Submissions from 2009

Si Sinukwan at ang mahika ng pagsasalin ng tula, Nestor C. De Guzman

Ang balangkas ng multikulturalismo at ang pagbubuo ng bansang Pilipino, Feorillo Petronilo A. Demeterio III

But she said: Creating spaces for women's voice in community forestry, Carolina C. Dionco and Marlea P. Muñez

Mukha ng dukha giginhawa: The MDG-FACES project in Barangay Addition Hills, City of Mandaluyon, Marlon D. L. Era

The Bayanihan Lights Center (BLC): A strategy of the MDG FACES in Hankins Community, Barangay 133, Pasay City, Marlon D. L. Era

The ecological problems of the new millennium: Can Heidegger help?, Rene R. Escalante

Present opportunities and future crises: Managing tourism development at the Chocolate Hills, Bohol, the Philippines, Mark Richard D. Evidente

Analysis of selective linguistic items in spoken discourse: Description of a tagalog variety in Taguig, Maria Fe E. Gannaban

Of super-evos and non-evos: Imagining karmic law in the 23rd century, Leni Garcia

Vernacular crafts and the environment: Toward a relational process of creation, Leni dlR Garcia

Saving nature: Empowering the people's organization in waste management, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines, Aleksander Gaut SVD, Yellowbelle D. Duaqui, Nenita E. Tapay, Pio Mijares, and Rogelio Padit

In pursuit of an identity: The evolution of the Filipina in international women's magazines in the Philippines, Jacques D. M. Gimeno

The ethics of videoblogging: Public journalists have their say on YouTube, Jacques D. M. Gimeno and Bradley C. Freeman

Global economic changes and the commodification of human capital: Implications of filipino nurse migration, Angelo Salting Goode

Pantayong pananaw: Views from the outside, Ramon Guillermo, Myfel Joseph Paluga, Aaron Rom O. Moralina, and Jose Rhommel B. Hernandez

Ang pandaigdigang pananaw ng pantayong pananaw, Jose Rhommel B. Hernandez

Health consequences of rural women's productive role in agriculture in the Philippines and other developing countries, Ma. Elena Chiong- Javier

Grassroots organizations go online: The case of party-list winners and new media technologies in the 2007 Philippines election, Kavita Karan, Jacques D. M. Gimeno, and Edson Tandoc Jr.

The Internet and mobile technologies in election campaigns: The GABRIELA Women's Party during the 2007 Philippine elections, Kavita Karan, Jacques D. M. Gimeno, and Edson Tandoc Jr.

Cultural factors relevant to secondary school students in Australia, Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia: Relative differences and congruencies, Gregory Arief D. Liem, Andrew J. Martin, Elizabeth Nair, Allan Benedict I. Bernardo, and Paulus Hidajat Prasetya

Dreyfus on Heidegger's critique of Husserl's intentionality: A review, Napoleon M. Mabaquiao

Solid waste reduction of business establishments in Los Baños, Laguna: Emerging practices, Pio S. Mijares, Yellowbelle D. Duaqui, Nenita E. Tapay, Alexander Gaut SVD, and Rogelio L. Padit

Foucault, popular culture, and television, Rhoderick V. Nuncio

Towards gender equality in Asia and the Pacific: Response, progress and challenges, Trinidad Osteria

When I look into the mirror, what do I see? DLSU students' creative reflections on the "Levisian other", Jeanne C. Peracullo

Technologies of transformation: The end of the social or the birth of the cyber network?, Raul Pertierra

Catholic social teachings on the environment, Ricardo M. Puno

Art and eco-literacy: Re-reading the plains of Amorsolo, re-reading the plane of the eye/I, Jaime Oscar M. Salazar

'Pedagogic invasion': The Thomasites in occupied Philippines, Dinah Roma- Sianturi

Synthesis and distillation of policy issues: What should governments do? The global financial crisis as a market and government failure, Julio C. Teehankee

Submissions from 2008

Women's emancipation in the Philippines: A legacy of western feminism?, Janet M. Arnado

Understanding student attitudes toward Bible reading: A Philippine experience, Rito V. Baring

Bading na bading: Evolving identities in Philippine cinema, Ronald Baytan

English in Philippine education: Solution or problem?, Allan Benedict I. Bernardo

