Submissions from 2020

Serving government should be a privilege, not a sacrifice, Antonio P. Contreras

Socially distant and out of touch, Antonio P. Contreras

Social media and the pandemic effect, Antonio P. Contreras

Sovereignty 101, Antonio P. Contreras

State simplification and the fixation on simplistic remedies, Antonio P. Contreras

State terrorist, Antonio P. Contreras

Still, #nasaanangpangulo, Antonio P. Contreras

Suffer thy teachers, Antonio P. Contreras

Terrorism 101, Antonio P. Contreras

The 2022 imperatives are unity and sanity, Antonio P. Contreras

The China trap, Antonio P. Contreras

The dismantler not of oligarchs, but of families, Antonio P. Contreras

The false resilience vs accountability debate, Antonio P. Contreras

The fault is ultimately with the President, Antonio P. Contreras

The gifts of 2020, the promises of 2021, Antonio P. Contreras

The power and pitfalls of surveys, Antonio P. Contreras

The president lied, Antonio P. Contreras

The problem is political illiteracy, not oligarchy and political dynasties, Antonio P. Contreras

The reversal of a reversal, Antonio P. Contreras

The silver lining and the real travesty, Antonio P. Contreras

The urban poor should be protected, not blamed, Antonio P. Contreras

The virus of incoherence and absurdity, Antonio P. Contreras

The worst in us, Antonio P. Contreras

Tired and boring, Antonio P. Contreras

Tragic and disastrous leadership, Antonio P. Contreras

Trump and suffering, Antonio P. Contreras

Trump and the diehard Duterte supporters, Antonio P. Contreras

War kings, drama queens and the real 'Game of thrones', Antonio P. Contreras

Weakening the rule of law, Antonio P. Contreras

We teachers have families too, Antonio P. Contreras

When common sense becomes brilliance, Antonio P. Contreras

When health insurance companies lose their hearts, Antonio P. Contreras

Why Imee Marcos must oppose the death penalty, Antonio P. Contreras

The blessings of social-oriented virtues: Interpersonal character strengths are linked to increased life satisfaction and academic success among Filipino high school students, Jesus Alfonso D. Datu and Allan Benedict I. Bernardo


When your country cannot care for itself: A Filipino feminist critique of care-based political theories, Noelle Leslie G. Dela Cruz

ChurchInAction: the role of religious interventions in times of COVID-19, Fides A. Del Castillo, Hazel T. Biana, and Jeremiah Joven B. Joaquin

Religious coping of selected Filipino Catholic youth, Fides Del Castillo and Marie Antoniette Alino

Ethical leadership of supervisors and internal social capital in a financial institution, Myra V. De Leon and Jerwin B. Tubay

A critical reflection on my reading and re-reading of Emerita Quito's thoughts on the underdevelopment and hope for the development of Filipino philosophy, Feorillo Petronilo A. Demeterio III

Deep ecology frames global media coverage of Indonesia’s new capital, Jeconiah Louis Dreisbach

Qualitative inquiry on parental involvement in children’s education: Perspectives of parents, children, and teachers in select elementary schools in the Philippines, Melvin Allena Jabar

Beall-ing O, Jeremiah Joven Joaquin

Truth GAPS, truth gluts, and the liar paradox, Jeremiah Joven B. Joaquin

Philippine crimes of dissent: Free speech in the time of COVID-19, Jeremiah Joven B. Joaquin and Hazel T. Biana

Sustainability science is ethics: Bridging the philosophical gap between science and policy, Jeremiah Joven B. Joaquin and Hazel T. Biana

The roles of strategic human resource management and person–environment fit on nonprofit public service motivation*, Min Young Kim and Ador Torneo

Are higher-order life values antecedents of students’ learning engagement and adaptive learning outcomes? The case of materialistic vs. intrinsic life values, Lisbeth Ku, Allan Benedict I. Bernardo, and Charles M. Zaroff

State of communicating children protection in Taguig City, Philippines: Basis for a sustainable development plan, Rudolf Anthony A. Lacerna and Jeffrey Rosario Ancheta

Air travel gone big—passenger safety, social sciences, and innovations, Romeo B. Lee

Exploring marginality among Filipino Catholics in Japan: A proposed heuristic device, Willard Enrique R. Macaraan

Unraveling non-suicidal self-injury: Understanding the behavioral dynamics of Filipino adolescents at risk of deliberate self-harm, Louziela P. Masana, Marc Eric S. Reyes, and Clarissa F. Delariarte

Hybridities and awkward constructions in Philippine locavorism: Reframing global-local dynamics through assemblage thinking, Marvin Joseph F. Montefrio, Jeremy C. De Chavez, Antonio P. Contreras, and Dennis S. Erasga

Challenges of communicating science: Perspectives from the Philippines, Kamila Navarro and Merryn McKinnon

Benchmarking ICT for education in Japan: Best practices, trends, challenges and lessons learned for Philippine ICT-based education & development, Rhoderick V. Nuncio

Benchmarking ICT for education in Japan: Best practices, trends, challenges and lessons learned for Philippine ICT-based education & development, Rhoderick V. Nuncio

An e-learning outreach program for public schools: Findings and lessons learned based on a pilot program in Makati City and Cabuyao City, Laguna, Philippines, Rhoderick V. Nuncio, Myla M. Arcinas, Rochelle Irene G. Lucas, Jasper Vincent Q. Alontaga, Susan Grace T. Neri, and Jose Mari Carpena

