Submissions from 2019

The case against vaping, Antonio P. Contreras

The 'faking' industry, Antonio P. Contreras

Turning poverty into a number, Antonio P. Contreras

We reared snowflakes, Antonio P. Contreras

What revolutionary government are they talking about?, Antonio P. Contreras

Mortal na Kawaygan: Exploring the possibility of success for an interfaith dialogue between iglesia ni Cristo and the Philippine Catholic Church, Dalmacito A. Cordero

Free and creative communal compassion: Reconstructing a contextualized Filipino ethics of sexuality, Dalmacito A. Cordero


Are modal conditions necessary for knowledge?, Mark Anthony L. Dacela

China’s belt and road initiative (BRI) and the Duterte administration’s appeasement policy: Examining the connection between the two national strategies, Renato Cruz De Castro

Explaining the Duterte administration’s appeasement policy on China: The power of fear, Renato Cruz De Castro

From rebalancing to competition: The Trump administration’s grand strategy for the Indo-Pacific Region, Renato Cruz De Castro

The chronic threat of insurgent groups in the Philippines, Renato Cruz de Castro

The Philippines and the maritime security order in Southeast Asia: The risks of an appeasement policy on an expansionist China, Renato Cruz De Castro

The role of middle powers in the modernization of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP): The case of the special Japan–Australia strategic partnership and the Philippines, Renato Cruz De Castro


A Humboldtian critique of the University of the Philippines as the flagship of Philippine higher education (part II), Feorillo Petronilo A. Demeterio and Roland Theuas D. S. Pada

The light of Christ in Philippine politics: The interventions of the Catholic Church in state affairs (1972 – 2005), Brian U. Doce


Singapore, Francis Rico C. Domingo

Theorising in Philippine sociology, 1955-2017: Inclinations, possibilities, trajectories, Dennis S. Erasga, Yellowbelle D. M. Duaqui, and Mark Oliver Llangco

Did Jose Rizal die a Catholic? Revisiting Rizal’s last 24 hours using spy reports, Rene Escalante

Kung paano ang maghimay, Johann Vladimir Jose Espiritu

Filipino overseas contract workers: Their families and communities, Stella P. Go and Leticia T. Postrado

Factors influencing health-seeking behavior among overseas Filipino workers, Melvin A. Jabar

Sources and consequences of happiness among Alangan Mangyan women in the municipality of Baco, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines, Melvin A. Jabar and Crisanto Q. Regadio

Explaining (non) participation in overseas voting: the case of overseas Filipino voters in Japan in the 2016 elections, Georgeline B. Jaca and Ador R. Torneo

Transnational financial education for Filipino migrant workers, Juyoung Jang, Seori Choi, Chang Won Lee, and Stella Go

Anticipating aging and prospecting pension for retirement well-being, Roberto E. Javier, Mitzie Irene Conchada, and Melvin Jabar

How health literate are the igeneration Filipinos? Health literacy among Filipino early adolescents in middle schools, Roberto Javier, Marites Tiongco, and Melvin Jabar

Garrett on the irrationality of pure time preferences, Jeremiah Joven Joaquin

Hell, Heaven, Neither, or Both: the Afterlife and Sider’s Puzzle, Jeremiah Joven Joaquin

Prospects for experimental philosophical logic, Jeremiah Joven Joaquin

Sartre misconstrued: A reply to Michael Lopato’s “Social media, love, and Sartre’s look of the other”, Joseph Martin M. Jose

Euphoria, pakikibaka, at bahala na: Kontekstuwalisasyon ng piling awiting post-EDSA, David Michael San Juan

Upgrading the land administration system of the Philippines through ICT: A review of the land titling computerization program, Jovito Jose Katigbak

Philippine readiness for the 4th industrial revolution: A case study, Junmo Kim, Ador R. Torneo, and Seung Bum Yang

Norm Internalization and Disability-inclusive Elections in the Philippines, Paula Bianca P. Lapuz and Francisco A. Magno

High-impact journal article publishing—Knowledge production, science, and responsibility: Some notes for promising social scientists, Romeo B. Lee

Key FAMIPOP lesson—Saving money and call for region-wide evidence, Romeo B. Lee


Microcontroller based money card sorter with pre-online application feature, Nenita Ivy A. Lim, Sernina S. Ng, and Hazelle L. Tapay

