Submissions from 2023

Inbound roaming study update (Sept. 05-11, 2009), Joel R. Nuesca and Richard Matias

Catmon road and drainage construction project - Phase 2, Terteen Gail B. Omaña

Proactive defense and its implications for the country's cybersecurity strategy, Sherwin E. Ona

"Community informatics": Charting new directions in ICT4H for maternal and child healthcare, Sherwin E. Ona and Sarah Angeles

A manual in using Mathematica as an aid in teaching Math 111 to Math 116., Anita C. Ong

A student-centered course syllabus for an introductory course in microcontrollers and their applications, Clement Y. Ong

A reaction paper on contemporary philosophy, Elizabeth S. Ong

2 readers on Do you believe in God?, Juanito M., Jr. Ongsansoy

[Book review of] Three philosophers., Juanito M., Jr. Ongsansoy; Gertrude Elizabeth Margaret Anscombe; and P. T. Geach

The extent and magnitude of policies on peace and development issues in the selected barangays of Pagadian City, CY 1994-98, Jerome A. Ouano

Education relegation, Karen R. Pantaleon

Metro Cebu Water District (MCWD) energy audit report, Alexander P. Paran, Alice B. Herrera, Apollo Victor O. Bawagan, Jospeh L. Herrera, Joseph Gerard T. Reyes, and Carl Michael F. Odulio

A course kit in analytic geometry (MTH563L), Arlene A. Pascasio

A course kit in MATH114, Arlene A. Pascasio

A dream of the Pintadas., Marjorie E. Pernia

I-V characteristics of electrodeposited PPy(p-TS)/n-silicon, Reuben V. Quiroga, C. Banaag, Ofelia T. Rempillo, Enrique M. Manzano, and Maria Carla F. Manzano

A life of philosophy: selected works (1965-1988) of Emerita S. Quito., Emerita S. Quito

A review of Sartre, Jean-Paul, Critique de la raison dialectique, Vol. II, Emerita S. Quito

The 'working' woman, Jessica Jaye Ranieses

A collector's centennial book set, Purba Rao

[Book review of] YRM : yellow ribbon movement / edited by Margaret P. Juico., Sean Patrick Jacob C. Razo

Position of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) on banking services liberalization under the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), Marie Tanya Zurbito Recalde

Who owns the city?, Reden B. Recio

[Book review of] Lungsod iskwater : the evolution of informality as a dominant pattern in Philippine cities, by Paulo Alcarazen, Luis Ferrer, and Benvenuto Icamina., Redento B. Recio

Issue monitor, Redento B. Recio

Reviews: Encounters with Islam, Salvador Santino F. Regilme Jr.

A student-centered course syllabus for an introductory course in software engineering, Rhodora L. Reyes

Consolidated SWOT analysis of the adopted barangays in Pandacan, Manila based on the 2005 community profile, Michelle C. Ricafrente

Tracer mechanism of short term courses graduates, Michelle C. Ricafrente

Irreversibility lines for YBa2Cu3O7-8 single crystals with and without twins, Lydia S. Roleda

Students' thinking frameworks in force and motion, Lydia S. Roleda

Performance comparison of zero-valent nanoscale iron and copper-iron bimetal in the removal of nitrate in a recirculated system with CO2-bubbling, Erickson C. Roque, Ma. Lourdes P. Dalida, and Chih-Hsiang Liao

Business continuity plan of BPO companies in the Philippines, Ryan C. Roque

The effects of job mismatch on employee productivity, Ryan C. Roque

Outreach process for SC, CSO and other DLSU Manila units, Joseph Revatoris Rosal

Seed takes root: Establishing a DLSU Manila nursery of indigenous tree species, Joseph Revatoris Rosal

A preliminary survey of election laws in the Philippines, Emmanuel O. Sales

Probing proby 2, Neptali B. Salvanera

[Book review of] Strong family, weak state : hegel's political philosophy and the Filipino family / Lukas Kaelin., Asuncion M. Sebastian

A review of Rawn, J. David, Proteins, energy, and metabolism, Martin Sellner FSC

[Book review of] Networks without a cause : a critique of social media / Geert Lovink., Cheryll Ruth R. Soriano

A (digital) giant awakens - invigorating media studies with Asian perspectives, Cheryll Ruth R. Soriano and Sun Sun. ndf. Lim

Advancing the CPA profession with AI, Alger C. Tang

[Book review of] Sustainable development paths for resource-constrained process industries., Raymond Girard R. Tan, Zhiwei Li, Dominic C.Y. Foo, and Xiaoping Jia

AI has cracked the knowledge workplace, Benito L. Teehankee

A review of Gonzalez, Ricardo L., Corporate culture modification: a guide for managers, Benito L. Teehankee

How businesses can use artificial intelligence for good, Benito L. Teehankee

Photo-catalytic degradation of rhodamine 6G dye by ZnO film deposited using microwave atmospheric plasma jet, E.J. C. Tinacba, Julius Andrew P. Nuñez, R. B. Tumlos, and H. J. Ramos

[Book review of] The Korean state, public administration, and development / Jung Yong-duck., Ador R. Torneo

A review of Anne Sexton: the complete poems, Gerardo Zaragosa Torres

[Book review of] Sampaloc's sacred ground : the Franciscan backstory (1613-1918) / Martin R. Gaerlan., Jose Victor Z. Torres

100 taon ng pamantasan 100 tao sa nakaraan 100 Haiku / Tereso S. Tullao., Tereso S., Jr., 1951- Tullao

