Submissions from 2023

The sound of good management (part 2), Alvin Neil A. Gutierrez

A course module in Education Technology 1 : theories and principles in educational technology, Nenita V. Habulan

[Corporate social responsibility in the promotion of social development : experiences from Asia and Latin America : a book review]., Ian Jayson R. Hecita

1997 is nurses diamond jubilee year., Teresita A. Herrera

[Book review of]The origins of political order : from prehuman times to the French revolution / Political order and political decay : from the industrial revolution to the globalization of democracy, by Francis Fukuyama., Richard J. Heydarian

[Book review of] Palawan and its global connections / edited by James F. Eder and Oscar L. Evangelista., Georgeline B. Jaca and Ador R. Torneo

A significant life: a play in 3 acts, Malou Leviste Jacob

A study of the Philippine pre-need industry, Antonio P. Jamon Jr.

20 fascinating hour of sports., Philip Ella. Juico

A student-centered course syllabus for an introductory course in database systems, Charibeth Y. Ko

[Book review of] Reforming the Philippine political party system : ideas and initiatives, debates and dynamics / Friedrich Ebert Stiftung., Alfred Petterwelch M. Lacbayo

Arbitrage opportunities, Benel D. Lagua

Bicycle mobility initiatives, Benel D. Lagua

Finance readings for higher learning, Benel D. Lagua

Giving benefits and inefficiencies, Benel D. Lagua

Learning finance, Benel D. Lagua

Mona Lisa effect and development finance, Benel D. Lagua

Retirement adjustments, Benel D. Lagua

The allure of open payment systems, Benel D. Lagua

The economics of panic, Benel D. Lagua

Understand, teach, do, Benel D. Lagua

10 advocacies for SME sector., Benel P. Lagua

Philippine development and democracy, Benel P. Lagua

A critique of articles entitled The topology of evolutionary biology and Quasi-independence, homology and the unity of type: a topological theory of characters, Angelyn R. Lao

A modified video coding algorithm based on the H.261 standard., Edzel R. Lapira, Jocelyn Arlene Y. Tan, Porsha Rhia A. Lai, Senen Kurt T. Que, Richard T. Ricardos, and Kris H. Torrefranca

A call to faculty statemanship, Conchita H. Largoza

[Book review of] The growth of the international economy : 1820-1990 / A.L. Lougheed and A.G. Kenwood., Gerardo L. Largoza

Bayanichain: Empowering the Philippines with Web 3.0 and NFT innovations, Donald Patrick L. Lim

Brings Filipino talent to the global stage, Donald Patrick L. Lim

ChatGPT's impact, Donald Patrick L. Lim

Crypto shopping, Donald Patrick L. Lim

Explaining block chain, Donald Patrick L. Lim

How is blockchain like a car?, Donald Patrick L. Lim

How technical analysis can help you make smarter cryptocurrency trades, Donald Patrick L. Lim

Reflecting on the success and vision of Philippine blockchain week, Donald Patrick L. Lim

The future of gaming: Exploring the revolutionary play-to-earn model, Donald Patrick L. Lim

The many uses of blockchain technology, Donald Patrick L. Lim

The Ripple XRP verdict: Implications for businesses and investors, Donald Patrick L. Lim

The role of AFAB in powering the blockchain culture in the Philippines, Donald Patrick L. Lim

Understanding the Blockchain Council and its role in revolutionizing digital innovation in the country, Donald Patrick L. Lim

Unleashing the power of consumer education to safeguard the digital economy, Donald Patrick L. Lim

A study of direct-sequence spread spectrum/delta modulation system, Rudy A. Lim

A sea of stories: archipelagic gatherings and roro journeys, Jazmin B. Llana

[Book review of] The genius of the poor : a journey with Gawad Kalinga / by Thomas Graham., Maria Milagros Regina I. Lomotan

A comprehensive approach in CNC machining for MILOPLA subject only using DENFORD TRIAC VMC CNC milling machine, Siegfred I. Lopez

A comprehensive approach in CNC machining using DENFORD TRIAC VMC CNC milling machine for CNC laboratory class, Siegfred I. Lopez

Problem solving tools and techniques training module, Christine T. Lucero

Survey form [for balanced deployment], Christine T. Lucero

Agile forecasting, Reynaldo C. Lugtu Jr.