The role of internship participation and conscientiousness in developing career adaptability: A five-wave growth mixture model analysis, Anna Carmella G. Ocampo, Melissa Lopez Reyes, Yueyang Chen, Simon Lloyd D. Restubog, Ying Yi Chih, Laurene Chua- Garcia, and Pianpian Guan

The Virgin of the vulnerable lake: Catholic engagement with climate change in the Philippines, Jeane Peracullo

Indigenous Knowledge in Disaster Risk Reduction: The Tales of Three Islands (San Miguel, Camotes and Alabat) in the Philippines, Joseph Anthony L. Reyes, Kiss Alexis R. Ayo, Maria Paula M. Baluyan, and Alan Sam Ralei B. Balaguer

Transitioning to a progressive green Economy in the Philippines, David Michael M. San Juan

Enabling relations as determinants of self-satisfaction in the youth: The path from self-satisfaction to prosocial behaviors as explained by strength of inner self, Patricia Simon

The 10-item Perceived Stress Scale as a valid measure of stress perception, Patricia D. Simon

Entrepreneurial solidarities: Social media collectives and Filipino digital platform workers, Cheryll Ruth R. Soriano and Jason Vincent A. Cabañes

The 2019 midterm elections in the Philippines: Party system pathologies and Duterte’s populist mobilization, Julio C. Teehankee and Yuko Kasuya

Hypergamy and cross border marriages in south Korea: An examination of factors influencing flows of migrant brides and grooms from developing countries, Ador R. Torneo

Public administration education in the Philippines 1951-2020: History, challenges, and prospects, Ador R. Torneo

Empowerment issues in Japan’s care industry: Narratives of Filipino nurses and care workers under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) labour scheme, Ron Bridget T. Vilog, Keren Happuch Ma. D. Arroyo, and Tezla Gael G. Raquinio

Healing “through God’s grace”: Lived religion in Filipina migrant women’s health in Japan, Ron Bridget T. Vilog, Carlos M. Piocos, and Jan Michael Alexandre C. Bernadas

Contesting the hub-and-spokes model in Southeast Asia, Charmaine Misalucha- Willoughby

Submissions from 2019

Katatagan kontra droga sa komunidad = Resilience against drugs: Intensive outpatient treatment program, Avegale Acosta, Camille Yusay, Jason Manaois, Jennel Reyes, Jim Rey R. Baloloy, Kay Bunagan, and Violeta Bautista

Objectifying nude art through Sartre’s the imaginary, Ninotchka Mumtaj B. Albano

May bisa 'yan!: Ang kosepto ng bisa sa anting-anting at sanghiyang ng Medez, Cavite, Deborah S. Anastacio

K-U-L-T-U-R-A sa panahon ng disaster: Tinig-danas ng mga bata sa pagbaha, Alona Jumaquio- Ardales

Cultural whitening, mobility and differentiation: Lived experiences of Filipina wives to white men, Janet M. Arnado

The Philippines’ antidrug campaign: Spatial and temporal patterns of killings linked to drugs, Jenna Mae L. Atun, Ronald U. Mendoza, Clarissa C. David, Radxeanel Peviluar N. Cossid, and Cheryll Ruth R. Soriano

Church-state separation and challenging issues concerning religion, Eric Vincent Batalla and Rito Baring

Police corruption and its control in the Philippines, Eric Vincent C. Batalla

On Bernal's homage to Manila: A review of Joel David's Manila by night: A queer film classic, Ronald Baytan

Explaining online health information seeking of foreign domestic workers: A test of the comprehensive model of information seeking, Jan Michael Alexandre C. Bernadas and Li Crystal Jiang

Antibiotic-related meanings, experiences and information sources of women in the economic margins of urban Manila, Jan Michael Alexandre Cortez Bernadas

Online privacy behavior among youth in the Global South: A closer look at diversity of connectivity and information literacy, Jan Michael Alexandre Cortez Bernadas and Cheryll Ruth Soriano

Communicative processes for health activism: the case of organizations working with filipina migrants in Japan, Jan Michael Alexandre C. Bernadas, Carlos M. Piocos, and Ron Bridget T. Vilog

Validating the protean and boundaryless career attitudes scales with Filipino young adults, Allan Benedict I. Bernardo and Maria Guadalupe C. Salanga

Polyculturalism and attitudes toward the continuing presence of former colonizers in four postcolonial Asian societies, Allan Benedict I. Bernardo, Maria Guadalupe C. Salanga, Susana Tjipto, Bonar Hutapea, Aqeel Khan, and Susanna S. Yeung

Does capitalism kill? Post-Vatican II papal perspectives on development, Agnes M. Brazal

Fake news and scandal, Jason Cabañes, C. W. Anderson, and Jonathan Corpus Ong

A commentary on the special issue performance and citizenship: Challenging populist political performances through citizenship as performance?, Jason Vincent A. Cabañes

Mediating a compromised solidarity, Jason Vincent A. Cabañes

First district of Makati: Signs of an electoral backslide and challenges to a local dynasty, Cleo Anne A. Calimbahin

Bayan vs the elite, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Guide to today's quincentennial countdown, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Japanese nation's perspective of the war, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Sheen and Tagle: Burden of a public communicator, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Sun and Ponce: Partners for Asia, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Two Tarlac wordsmiths, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Living in displacement context: Coping strategies, changing attitudes and family dynamics among Internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Mindanao, Philippines, Zaldy C. Collado

A Christmas wish, Antonio P. Contreras

Because the president ordered it, Antonio P. Contreras

Crazy and crazier, Antonio P. Contreras

De Lima is partly our fault, Antonio P. Contreras