Submissions from 2016

Weak state, strong presidents: Situating the Duterte presidency in Philippine political time, Julio C. Teehankee

Electing a strongman, Julio C. Teehankee and Mark R. Thompson

Hasang: Mga kuwento ng pag-ibig, John Iremil E. Teodoro

Immigration policies and the factors of migration from developing countries to South Korea: An empirical analysis, Ador R. Torneo

Institutional mismatch and Chinese aid in the Philippines: Challenges and implications, Dennis D. Trinidad

Building capacity for a disability-inclusive response to violence against women and girls: Experiences from the W-DARE project in the Philippines, Cathy Vaughan, Alexandra Devine, Raquel Ignacio, Wanet Lacsamana, Ma. Jesusa Marco, Jerome Zayas, and Carolyn Sobritchea

Of culpability and blamelessness: The narratives of women formerly on death row in the Philippines, Diana Therese M. Veloso

Beyond math anxiety: Positive emotions predict mathematics achievement, self-regulation, and self-efficacy, Felicidad T. Villavicencio and Allan Benedict I. Bernardo

Participatory action research with Filipino street youth: Their voice and action against corporal punishment, Daniel Wartenweiler and Roseann Mansukhani

Government performance management and evaluation in South Korea: History and current practices, Seung Bum Yang and Ador R. Torneo

Submissions from 2015

Contemporary engagements and challenges for Catholic religious education in South East Asia, Rito V. Baring and Rebecca G. Cacho

Treading the straight and righteous path: Curbing corruption in the Philippines, Eric Vincent C. Batalla

International NGOs in China: A case study of Greenpeace East Asia and its environmental protection advocasies, John Philip Binondo

Modelling climate change risks for food security in the Philippines, Julien L. Carandang, Glenn S. Banaguas, Mary Jane C. Flores, and Jose Santos R. Carandang VI

Shattering silence: Tracing speciesism in philippine children’s literature, Chryssa Celestino

Towards a nationalist agenda of education: Securing Philippine human capital, Easter Joy T. Dabuet

Theory and practice: The Aristotelian, Plotinian, and Marxian perspectives, Ferdinand D. Dagmang

Blunting China's realpolitik approach: Liberalism through UNCLOS arbitration, Renato Cruz De Castro

Philippines and Japan strengthen a twenty-first century security partnership, Renato Cruz De Castro

President Aquino's visit to Tokyo boosts Philippine Japan partnership in maritime security, Renato Cruz De Castro

The impact of strategic balance in East Asia on a small power's defense policy: The case of the Philippines in the face of the South China Sea dispute, Renato Cruz De Castro

The Philippines confronts China in the South China Sea: Power politics vs. liberalism-legalism, Renato Cruz De Castro

U.S.-Philippines balikatan exercise in the face of Chinese island building, Renato Cruz De Castro

Dreaming of animals: The animal in Freud's analysis of a phobia in a five-year boy and history of an infantile neurosis, Jeremy De Chavez

"It is only watching, waiting, attention": Rethinking love with Alain Badiou and Simone Weil, Jeremy De Chavez

Teaching as storytelling: Ontological and ethical implications, Noelle Leslie G. De La Cruz

Christianization of the Philippines: Revisiting the contributions of Baroque churches and religious art, Fides A. Del Castillo

The praxis of Christian love in a South East Asian nation, Fides A. del Castillo

The contexts of strategy as a guide for defense planning in the Philippines, Francis C. Domingo

The problem of expertise in strategic studies, Francis C. Domingo

All that is holy profaned? The disenchantment of romantic love under global capitalism, Yellowbelle Duaqui

Devotion to Our lady of Penafrancia and its contributions to social transformation of the Bikolanos, Mia B. Eballo

Developing competencies of middle level health workers and their role in task sharing in the Philippines, Marlon D. L. Era

"Pakiramdaman": Isang tatak Filipinong lapit sa pagdadalumat sa sosyolohiya (A Filipino brand of reflective inquiry in sociology), Dennis S. Erasga

Kalayaan at kapayapaan bilang mga aspeto ng art: Isang pagbabalangkas sa proseso ng pagpapakahulugan sa "kaartehan", Martin Joseph C. Esteves

Researching farmer behaviour in climate change adaptation and sustainable agriculture: Lessons learned from five case studies, Giuseppe Feola, Amy M. Lerner, Meha Jain, Marvin Joseph F. Montefrio, and Kimberly A. Nicholas

Wikang Magbukon: Ambag sa pagpapaunlad ng wikang pambansa, Vonhoepper N. Ferrer

How the Philippines harnesses social media to improve democratic governance, Carlo Magno Figueroa

