Submissions from 2021

Inflated honors, Antonio P. Contreras

Innocent victims of war, Antonio P. Contreras

In order to win, the political opposition should learn to listen, Antonio P. Contreras

'Inutil', Antonio P. Contreras

Is a Moreno-Pacquiao (or Pacquiao-Moreno) middle ground rising?, Antonio P. Contreras

Is he still lucid or he just doesn't understand or respect the law, Antonio P. Contreras

Is impeachment becoming an impotent weapon of the people?, Antonio P. Contreras

Justifying a vaccine as 'pwede na yan', Antonio P. Contreras

Learning to live with the virus, Antonio P. Contreras

Least safe, my foot!, Antonio P. Contreras

Leave our adobo alone!, Antonio P. Contreras

Mass hysteria prevailing over science, Antonio P. Contreras

Moreno, Marcos and Duterte-Carpio tied at top - survey, Antonio P. Contreras

Moreno's past and Duterte's present, Antonio P. Contreras

Nas Dailys on a daily basis, Antonio P. Contreras

Normalizing Covid-19, Antonio P. Contreras

Of community pantries and 'hapag ng bayan', Antonio P. Contreras

Painful cleansing of a political sin, Antonio P. Contreras

Partisan weaponizing of vaccines, Antonio P. Contreras

Pathetic, Antonio P. Contreras

Political opposition is to blame, Antonio P. Contreras

Politicizing governance of state universities and colleges, Antonio P. Contreras

Presidential duty to appear and talk to us, Antonio P. Contreras

Presidential gaslighting, Antonio P. Contreras

Racist Filipinos do not represent us, Antonio P. Contreras

Representing the 'other' in popular culture: 'Legal wives' and 'Bag man', Antonio P. Contreras

Resisting vaccine colonialism and bigotry, Antonio P. Contreras

Science and politics, Antonio P. Contreras

Shameless politicization of vaccine, Antonio P. Contreras

Spinning pandemic numbers, Antonio P. Contreras

Surveying beyond who is leading: Looking into the minds of voters, Antonio P. Contreras

The Belo effect and the undermining of anti-lookism, Antonio P. Contreras

The burden of privilege, Antonio P. Contreras

The deadly outcome of free hate speech, Antonio P. Contreras

The fourth industrial revolution and the challenges of a corporatized higher education, Antonio P. Contreras

The future of politics is in those who change their minds, Antonio P. Contreras

The only other threat to national security is not coming from the left, Antonio P. Contreras

The Robredo syndrome, Antonio P. Contreras

The wages of partisanship and the rewards of being in the middle, Antonio P. Contreras

Too many CQs that assault the IQ, Antonio P. Contreras

To politicize is not necessarily bad, Antonio P. Contreras

To whom they are strong: Demographic profile of potential candidates' voter base, Antonio P. Contreras

Toxic worldviews and a sense of hopelessness, Antonio P. Contreras

Transforming the way we learn, Antonio P. Contreras

Trauma, resilience and redemption, Antonio P. Contreras

Trusting surveys during a pandemic, Antonio P. Contreras

Undermining a vaccine, Antonio P. Contreras

Undermining the rule of law, Antonio P. Contreras

Unhinged leaders, mental health and political rights, Antonio P. Contreras

Vaccines may not fail, but our government can, Antonio P. Contreras

Visible failure of intelligence, Antonio P. Contreras

Wanted: Ideal candidate for 2022, Antonio P. Contreras

What foreign policy?, Antonio P. Contreras

When government agencies become heartless, Antonio P. Contreras

When judicial activism would be in order, Antonio P. Contreras

When politicians become clowns, Antonio P. Contreras

When too much love and care can kill, Antonio P. Contreras

Where the lines are clear is when partisan divides are drawn, Antonio P. Contreras

'Winnability' and voter transformation while, Antonio P. Contreras

Wrongful death, Antonio P. Contreras

Washington's changing position on the 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty, Renato Cruz De Castro

From response to responsibility: An academe-industry partnership on solid waste managament in the Philippines, Marlon D. L. Era

A legacy of far-reaching initiatives, Victor Andres C. Manhit

A people centered approach to digital readiness, Victor Andres C. Manhit

Don't let private education bite the dust, Edwin P. Santiago

"There's an alligator!": An approach to the study of the poem A la Laguna de Bay by Fernando Canon, Beatriz Álvarez Tardío

Submissions from 2020

#Walangpasok on Twitter: Natural language processing as a method for analyzing tweets on class suspensions in the Philippines, Jeffrey Rosario Ancheta, Ken D. Gorro, and Mark Anthony D. Uy

E-health and healthy aging among the participating countries in JST Sakura Science Exchange Program 2019, Myla M. Arcinas, Melanie P. Tolentino, Cyril Ryan A. Lituañas, Joseph S. Cadeliña, and Yoshihide Obayashi

How much do academic performance, lifestyle, and social relationships explain depressive symptoms in Filipino university students? A regression model, Rito Baring, Romeo B. Lee, and Madelene Sta. Maria

Reclaiming meaning from sheer meaninglessness: Re-reading Camus for religion and existential psychotherapy, Rito V. Baring and Francis Xavier R. Salcedo

Interests, identities, and institutions in the politics of regional economic construction in East Asia, Eric Vincent C. Batalla

A Cross-Cultural Study of Justice Sensitivity and Its Consequences for Cooperation, Anna Baumert, Simona Maltese, Dorota Reis, Colin MacLeod, Roseann Tan-Mansukhani, Adrianne John R. Galang, Maria Guadalupe C. Salanga, and Manfred Schmitt

Journalism, public health, and COVID-19: Some preliminary insights from the Philippines, Jan Michael Alexandre C. Bernadas and Karol Ilagan

Measuring hope during the COVID-19 outbreak in the Philippines: Development and validation of the state locus-of-hope scale short form in Filipino, Allan Benedict I. Bernardo and Norman B. Mendoza

Extending bell hooks' feminist theory, Hazel Tionloc Biana

Clearing the fuzziness: Comments on Ashley Tauchert’s fuzzy gender, Hazel T. Biana and Jeremiah Joven Joaquin

The ethics of scare: COVID-19 and the Philippines' fear appeals, Hazel T. Biana and J. J. B. Joaquin

Why friendly AIs won’t be that friendly: A friendly reply to Muehlhauser and Bostrom, Robert James M. Boyles and Jeremiah Joven Joaquin

‘Hey, I like ur videos. Super relate!’ Locating sisterhood in a postcolonial intimate public on YouTube, Earvin Charles Cabalquinto and Cheryll Ruth R. Soriano

Spiritual well-being and its role on the sociality of selected Catholic religious novices, Fides Del Castillo, Clarence Darro Del Castillo, and Maricris Alvarez

500 years of Christ and the Filipinos, Michael Charleston B. Chua

65 years of the Philippine Historical Association, Michael Charleston B. Chua

American tutelage in the Philippines, Michael Charleston B. Chua

A mother's love, Michael Charleston B. Chua

An ambitious little lady, Michael Charleston B. Chua

An international conference on Southeast Asia, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Apo Ipe Salvador @150, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Art deco: A social history, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Baybayin's victory, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Bonifacio: Public history writer, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Boss: A Tarlaqueño odyssey, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Clarifications on the Black Nazarene procession, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Defining who is a historian, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Encountering America, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Encounter with the rising sun, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Encuentro: Discovering our humanity, Michael Charleston B. Chua

History, sense and identity, Michael Charleston B. Chua

How and why we commemorate, Michael Charleston B. Chua

How we were subjugated, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Imagining 'inang bayan', Michael Charleston B. Chua