"Ang Pilipinas bilang lupain ng kabalintunaan:" Si Isabelo De Los Reyes bilang tagapag-ambag sa pahayagang La Solidaridad (1889-1895), Leslie Anne L. Liwanag and Michael Charleston B. Chua


Pilosopiyang analitiko: Impluwensya at kasaysayan, Napoleon M. Mabaquiao

A kapwa-infused paradigm in teaching Catholic theology/catechesis in a multireligious classroom in the Philippines, Willard Enrique R. Macaraan

Food waste behavior of young fast-food consumers in the Philippines, Safa D. Manala-O and Patrick Adriel H. Aure

Locating the ideological in the functional: A multimodal critical analysis of online news reports on typhoon Lando, Karl Patrick R. Mendoza

The factor structure of the English CBCL DSM-oriented scales in Filipino schoolchildren as reported by bilingual caregivers, Ma. Jenina N. Nalipay, Allan Benedict I. Bernardo, Maria Caridad H. Tarroja, and Ma. Lourdes C. Bautista

At home in public: Intimacy and belonging among Filipina and Indonesian migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong in Ani Ema Susanti's Effort for love (2008) and Moira Zoitl's Exchange square (2007), Carlos M. Piocos

At home with strangers: Social exclusion and intimate labor in Anthony Chen’s Ilo Ilo (2013), Carlos M. Piocos III

Suffering that counts: The politics of sacrifice in Philippine labor migration, Carlos M. Piocos

Why mourning matters: The politics of grief in Southeast Asian narratives of women’s migration, Carlos M. Piocos

The recovery-oriented therapeutic community for addictions (ROTC): A response to contemporary substance use disorder treatments in the Philippines, Sixtus Dane Asuncion Ramos

Cultural moderators of the influence of environmental affordances and provisions on children’s subjective well-being, Melissa Lopez Reyes

Lasallian ecological spirituality: Forming Lasallians towards restoration of the integrity of Creation, Lysander P. Rivera

Endangered species and fragile ecosystems in the south China Sea: The Philippines v. China arbitration, Alfredo C. Robles

Cognitive empathy in intercultural interactions: The roles of lay theories of multiculturalism and polyculturalism, Maria Guadalupe C. Salanga and Allan Benedict I. Bernardo

The migration of women to cities: A comparative perspective, Peter C. Smith, Siew Ean Khoo, and Stella P. Go

A critical political geography of China and the South China Sea islands dispute, Alejandro Christian D. Soler

Crystallising the official narrative: News discourses about the killings from the Philippine government’s campaign against illegal drugs, Cheryll Ruth R. Soriano, Clarissa C. David, and Jenna Mae Atun

Social surveillance and Let’s play: A regional case study of gaming in Manila slum communities, Cheryll Ruth R. Soriano, Hugh Davies, and Larissa Hjorth

Philippines, Ador R. Torneo

Strategic foreign aid competition: Japanese and Chinese assistance in the Philippine infrastructure sector, Dennis D. Trinidad

Millennials in the university: An inquiry on burnout among Filipino university students, Joseph Ching Velasco

Siya nga! Reflections with art, Jose Ramon T. Villarin and David Jonathan Y. Bayot

Enhancing Australia Philippines cooperation: Diversifying strategic options, Charmaine Misalucha Willoughby and Francis Rico C. Domingo

Polyculturalism and cultural adjustment of international students: Exploring the moderating role of cultural distance in a quantitative cross-sectional survey study, Su Ling Xiao, Zi Xuan Yang, and Allan B.I. Bernardo

Submissions from 2018

Recuerdos: Mga pagbaliktanaw sa lumahong programang pilosopiya ng Far Eastern University, Christian Lemuel C. Afundar, Greg T. Dulay, and Elenita dLR. Garcia

Ang bigat ng Q sa QNHS, Vijae O. Alquisola

Pambihirang buhay, Vijae O. Alquisola

Assessing the latent structure of posttraumatic growth and its relationship with cognitive processing of trauma among Filipino women victims of intimate partner abuse, Amor Mia H. Arandia, Imelu G. Mordeno, and Ma. Jenina N. Nalipay

Theory as practice, theory in practice: Deleuze and Foucault in conversation, Antonette Talaue Arogo

Even if you are not there, you are home: Exploring the positive in the self and virtula relationship experience of emerging adult Filipino Facebook users, Jim Rey R. Baloloy, Nannette Medel, Joanne Rachelle Valle, Filemon Cruz, and Chester Relleve