Exploring epistemological beliefs of bilingual Filipino preservice teachers in the Filipino and English languages, Allan Benedict I. Bernardo

Individual and social dimensions of Filipino students' achievement goals, Allan Benedict I. Bernardo

Students' perceptions of science classes in the Philippines, Allan Benedict I. Bernardo, Auxencia A. Limjap, Maricar S. Prudente, and Lydia S. Roleda

Individual and social dimensions of Filipino students' achievement goals, Allan B.I. Bernardo

Cosmopolitanism, global ethnic, and interreligious dialogue, Dominador Bombongan Jr.

Election administration in the 1953 and 2004 Philippine elections, Cleo Anne A. Calimbahin

Retarding or promoting democracy: The Commission on Elections of the Philippines, Cleo Anne A. Calimbahin

The Republic and the Kingdom: A Filipino postmodern reflection on Thailand as a parallel other, Antonio P. Contreras

Challenging ISI Thomson scientific's journal citation reports: Deconstructing "objective," "impact," and "global", Isagani R. Cruz

Book review: Peter H. Spader: Scheler's ethical personalism: Its logic, development and promise, Mark Anthony L. Dacela

Exploring Southeast Asia's twenty-first century defence economies: Opportunities and challenges in the era of globalization, 1993-2005, Renato Cruz De Castro

Multilinggwal na pagtuturo ng pre-schoolers, Nestor C. De Guzman, Leonora L. Yambao, and Mary Grace R. Razon

Some useful lessons from Richard Rorty's political philosophy for Philippine postcolonialism, Feorillo Petronilo A. Demeterio III

Ethnic transformation of a Bajau community in Batangas City (part 2): Final report, Marlon D. L. Era

Let the quest begin!, Eden Estopace

Rediscovering the sense and role of common good in the globalized society, Lorenz Moises J. Festin

Prinsesa Urduja at ang kaharian ng Tawalisi: Kung paano naimapa ang mito sa espasyo ng Pangasinan at sa pambansang kamalayan, Ma. Crisanta Nelmida Flores

The present-day social ministry of the Philippine Catholic Church and its challenges, Jesster B. Fonseca

Speech acts and poetry, Leni dlR. Garcia

YouTube and mainstream journalism: Strange bedfellows?, Jacques D. M. Gimeno

Ang sulatan, Genaro R. Gojo Cruz and Lydia Abueg Garcellano

The making of a Filipino philosopher, Rolando M. Gripaldo

Internet and social networking sites in election campaigns: Gabriela Women’s Party in Philippines wins the 2007 elections, Kavita Karan, Jacques D. M. Gimeno, and Edson Tandoc Jr.

An EU-ASEAN FTA: The EU''s failures as an international actor, Alfredo C. Robles

EU FTA negotiations with SADC and Mercosur: Integration into the world economy or market access for EU firms?, Alfredo C. Robles

Social impact analysis and mitigation measures of the ecological solid waste management system of Los Baños, Laguna, Nenita E. Tapay, Yellowbelle D. Duaqui, Rogelio Padit, Aleksander Gaut, and Pio Mijares

LBYPSY1 manual, Maria Caridad H. Tarroja and Adrianne John R. Galang

Submissions from 2007

Study of confirmed HIV positive among blood donors and evaluation of the National Voluntary Blood Services Program, Aura C. Corpuz, Billy Goco, and Omega Diadem T. Danganan

The 1997 Asian financial crisis and the revival of populism/neo-populism in 21st century Philippine politics, Renato Cruz De Castro

The limits of twenty-first century Chinese soft-power statecraft in Southeast Asia: The case of the Philippines, Renato Cruz De Castro

The triad of twenty-first century counter-terrorism, Renato Cruz De Castro

Pagsasalin sa Filipino ng Sinukwan: Isang literaryong epikong Kapampangan, Nestor C. De Guzman

Interaksyon ng guro at mag-aaral: Isang dulog gender na pagsusuri, Nestor C. De Guzman, Teresita T. Galang, Yeasa D. Bingcang, Leonora L. Yambao, and Lucena P. Samson

Love: A phenomenological inquiry into the self-other relation in Sartre and Beauvoir, Noelle Leslie G. De La Cruz

