Submissions from 2022

Finding God in the accountancy profession, Wilfredo A. Baltazar

Characterization of airborne fine particulate matter by air sampling and electron microscopy during the 2004 New Year fireworks celebration in Manila, Eric B. Bangsal, Ernest P. Macalalad, Juan Carlos Q. Uy, Tanglaw A. Roman, Edgar A. Vallar, and Maria Cecilia D. Galvez

Performance analysis of selected condominium hotels (condotels) in Metro Manila: A working paper, Ma. Fluellen F. Bautista

GeoGebra for mathematics and statistics education, Paolo Lorenzo Y. Bautista

Irreducible T-modules with endpoint r, and the Q-polynomial property, Paolo Lorenzo Y. Bautista

Lecture notes in probability theory, Paolo Lorenzo Y. Bautista

Lecture notes on hypothesis testing and estimation, Paolo Lorenzo Y. Bautista

The moderating effect of fair trade on the relationship between social capital, subjective wellbeing, and quality of life, Reynaldo A. Bautista Jr., Johnny T. Amora, Raymond Charles R. Anicete, Beni Alfred Estepa, and Ferdinand Alversado

English medium of instruction in Philippine higher education institutions: MOI policy development in oligarchy, Allan Benedict I. Bernardo and Marianne Jennifer M. Gaerlan

Toward enduring business resilience, Geraldine G. Bernardo

What sports can teach us about business and life, Geraldine G. Bernardo

View grades, Rhaniel C. Bingcang

Compilation of in-house subject headings used for indexing, volume 3, H to K, Roderick T. Borjal


Resilience: Virtue in the unexpected wilderness, Agnes M. Brazal

Contemporary portrayals of the "Moro" in folk dramatizations in Spain, Central America, and the Philippines, Nikki S. Briones

ICJ arbitration of Southeast Asian territorial disputes and post-Cold War IR theories: A case for analytic eclecticism?, Nikki S. Briones

Application procedures for student visa conversion, student visa extension, special study permit, and ACR I-card through DLSU, Rhodora B. Caballero

Campus guide (for international), Rhodora B. Caballero

DO guide: Know the rules, Rhodora B. Caballero

Guide to international students' enrolment in alternative classes, Rhodora B. Caballero

International Center student volunteer program (IC buddy program), Rhodora B. Caballero

International students' campus guide, Rhodora B. Caballero

Module guide for DO session (LPEP), Rhodora B. Caballero

Module of the DO values clarification and development program (DOVCDP) for graduate students, Rhodora B. Caballero

Module of the "The broken squares": (An activity that fosters communication and teambuilding), Rhodora B. Caballero

Orientation for new international students, Rhodora B. Caballero

Program module for international students: Engaging students through meaningful interactions, Rhodora B. Caballero

Comuni 311L: Communications 3 laboratory, Alexander Cabatit

Digital electronics: ECE 472, Alexander Cabatit

Digital signal processing: ECE041, Alexander Cabatit

Introduction to satellite communications, Alexander Cabatit

Microwave components and devices, Alexander Cabatit

Module 1 Microwave communications, Alexander Cabatit

Module 2 - Path profile computations: The design of long distance link part 1, Alexander Cabatit

Satellite communications - module, Alexander Cabatit

Satellite communication systems, Alexander Cabatit

The design of long distance link part 2, Alexander Cabatit

Electronics 3, Alexandre Cabatit

The role of language-switching (LS) in second language (L2) composing among bilingual learners with English proficiency (HEP), Bernadeth C. Cabico

Speak English? You're hired!, Bernadeth Cabico and Clifford Sorita

Research directions in computer game AI, Rafael A. Cabredo

DLSU Libraries' lesson learned and future directions: Librarian experiences and challenges in providing information literacy during pandemic, May L. Cajes, Elizabeth B. Padilla, and Kelvin B. Samson

Constructivism in chemistry teaching, Drexel H. Camacho

Synthesis of new materials through metal catalyzed reactions of C-C multiple bonds, Drexel H. Camacho

Strategic management plan for Transpacific Broadcast Group International, Inc, Rene G. Canlas

A non-parametric predictive model for missing data: A case of Philippine public hospitals, Victor John M. Cantor, Richard C. Li, Martha Lauren L. Tan, and Rachelle Joy S. Yu

Desktop vs. laptop PC: (A comparative study over two form of technology), Aaron B. Capuno

Digital voice recorder: (Comparative research and recommendation paper), Aaron B. Capuno

