

A descriptive study of the teaching practices using computers in a selected preschool, Zara Erika M. Sol Cruz

Level of student and teacher classroom interaction, school level and gender differences as predictors of self-regulated learning, Efren Lorenz S. Tigas, Gayle Marie Recuerdo, and Philip Anthony P. Ipapo

The selection of task group mates based on desired characteristics and preferred group composition: The role of gender, Chastine Torres and Japitana Dyanne

Theses/Dissertations from 2006

The characteristics of small-class sizes in selected private preschools in Quezon City, Sarah Mae R. Alon and Margaerite Ann B. Averia

The effects of children's television programs on the classroom behavior of Filipino children as perceived by selected preschool teachers, Jasmine Rose Azucena, Ma. Carolina Chua, and Priscilla Tiu

A comparative study of developmentally appropriate literacy programs in two child development centers, Charmaine C. Camara, Joadel S. Habitan, and Karen Estelle J. Picson


Behavior modification techniques used by teachers in selected schools in Quezon City for preschoolers with ADHD, Lalaine Lavida L. Chua and Bernadette Joy R. Cometa

The socio-emotional development of 9-11 year old children enrolled in the after-school psychomotor activities of two selected Metro Manila schools, Katrina Marie R. Concepcion, Ma. Rosanna Angela E. Pacheco, and Christina Marie C. Young

Profile of teachers in selected early childhood education settings in Paranaque City, Heather Fiona Dizon, Alexis Marie Pascual, and Shelyn Yang

Proposed speech and language development programs for preschoolers in selected schools in Metro Manila, Finella Therese R. Manuel, Melissa Monica A. Ochoa, and Ma. Margarita C. Soller

A descriptive study on classroom management in selected public and private preschools in Makati, Maria Angela H. Medalla and Regina Blanca C. Robles

Influence of instructional materials on the academic performance of preschool children, Maristela Ysobel S. Salvador and C. B. Santos

Teacher's perception on the influence of the interior colors of selected preschool classrooms on the behavior of five-year old preschool children, Angelica Joy Marie T. See, Gailwyn S. So, and Mary Grace Yap

Day care workers' classroom interpersonal behaviors in selected 5-star day care centers, Paulina Mae E. Sta. Ana, Reyna Lovely Pearl M. Tayone, and Francesca P. Vergara

Theses/Dissertations from 2004

A descriptive study on the implementation of the communicative approach's learner-centered learning in speaking, writing, and reading classrooms at De La Salle University Manila's Center for Language Learning (CELL), Ana Blanca Paredes and Patrick Oliver Salomon