Theses/Dissertations from 2014


A study on the preparedness and performance in the workplace of the accountancy graduates of the top three performing universities in the CPA Board Exam in Metro Manila, Stephen G. Bernardo, Chamille O. Cruz, Jose Enrique C. Fontillas, and Erwin Daniel V. Garcia

Local vs national law: Which law would prevail?, Gabriel Eduardo R. Bobier and Fernando Ramon Lorenzo T. Garcia

The institutionality of intellectual property securitization-- a Philippine perspective, Ma. Patricia Therese C. Bonifacio and Russell O. Wisden

A study on the constitutionality of the amended Section 7 (D) of the Intellectual Property Code, Sabrina Monique D. Borras and Norhanifa B. Matanog

Declawing the fat cat: A study on the constitutionality of the exchange of information on tax matters act of 2009 (R.A. No. 10021) and on the implementation of the foreign account tax compliance act in the Phlippines, Samantha Louise B. Bugay and Zeth Lorenzo Z. Samson

Management perspective on information and communication technology and small and medium enterprises, Jana Christiane Bunagan, Madelaine Deirdre Chua, Selinna De Guzman, and Kenneth Viterbo

The significance of financial ratios in signaling financial profitability and distress: Evidence from Philippine registered companies specifically small and medium scale corporations in service and retail sectors, Lira Roxanne E. Cabral, Sheila Mary Grace T. Go, Princess Armicha V. Magpantay, and Jinky Bernice A. Manzano

A study on the capital structure of real estate companies listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange from the year 2008-2012, Tricia Ayana G. Cacho, Karen Mariel A. Danting, Jenikka Cathryn L. Siajuat, and Ludwig Ann V. Yepez

Corporate diversification, ownership concentration and its relationship with firm performance: A study on ASEAN manufacturing companies, Yesterly C. Cadayona, Eunice Roi A. De Jesus, Nicole Willianne O. Hao, and Ma. Anne Charmaine L. Osal

Department order 18-A: Its misinterpretation and agitation: The validity of contractualization of all forms of work, Jose Enrique S. Cadiz and Jose Mari C. Yatco

The impact of corporate social responsibility on financial performance: An inter-industry and inter-country study of selected companies from the tiger cub economies, Michelle Jane B. Calanog, Aaron Dayle S. Cruz, Raisa Lenor Y. Ting, and Melan Anthony A. Yap

Impact of board composition and board meetings on firm performance: A study on 30 public industrial firms from selected ASEAN countries for years 2008-2012, Jen Hazel M. Calimbas, Michael Jonathan R. Dazo, Mikhaela M. Jaylo, and Paulina Chayll U. Pinon

A study on the Islamic conversion of men as circumvention to bigamy and divorce, Tzarlene J. Cambaliza and Lara Denise D. Viray

Goodbye Filipino: A study on the weight of CMO 20-2013 and its consonance with Philippine jurisprudence, Christine A. Caminade and John Albert T. Cordova

Estimating cigarette demand in the Philippines: A dynamic panel approach, George Clinton K. Cantor, Cleo Larousse L. Chianpian, and Janel Frea T. Tumpalan

A service marketing plan for Hanako Express Japanese Restaurant, Alexa Tricia B. Capina, Hyo Jin Hwang, Trisha Ysabel V. Liwag, and Christine B. Reyes

Influence of selected local and foreign macroeconomic events on the stock market: Empirical evidence from the Philippine stock market, Camille Joy F. Carino, Arni N. Dannug, Mary Christabelle G. Orbeta, and Kimberly A. Tan

Determining the effectiveness of financial decisions made during financial distress through the changes in financial ratios for publicly-listed corporations in Metro Manila, Philippines for the years 2003-2012, Gerald Paul D. Carmona, John R. Del Rosario, Paolo V. Lim, and Jan Carlo P. Santos

Impact of family altruism on corporate diversification: Does entrenching on the legacy create firm value?, Kahlil Marion H. Carmona, Ailyn A. Shi, and Alexis Georgette L. Tan

Am I a warrior?: The consideration of warrior gene as a mitiating circumstance, Michael Petersen D. Carpio and John Kristopher S. Mercado

Product diversification and capital structure: A case of industrial firms listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange (2003-2012), Justin Leandro S. Carreon, Edric Regan U. Chua, Pauline Naomi O. Monreal, and Ingrid Maria P. Nerona

Stock trading in the Philippines: The fuzzy time series model, Alexa A. Carvajal, Melany Gale L. Sy, and Czarinne T. Yumang

An econometric estimation of 1995 and 2004 demand for household electricity in the Philippines and its implications to feasibility of prepaid electricity system, Harold Jefferson A. Casanas, Carina S. Dizon, and Sonny Angelo O. Valencia

Impact of asset and income diversification on the stability of domestic universal banks in the Philippines for the years 2001-2012, Harold Jefferson A. Casanas, Alyanna Louisee D. Mendoza, and Julie Ann G. Santioque