LCD vs. CRT monitor: (A comparative research over two technologies), Aaron B. Capuno

Mail configuration for Apple mobile gadgets: (My.LaSalle exchange mail), Aaron B. Capuno

Technology-enabled learning environment support operations manual: (TELE support assistants handbook), Aaron B. Capuno

Windows operating system diagnostics & troubleshooting: (A step by step procedure), Aaron B. Capuno

Si ninang at si ninong, Ernesto V. Carandang II

One-third of reef-building corals face elevated extinction risk from climate change and local impacts, Kent E. Carpenter, Muhammad Abrar, Greta Aeby, Richard B. Aronson, Stuart Banks, Andrew Bruckner, Angel Chiriboga, Jorge Cortés, J. Charles Delbeek, Lyndon DeVantier, Graham J. Edgar, Alasdair J. Edwards, Douglas Fenner, Héctor M. Guzmán, Bert W. Hoeksema, Gregor Hodgson, Ofri Johan, Wilfredo Roehl Y. Licuanan, Suzanne R. Livingstone, Edward R. Lovell, Jennifer A. Moore, David O. Obura, Domingo Ochavillo, Beth A. Polidoro, William F. Precht, Miledel C. Quibilan, Clarissa Reboton, Zoe T. Richards, Alex D. Rogers, and Jonnell Sanciangco

Change is the only constant, Nelson J. Celis

Change is the only constant, Nelson J. Celis

Change is the only constant, Nelson J. Celis

Diverted transmissions in a seemingly complex election system, Nelson J. Celis

Rightsizing and reengineering bureaucracy, Nelson J. Celis

Rightsizing and reengineering bureaucracy, Nelson J. Celis

Rightsizing and reengineering bureaucracy, Nelson J. Celis

The 2022 elections and shadows of the past, Nelson J. Celis

Transparency by design, Nelson J. Celis

Transparency in RMA?, Nelson J. Celis

Transparency review, Nelson J. Celis

Transparency still at risk, Nelson J. Celis

Transparency under siege, Nelson J. Celis

Limestone quarry site Taiheiyo Cement Philippine Corporation, San Fernando, Cebu: Archaeological impact assessment:, Center for Environmental, Social and Applied Research, Inc. and Ma. Teresa G. De Guzman

Lesson plan, Maria B. Cequeña

Metacognitive strategies: Its impact on comprehension, Maria B. Cequeña

How positive experiences in online portfolio through blogging can facilitate improvement in writing skills and lower writing anxiety, Maria B. Cequeña and Leah E. Gustilo

Tegumental studies of adult Fasciola gigantica (giant liver fluke) from Philippine carabaos (Bubalus bubalis) using scanning electron microscopy for lead bio-indicator analysis, Aimee Caye G. Chang and Mary Jane C. Flores

Bluetooth operational sports wristwatch and pedometer with embedded microcontroller system (BOWSPEMS), Charles Aries F. Chang, Miguel Anton C. Tabuena, Kent Gerard De Guzman, and Miguel O. Gutierrez

Adaptation of an adversarial non-player character through case based reasoning, Danny C. Cheng, Gian Kristian A. Fontanilla, Anne Marie M. Africa, Karmela Angela G. Cortez, and Paul Michael O. Go


A simple lung sound enhancement for automatic identification of lung pathologies, Cadwallader C. Chua, Kevin Lloyd D. Cocuaco, Alexis Jamie R. Lao, Eldridge Sherwin S. Tan, Macario O. Cordel II, Joel P. Ilao, and Adrian Paul J. Rabe

A historian of the marginalized, Michael Charleston B. Chua

A night of four presidents, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Asian greatness amidst distractions, Michael Charleston B. Chua

A true Filipino method actor, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Bayanihan and culture in political rallies, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Beyond the blame game, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Cambodia can be an example and inspiration, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Carmen Guerrero Nakpil @100, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Chismis and history, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Culture wars at the National Museum, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Culture wars at the National Museum, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Dance as a struggle for identity, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Democracy's most solemn moment, Michael Charleston B. Chua

History of alternative cinema: Unsung no more, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Just some of Albay's heritage churches, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Ka Pepe Diokno @100, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Ka Pepe Diokno @100, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Lobbying for the marginalized, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Luna, the architect, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Majoha for Gomburza, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Makati as a space for the national expression, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Makati as a space for the national expression, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Makati CBD's role in the national story, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Marangal, batikan, may mabuting loob: Why are we finding it so hard to find 'the one'?, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Memoir-writing in the Philippines, Michael Charleston B. Chua