[Book review of] Media and culture : global homogeneity and local identity / edited by Rachel E. Khan., Carmina Y. Untalan

[Book review of] Language and power : a resource book for students / Paul Simpson and Andrea Mayr., Paolo Nino M. Valdez

[Book review of] Languages of global hip hop / edited by Marina Terkourafi., Paolo Nino M. Valdez

[Book review of] Literacy and the politics of representation / Mary Hamilton., Paolo Nino M. Valdez

[Book review of] Teaching english as an international language : identity, resistance and negotiation / by P. L. Ha., Paolo Nino M. Valdez

[Book review of] The language and intercultural communication reader / edited by Zhu Hua., Paolo Nino M. Valdez

A module in foundations of language studies (ENG535M)., Sydney Gonzales Villegas

A module in language research (LANGRES)., Sydney Gonzales Villegas

A module in speech and stage arts., Sydney Gonzales Villegas

[Book review of] The Thinking beyond politics : a strategic agenda for the next president., edited by Victor Andres C. Manhit., Martin Josef E. Vivo

A new church for a new age., Lode Lucas Wostyn

A case study on employees' perception towards company's corporate social responsibility in the Philippine Woodworking Industry, Junius W. Yu, Crizelle Ann G. ndf. Santos, Paula Khariz P. ndf. Radam, Tiarra Grace Z. ndf. Mapoy, and Jea Elaiza K. ndf. Amadeo

Submissions from 2022

Face-to-face with the new normal: libraries’ readiness and perspectives toward the changing service environment, Christine M. Abrigo and Efren Torres Jr.

Lundo ng lambat, Efren R. Abueg

Toward a common good model of the firm, Luisito C. Abueg, Mariel Monica R. Sauler, and Benito L. Teehankee

Building on DLSU's brand and reputation through email marketing: DLSU connect: Materials development report, Anne Nerissa A. Acuña

Improved data acquisition using data logger, strain gauges and strain gauge-type transducers in civil engineering laboratories/courses, Mary Ann Q. Adajar

Preventive maintenance guidelines: Civil engineering laboratories, Mary Ann Q. Adajar

An optimization model of an internet evaluation model using logic scoring of preference, Aaron Don M. Africa

CAN: Case-based reasoning in an adversarial non-player character, Anne Marie M. Africa, Karmela Angela G. Cortez, Gian Kristian A. Fontanilla, Paul Michael O. Go, and Danny C. Cheng

Let women lead, Maria Adel Aguiling

Coaching in motion, Maria Adiel Aguiling

How do Catholics contribute to a just society?, Maria Adiel Aguiling

'Pakikipagkapwa', Maria Adiel Aguiling

Successful business-nonprofit partnerships, Maria Adiel Aguiling

Brave new steps, Charisse Jollins Ang

ZipNet: ZFNet-level accuracy with 48× fewer parameters, Arren Matthew C. Antioquia, Daniel Stanley Tan, Arnulfo P. Azcarraga, Wen-Huang Cheng, and Kai-Lung Hua


Librarian as researcher and knowledge creator: Examining librarian's research involvement, perceived capabilities and confidence, Rhea Rowena U. Apolinario, Marian Ramos Eclevia, Carlos L. Eclevia Jr., Eimee Rhea C. Lagrama, and Karryl Kim A. Sagun

A system dynamics approach on the life cycle analysis of coal-fired power generator, Liezzel Pascual Aquino, Girard Raymond R. Tan, Jose Edgar S. Mutuc, Kathleen B. Aviso, Alvin B. Culaba, and Lawrence P. Belo

Science links: Physics, Marites D. Aquino, Jonna M. Abistado, and Rex S. Forteza

Experiencing theory, Antonette Talaue Arogo


A case study on attack detection capabilities between open-source intrusion detection systems, Adrian Giovanni G. Ascan

Conceptual design of an amphibious e-tricycle, Djovanni Karl D. Atienza, Earlwyn Cristoffer Curio Bulanadi, Mark Anthony S. Enriquez, Serafin Miguel C. Peralta III, Audrian Louven R. Sabado, and Gregg R. Garcia

Can organizations serve multiple 'masters' without degenerating?, Patrick Adriel H. Aure

Initial reflections on AI-powered writing and management education, Patrick Adriel H. Aure

Love and resilience in the time of Omicron, Patrick Adriel H. Aure

Managing mental health requires authenticity, Patrick Adriel H. Aure

Managing well-being in the hybrid workplace, Patrick Adriel H. Aure

Renew, not resume, Patrick Adriel H. Aure

The Filipino and his religion: a three module slides production with manual, Basilio P. Balajadia

LASARE1: Facilitator's manual, Richard A. Balang

Enhancing reading comprehension of second language learners: Techniques for remedial reading instruction, Encarnita D. Balayon

An assessment of book return chute service from A.Y. 2003 to 2012 at De La Salle University: An update, Yugosto A. Balbas

A proposed automated library system for the PSBA-Manila Library, Yugosto A. Balbas

A proposed technological plan for the Divine Mercy College Foundation, Inc. (DMCFI) Library, Yugosto A. Balbas

Fast paced technologies as applied in top 50 university libraries: A survey, Yugosto A. Balbas

Impact study on SPUQC's community extension programs for the past five years, Mark A. Balderama

Exploring the positive self and virtual relationship experience of emering Filipino Facebook users, Jim Rey R. Baloloy, Nannette Medel, Joanne Rachelle Valle, Filemon Cruz, and Chester Relleve