The rise and fall of the Pacquiao effect: Contrastive priming and national identification, Adrianne John R. Galang, Diwa Malaya A. Quiñones, Jeremiah S. Adriano, Paolo Martin G. Portillo, and Michael Erick D. Carvajal

Understanding China's foreign policy under Xi Jinping: Towards new Sino-Philippine relations, Robin Michael U. Garcia

A qualitative study of green IT adoption within the Philippines business process outsourcing industry: A multi-theory perspective, Alexander A. Hernandez and Sherwin Ona

Religious experiences of Filipino Catholic women migrants in Japan: The case of the Kaagapay Oita Filipino Association, Melvin A. Jabar

Sexual and reproductive health services for women with disability: A qualitative study with service providers in the Philippines, Kira Lee, Alexandra Devine, Ma. Jesusa Marco, Jerome Zayas, Liz Gill-Atkinson, and Cathy Vaughan

The phenomenal concept strategy and a master argument, Napoleon M. Mabaquiao

Philosophical foundations of critical discourse analysis: A diachronic sketch, Willard Enrique R. Macaraan

Counseling and psychotherapy in the Philippines: Jojo's story, Maria Isabel E. Melgar and Roberto E. Javier

Social construction of the environment and smallholder farmers' participation in 'low-carbon', agro-industrial crop production contracts in the Philippines, Marvin Joseph F. Montefrio, David A. Sonnenfeld, and Valerie A. Luzadis

The role of functionality in the latent structure of posttraumatic growth among survivors of a flash flood disaster, Imelu G. Mordeno, Ma. Jenina N. Nalipay, and Miriam P. Cue

Singlehood as a lifestyle in Asia, Trinidad S. Osteria

Adoption and impacts of ecologically-based rodent management in the Mekong Delta region, Florencia G. Palis, Zenaida M. Sumalde, Cleofe S. Torres, Antonio P. Contreras, and Francisco A. Datar

Kohlbergian analysis of the moral reasoning in Lino Brocka's leading films, Diana F. F. Palmes and Feorillo Petronilo A. Demeterio

Kumakalam na sikmura: Hunger as Filipino women's awakening to ecofeminist consciousness, Jeane C. Peracullo

The self in family coexistence: Developing youth’s agency and prosociality, Melissa Lopez Reyes and Katrina F. Resurreccion

Locating civic engagement through social media during calamities: The Philippine experience, Maria Divina Gracia Z. Roldan

Of histories, erasures and the beloved: Glimpses into Philippine contemporary poetry, Dinah Roma

Cross-cultural differences in a global “Survey of world views”, Gerard Saucier, Judith Kenner, Kathryn Iurino, Philippe Bou Malham, Zhuo Chen, Amber Gayle Thalmayer, Markus Kemmelmeier, William Tov, Rachid Boutti, Henok Metaferia, Banu Çankaya, Khairul Anwar Mastor, Kung Yu Hsu, Rongxian Wu, M. Maniruzzaman, Janvier Rugira, Ioannis Tsaousis, Oleg Sosnyuk, Jyoti Regmi Adhikary, Katarzyna Skrzypińska, Boonmee Poungpet, John Maltby, Maria Guadalupe C. Salanga, Adriana Racca, Atsushi Oshio, Elsie Italia, Anastassiya Kovaleva, Masanobu Nakatsugawa, Fabia Morales-Vives, and Victor M. Ruiz

Japanese solidarity discourse on the Philippines during the Second World War, Takamichi Serizawa

Confronting challenges in implementing e-portfolio via Facebook in a Philippine university, Philippe John F. Sipacio

The Virgin Mary with a mobile phone: Ideologies of mothering and technology consumption in Philippine television Advertisements, Cheryll Ruth R. Soriano, Sun Sun Lim, and Milagros Rivera Sanchez

A multivariate analysis of suicide ideation among university students in the Philippines, Madelene A. Sta. Maria, Romeo B. Lee, Susana Almeda Estanislao, Cristina Rodriguez, Jianli Wang, and Yan Liu

Combining automatic and manual approaches: Towards a framework for discovering themes in disaster-related tweets, Leif Romeritch Syliongka, Nathaniel Oco, Alron Jan Lam, Cheryll Ruth Soriano, Ma. Divina Gracia Roldan, Francisco Magno, and Charibeth Cheng

Preadoption risks, family functioning, and adoption secrecy as predictors of the adjustment of Filipino adopted children, Maria Caridad H. Tarroja

Policy dissonance and the challenges of managing the impacts of South Korea's industrial and demographic transition through immigration, Ador R. Torneo and Seung Bum Yang