Are you a trendsetter or trend-follower?, Reynaldo C. Lugtu Jr.

Behavioral finance biases, Reynaldo C. Lugtu Jr.

Credibility, relationship, attractiveness, Reynaldo C. Lugtu Jr.

Digital transformation demystified, Reynaldo C. Lugtu Jr.

EQ in the age of AI, Reynaldo C. Lugtu Jr.

Hamburger of happiness, Reynaldo C. Lugtu Jr.

Harnessing our core competencies, Reynaldo C. Lugtu Jr.

Innovation is a discipline, Reynaldo C. Lugtu

Inspiration versus distraction, Reynaldo C. Lugtu

Leadership through organizational forgiveness, Reynaldo C. Lugtu Jr.

On writing well, Reynaldo C. Lugtu Jr.

Open finance in the Philippines, Reynaldo C. Lugtu Jr.

Prediction vs forecast, Reynaldo C. Lugtu Jr.

Second wind, Reynaldo C. Lugtu Jr.

Shifts in the accounting profession, Reynaldo C. Lugtu Jr.

Sustainability and digital transformation, Reynaldo C. Lugtu Jr.

Talent management in the banking industry, Reynaldo C. Lugtu Jr.

Technical debt, Reynaldo C. Lugtu Jr.

Technology strategy, Reynaldo C. Lugtu Jr.

The future of money, Reynaldo C. Lugtu Jr.

The impact of AI on the financial services industry, Reynaldo C. Lugtu Jr.

The link between EX and CX, Reynaldo C. Lugtu Jr.

The power of personalization in digital marketing, Reynaldo C. Lugtu Jr.

Why sustainability matters, Reynaldo C. Lugtu Jr.

Workplace humor, Reynaldo C. Lugtu Jr.

A student-centered course syllabus for project management, Lissa Katigbak Magpantay

[Text of the] Speech delivered during the Institutional Promotion Workshop, held at the Tereso Lara Seminar Room, De La Salle University, Nov. 23, 1992., Jose Mari S. T. Magpayo

A comparative analysis of the political ideologies of Bayan Muna and Akbayan Party-Lists, Mon Karlo L. Mangaran

A comparative study of St Augustine and Soren Kierkegaard's concept of human existence, Carmelo P. Marollano

A philosophical reading of the conversion of St. Augustine, Carmelo P. Marollano

Not a petty warfare between informal settlers, Ma. Soledad Margarita D. Mawis

The agent delegates, Ma. Soledad Margarita D. Mawis

The son comes to the rescue, Ma. Soledad Margarita D. Mawis

Uncontradicted presumption, Ma. Soledad Margarita D. Mawis

Strategic management of International and Luzon Network Surveillance Division, Marti Zurriel L. Mercado

AI in education's emerging paradigm, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

AI's pervading issues in Catholic education, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Catholic education imperatives, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

DepEd report 2023, a dé·jà vu!, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

'Diakonia veritatis,' in memory of Benedict 16th, educator, pope, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Education system with a built-in learning loss, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

From AI to IA, what is at stake?, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Learner centeredness, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

No winner in 'no permit, no exam' prohibition act, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Psychological safety, a non-'legislatable' safety, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

Whereto, graduates?, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

A movement whose time has not come: Philippine social movements and the Tobin tax agenda, Ronald C. Molmisa

1 Corinthians 14: 34-35 - a conundrum for textual critics., Arnold T., Jr. Monera

Testimonios, critical literacy and remembering my father, Noel Christian A. Moratilla

Correlates of an affirmative gay identity among older gay men, Ronaldo A. Motilla

DesertFishing: The silence of the tilapias: A collection of blogposts, Alvenio G. Mozol