The Philippines' patent system and competition policies' compliance to the agreement on trade related aspects of intellectual property (TRIPs): A research to combat abuse in the patent system, Jephthah Castillo and Janika Faye La Penia

A marketing plan for Sunnies by Charlie, Alisandra Erika S. Cayaba, Ma. Beatriz S. Gamboa, Ada Lynn M. Suan, and Bianca Maria P. Ventura

Modern information gathering: Using search trends in Google as a predictor of the Philippine Stock Exchange index for the years 2004-2013, Lorenzo Alfonso Certeza, Marianne Kassandra Madera, Jirahlyn Nibre, and Genji Saclolo

Cointegration relationship and switching volatility levels of stock indices: Empirical evidence from Southeast Asian markets, Jeremy B. Cervantes, Kierby Janine A. Cheng, and Carissa L. Lopena

The relationship of working capital management and profitability of publicly-listed banking companies in the Philippines (2008-2012), Bettina Francesca L. Cheng, Benigno P. Enciso, and Joshua Eric V. Gleyo

Logit regression based bankruptcy prediction of Philippine pre-need companies from 2000-2013, Jayin Chen, Anne Therese Connolly, Eleonor Corrales, and Danny Ke

An analysis on the performance of selected mutual funds per scheme in the Philippines from January 2008 to December 2013 using Sharpe ratio and Treynor ratio, Stephanie Jammille S. Ching, Crisille Milyn T. Konwat, and Alyssa Charmain T. Lopez

How selected financial indicators and other selected variables affect 91-day, 182-day, and 364-day treasury bill rates from 1982-2012, John Paul L. Chiong, Patricia Blanca G. Manio, Andromida Z. Sy, and Mark Chester F. Tigas

ISO 14001 certification on the profitability of manufacturing companies under the food and beverage industry: A case analysis, Samuel M. Chiu, Monique D. Chua Tay, Khenett R. Puerto, and Hiroshi D. Wakai

Forecasting volatility of the six (6) different indices in the Philippine Stock Exchange with data from 2010 to 2013 using the GARCH model, Nicole Anne Marie Lim Choa, Madelleine Ty Ong, Maria Regina Therese Dy Pielago, and Carolyn Marie Siao Xu

Validating the weak-form market efficiency under the efficient market hypothesis in the case of the Philippine stock market for the period of 1994-2013 using 1-50, 1-150, 1-200, and 2-200 moving average crossover rules, Seoyeon Choi, Jun Sun Park, and Francesco Adel T. Valdecanas

A study of the effect of corporate social responsibility on the corporate profitability of selected Philippine companies for the period 2009-2013, Bernisse C. Chua, Sarah Camille G. Dela Merced, Nica Cielo B. Libunao, and Bernadelle Chrisette J. Ong

The nexus between corporate governance structures and investment efficiency of Philippine publicly listed firms: An accounting conservatism perspective, Germaine A. Chuabio, Charles Reginald K. Hwang, and Sharmaine F. Sy

Living up to expectations: Ideal and actual leader behavior and leader performance, Bryan Chua, Angelo Gutierrez, Glenn Matthew Lizares, and Paul Raphael Reyes

A marketing plan for Travel Factor presented to the TF Adventure Travel, Inc., Franchesca Lao Chua, Hanz Chan Lao, Ria Gabrielle Uy Lim, and Marian Fragante Rios

Tourism and economic growth: Evidence from ASEAN-5 using granger causality test, Jefferson G. Chua, Tiffany Mae C. Dee, Joseh J. Tiu, and Katrina May L. Yulo

An analysis of the impact of IFRS 7 disclosures on corporate risk management among publicly listed manufacturing corporations in ASEAN countries from 2008 to 2012, Jerome Wayne V. Chua, Eudes Joshan Dural, Ronald G. Libago, and Ana Margarita C. Virata

Correlation among motivational beliefs, learning strategies and academic performance of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA) students of De La Salle University (DLSU), Jessica T. Chua, Juliane A. Fajanilan, Allan Erikson G. Orro, and Michael Rey R. Ruiz

A marketing plan for MINI Cooper Philippines presented to the Autohub Group of Companies, Regine Elissa U. Chua, Jose Alvaro B. Garcia, and Katrina Janine M. Sta. Ana

Effects of macroeconomic, microeconomic and financial ratios on stock price and credit rating of publicly listed companies in the Philippines (2009-2013): Using a time series econometrics and panel data regression model analysis, Marrion Luis A. Cipriano, Joshua Danel N. Leveriza, Joshua Gerard G. Napo, and Lawrence Mark R. Paras

Rules of attraction: Relevance of work design to Filipino millennials, Mary Chastine Co, Danna Sophia Lopez, Anna Katrina Macatangay, and Camille Ocampo

A marketing plan for Miladay Fine Jewels, Maxine Bernice So Co, Princess Marie Rose B. Lim, Anna Patricia R. Mendoza, and Neil Christopher C. Mindanao