Justice in the light of Filipino culture and the Gospel, Jose M. De Mesa

"Simulacra": Jean Baudrillard's concept of simulacra and simulations, Martin Joseph C. Esteves

Fundamentality of the praxis-poiesis distinction in Aristotle's Nichomachean ethics, Lorenz Moises J. Festin

The cattle caravans of ancient Caboloan (interior plains of Pangasinan): Connecting history, culture and commerce by Cartwheel, Ma. Crisanta Nelmida Flores

How sound becomes a name, Marc Gaba

Zero-sum in the classroom: A within groups analysis of perceptions of inter-group conflict and bias, Adrianne John R. Galang

Basic concepts in IR: Understanding the international system, Edito C. Gan Jr.

Editor's notes, Rolando M. Gripaldo

Editor's notes, Rolando M. Gripaldo

Filipino philosophy, western tradition, and nation building, Rolando M. Gripaldo

The concept of the public good: A view from a Filipino philosopher, Rolando M. Gripaldo

Integrating carbon management into the development strategies of urbanizing regions in Asia: Implications of urban function, form, and role, Louis Lebel, Po Garden, Ma Regina N. Banaticla, Rodel D. Lasco, Antonio Contreras, A. P. Mitra, Chhemendra Sharma, Hoang Tri Nguyen, Giok Ling Ooi, and Agus Sari

The place of ethics in business, Napoleon M. Mabaquiao

The Asia-Europe Meeting: The theory and practice of interregionalism, Alfredo C. Robles

Paggamit ng mga salitang hiram sa Ingles gamit ang bagong alpabetong Filipino: Implikasyon sa pagtuturo ng Filipino, Lucena P. Samson, Yeasa D. Bingcang, Nestor C. De Guzman, Teresita T. Galang, and Mary Grace S. Razon

Pursuing the pleasure of the story: Reading Rosario Cruz Lucero’s “The death of Fray Salvador Montano, conquistador of Negros”, Maria Teresa Wright

Isang pagsusuri sa konsistensi sa pagbabaybay sa Filipino ng mga salitang hiram sa mga aklat pangkolehiyo: Basehan sa istandardisasyon ng wikang Filipino, Leonora L. Yambao, Nestor C. De Guzman, Mary Grace S. Razon, and Milagros M. Laxamana

Submissions from 2006

Acting out democracy, Nikki S. Briones

Local theater and politics: Staged democracy in the Philippines, Nikki S. Briones

Ang interaktibong pagsukat sa loob at labas ng klasrum: Isang pagsipat sa usapin ng kontrol, Raquel Sison Buban

Wird at myutileyted ispeling: Isyung pulitikal sa intelektwalisasyon ng wikang Filipino, Raquel Sison Buban

Bugnoy: Isang dulang pampelikula, Clodualdo A. Del Mundo Jr.

Philippine landcare after nine years: A study on the impacts of agroforestry on communities, farming households, and the local environment in Mindanao, Ma. Victoria O. Espaldon, Maricel Tapia, Jessica D. Villanueva, and Patricia Ann J. Sanchez

A response to Francis Fukuyama's problems of biotechnology, Martin Joseph C. Esteves

Appreciative inquiry: A positive approach to organizational planning and learning, Maria Socorro Cristina L. Fernando FMA

The Don Bosco School (Salesian Sisters) experience, Maria Socorro Cristina L. Fernando FMA

Ideolohiyang anacbanua: Pagtatakda ng baley/sentro ng doxa at kamalayang makabansa sa kasaysayan at panitikan ng Pangasinan, Ma. Crisanta Nelmida Flores

The international relations of Western Europe, Edito C. Gan Jr.

Ang mangarap nang gising sa Only you at mga katulad na Korean telenovela at sa ating telenovelang midya, Fanny A. Garcia

Filipino experience of ritual male circumcision: Knowledge and insights for anti-circumcision advocacy, Romeo B. Lee

The changing global context of adolescent spirituality, Suman Verma and Madelene A. Sta. Maria

Submissions from 2005

The effects of stating problems in bilingual students’ first and second languages on solving mathematical word problems, Allan Benedict I. Bernardo and Marissa O. Calleja