Filipino college students’ attitudes towards religion: An analysis of the underlying factors, Rito Baring, Philip Joseph Sarmiento, Nestor Sibug, Paolo Lumanlan, Benita Bonus, Cristina Samia, and Stephen Reysen

Emerging transitions in the meaning of religious constructs: The case of the Philippines, Rito V. Baring

Bypassing industrial development, Eric Vincent C. Batalla

The judiciary under threat, Eric Vincent C. Batalla, Michelle Sta. Romana, and Karen Rodrigo

A survey of political interference patterns and modalities in national roadworks in the Philippines, Eric Vincent C. Batalla, Ador R. Torneo, and Francisco A. Magno

Second generation gender bias: The effects of the invisible bias among mid-level women managers, Meryl Ann Batara, Jan Micole Ngo, Kayley Anne See, and Dennis Erasga

Associations between materialism, gratitude, and well-being in children of overseas Filipino workers, Allan Benedict I. Bernardo, Roseann Tan- Mansukhani, and Mary Angeline A. Daganzo

External locus-of-hope, well-being, and coping of students: A cross-cultural examination within Asia, Allan Benedict I. Bernardo, Susanna S. Yeung, Katrina Fernando Resurreccion, Ron R. Resurreccion, and Aqeel Khan

Abusive supervision and well-being of Filipino migrant workers in Macau: Consequences for self-esteem and heritage culture detachment, Allan B.I. Bernardo, Mary Angeline A. Daganzo, and Anna Carmella G. Ocampo


A case for machine ethics in modeling human-level intelligent agents, Robert James M. Boyles

Seeing beyond the religious and social divide: The intercultural church in the migrant context, Agnes M. Brazal and Emmanuel S. de Guzman

Concept paper: The making of a political school, Yves Xavier C. Bugarin

An ambivalent state: The crossover of corruption and violence in the Philippines, Cleo Anne A. Calimbahin

Geriatric palliative caregiving among caregivers in Metro Manila: Experiences and assessment of health identity and life satisfaction, Wilfred Luis Clamor

Justification of intimate partner violence in the Philippines: Attitudes towards wife beating among Filipina women, Wilfred Luis Clamor

Reinventing sacred space: From cathedral to mall, Jeff Clyde G. Corpuz

Cultural self-views influence meaning making: Self-construals as differential predictors of meaning in life among Filipino university students, Jesus Alfonso Daep Datu and Maria Guadalupe Salanga

The Philippine perspective on the security partnership with Japan, Renato Cruz De Castro

21st century U.S. policy on an emergent China: From strategic constrainment to strategic competition in the Indo-Pacific Region, Renato Cruz De Castro

From antagonistic to close neighbors?: Twenty-first century Philippines-China relations, Renato Cruz De Castro

The Obama administration's strategic rebalancing to Asia: Quo vadis in 2017?, Renato Cruz De Castro

The political subject is a lover not a fighter: Reading Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club as a love story, Jeremy De Chavez

Perspectives on faith and culture in the Philippines, East Timor, and Indonesia, Fides Del Castillo

Si Demeterio at ang pilosopiyang Pilipino: Pakikipanayam tungkol sa kanyang Ika-25 na taong pamimilosopiya, Mary Irene Clare O. Deleña, Joshua Mariz B. Felicilda, and Leslie Anne L. Liwanag

Reactions, challenges, and coping resources of college teachers who have encountered students with diagnosed psychological disorders, Mary Irene Clare O. Deleña and Ron R. Resurreccion

Postmodernism from the perspectives of Filipino philosophers: Abulad, Co, Demeterio, and Pavo, Mary Irene Clare O. Deleña and Raymond John D. Vergara

A Humboldtian critique of the University of the Philippines as the flagship of Philippine higher education (part I), Feorillo Petronilo A. Demeterio and Roland Theuas D. S. Pada

Emerita Quito, Mary John Mananzan, and Filipina philosophy: A critical comparison of the thoughts of the two leading female philosophers of the Philippines, Feorillo Petronilo Demeterio and Leslie Anne L. Liwanag

Play therapy in the Philippines, Maria Louise Trivino Dey, Maria Aurora Assumpta Dela Paz Catipon, Maria Caridad H. Tarroja, and Washington Christopher C. Garcia

Revisiting the Philippine reproductive health politics via the lens of public theology: The role of progressive Catholic and Protestant sectors, Brian U. Doce

From response to responsibility: An academe-industry partnership on solid waste management in the Philippines, Marlon de Luna Era