What Kinds of Value Motives Guide People in Their Moral Attitudes? The Role of Personal and Prescriptive Values at the Culture Level and Individual Level, Christin Melanie Vauclair, Ronald Fischer, Maria Cristina Ferreira, Valeschka Guerra, Ulrich Hößler, Serdar Karabati, Moises Kirk de Carvalho Filho, Juliana B. Porto, Melissa Lopez Reyes, Jenni Rytkönen, and Erika Spieß

Longing for transcendence: Cyborgs and trans- and posthumans, Andrea Vicini and Agnes M. Brazal

Narratives of ethnolinguistic bordering: Cultural encounters of Philippine nikkeijin workers in Aichi, Japan, Ron Bridget Vilog

Frequency of drinking games participation and alcohol-related problems in a multiethnic sample of college students: Do gender and ethnicity matter?, Byron L. Zamboanga, Ivan Jacob Agaloos Pesigan, Cara C. Tomaso, Seth J. Schwartz, Lindsay S. Ham, Melina Bersamin, Su Yeong Kim, Miguel A. Cano, Linda G. Castillo, Larry F. Forthun, Susan Krauss Whitbourne, and Eric A. Hurley

Submissions from 2014

Wika ng matalino o bobo?: Pagdalumat sa epekto ng ugnayang wika, uri, at identidad sa pagtinggin ng lipunang Plipino sa wikang Pilipino, Deborah S. Anastacio

Mediating between exclusionary/inclusionary politics and migrant model minority', Bubbles Beverly N. Asor

Translations of poems from Morpo, Jose Perez Beduya and Allan Popa

Measuring hope in the Philippines: Validating the short version of the locus-of-hope scale in Filipino, Allan B. I. Bernardo and Alicia F. Estrellado

Master and servant: Contradictory roles of migrant Filipina domestic workers, Mary Ann M. Bolante

Elite competition and economic reform in cuba and vietnam: A comparative study of policy legitimation, Anthony Lawrence A. Borja

A cyborg spirituality and its theo-anthropological foundation, Agnes M. Brazal

Feminism in Africa and the world church, Agnes M. Brazal


Pacem in terris in a digital age, Agnes M. Brazal

Power-beauty feminism and postcolonial leadership, Agnes M. Brazal

Two, Erika M. Carreon

Sexualized bodies of the Filipino: Pleasure and desire as everyday truth and knowledge, Antonio P. Contreras

Praxis and theory of environmental Marxism, Ferdinand D. Dagmang

Enhancing Philippine maritime security, Renato Cruz De Castro

Linking spokes together: The Philippines' gambit of harnessing the United States' alliances in its external balancing policy against an emergent China, Renato Cruz De Castro

The 2012 Scarborough Shoal stand-off: From stalemate to escalation of the South China Sea dispute?, Renato Cruz De Castro

The 21st century Philippine-U.S. enhanced defense cooperation agreement (EDCA): The Philippines’ policy in facilitating the Obama administration’s strategic pivot to Asia, Renato Cruz De Castro

The Aquino administration's balancing policy against an emergent China: Its domestic and external dimensions, Renato Cruz De Castro

The revitalized Philippine-U.S. security relations: The triumph of bilateralism over multilateralism in Philippine foreign policy?, Renato Cruz De Castro

It's more fun in the Philippines: A study on the cultural politics of happiness, Jeremy C. De Chavez

Education as climate change response, Francis Ron C. De Guzman

Quito, Ceniza, Timbreza, Gripaldo: DLSU professors' contributions to Filipino philosophy, Feorillo Petronilo A. Demeterio III


Philippine intelligence community: A case for transparency, Francis Rico C. Domingo


The RMA theory and small states, Francis Rico C. Domingo

Lives in fiction: Auto/biographies as theoretical narratives, Dennis S. Erasga

An intervention in treating selective mutism using expressive therapies continuum framework, Karina Therese G. Fernandez, Krista Camille M. Serrano, and Monica Camille C. Tongson

Carrier status of leptospirosis among cattle in Sri Lanka: A zoonotic threat to public health, C. D. Gamage, N. Koizumi, A. K. C. Perera, M. Muto, C. Nwafor-Okoli, S. Ranasinghe, S. A. M. Kularatne, R. P. V.J. Rajapakse, K. Kanda, Romeo B. Lee, Y. Obayashi, M. Ohnishi, and Hiko Tamashiro

Mobile phones and business networks among Malaysian micro and small enterprises: A comparative network approach, Tom Erik Julsrud and Ma. Divina Gracia Z. Roldan

Poems from "Post-something", Franz Joel Libo-on

Turing and computationalism, Napoleon M. Mabaquiao

E-governance and social inclusion: Community e-centers in the Philippines, Francisco A. Magno

Strategic communication: US-Philippines relations and the American rebalancing strategy, Charmaine G. Misalucha

The language of security in Philippine-US relations, Charmaine G. Misalucha