A test of faith: A study on the internal controls of evangelical churches in Metro Manila, Carlo Bryan D.C. Cortez, Francis Mikhael O. Gabriel, Jervin A. Labro, and Marc Jude C. Marcaida

To squat or not to squat? that is the question. looking at the gaps in the law in the current squatting laws in the Philippines, Anjho Cruz

A marketing plan for Manang's Chicken, Christer Brian S. Cruz, Ma. Carmela T. Dipol, Mikyle C. Lorenzo, and Erika Yvonne B. Lim

Thought you'd always be mine: Probing the constitutionality of the Mining Act, Ma. Alyssa Bianca K. Cruz and Mayrell T. Tan

A study on the relationship of corporate governance scores and financial and stock performance of the top publicly listed companies in the Philippines for the period 2008-2012, Paulo M. Cualteros, Mary Patricia G. Dela Rosa, Jose Antonio R. Lecaros, Jerrie Mae P. Respicio, and Ricarte Q. Pinlac

The dynamics of sovereign credit default swap and bond markets of Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand from the period 2009-2012, Grachelle Mae Cu, Jerica Joy Gomez, Jasmine Lao, and Denise Angelica Yap

The impact of credit sales management on profitability and liquidity of publicly listed firms in the food and beverage industry in the Philippines (2008 - 2012), Roxanne S. Dalistan, Jennyvine D. Jumagdao, Woolim Y. Kim, and Maria Czarina E. Rama

I do! I don't!: Revisiting the provisions of adultery and concubinage as applied to LGBTQI, Shez Ann S. De Castro and Natasha Marie E. Flores

Food and beverage efficiency and its relation to stock returns: A study on the selected ASEAN countries, Paula Marie B. Deinla, Babylou Ongbueco, Brian Kerry M. Takata, and Joanna Niccole M. Tan

A marketing plan for Max's restaurant, Dominic Vincent De Leon, Natassia Iris Escuela, Juan Manuel Liwag, and Pingsha Chen

An integrated marketing communications campaign for Modess ultrathin, Kara Kristal A. De Leos, Jennifer Carla C. Flordeliza, Queenie B. Ong, Marie Patricia P. Santos, and Jeush Wensh A. Tiu

A study on profit: Man vs. machine the profitability of capital-intensive and labor-intensive firms in the industrial sector of the Philippine stock exchange from 2008 to 2012, Neil Karlo F. Delos Reyes, Janelle A. Racelis, Oona Maria Sarah P. Tan, and Mayumi P. Viado

An integrated marketing communications campaign for Mandom Philippines Corporation, Giardino Delos Santos, Orencio James De los Santos, and Gian Carlo Gaite

Man up with Gatsby styling wax: Integrated marketing communications campaign for Mandom Philippines Corporation, Giardino Delos Santos, Orencio James De los Santos, and Gian Carlo Gaite

A comparative study between backward and forward integration: Effects on the overall profitability of publicly-listed companies in the food, beverage, and tobacco industry, Laron Yvette V. De Ocampo, Charles Edward I. Martin, and Reginald T. Zapanta

Who's your mommy: A study on the maternity of a child borne through gestational surrogacy, Mikee Karina H. De Vega and Juan Pocholo M. Lazo

A service plan for Betterdog Canine Behavior Center, Nadine D. De Vera, Kriscel V. Santoyo, Simone R. Ventosa, and Penny T. Wong

The determinants of foreign exchange hedging and their effects on foreign exchange exposure and stock return volatility of Philippine publicly-listed companies, Rochelle C. Dichaves, Jahm Mae E. Guinto, Catherine Joy T. Lim, and Jannel Ann O. Serrano

Realizing the effects of monetary and fiscal policies on the Philippine stock market: A quarterly analysis from 1987-2013, Kevin Dominic Gabrillo Dinsay, Marco Miguel Kosca Lim, and Alvin Torion Orteza

Sorry, not sorry: A close scrutiny on crimes offending religious feelings, Mitzi I. Dumayas and Cindee Michelle S. Yu

The relationship between credit risk management parameters and profitability of selected banks in the Philippines for the period 2005-2012, Jeniley J. Dumlao, Joanna Minette T. Gueco, and Sarah Joy A. Quetua

It's not my intention: A comparative study on the defenses of unintentional defamation and of privileged communication, Andrei V. Elinzano and Jamieline T. Que

The managerial implications of the changes in PAS19R of employee benefits of publicly listed companies under the property industry in the Philippines, Jethro Valerie F. Encarnacion, John Zigmund S. Lozanes, and Tiffany Ann N. Teng

Tax avoidance and corporate transparency on valuation of Philippine conglomerates and single-entities, Terri Arianne O. Fabico, Jasmine Belle L. Ong, Janice H. Sia, and Jasmine S. Tan

The impact of dividend policy on share price volatility in the Philippine Stock Exchange, Singapore Exchange, Bursa Malaysia, Indonesia Stock Exchange, and Stock Exchange of Thailand from 2007-2012, Ma. Kristina Fernandez, Mary Anne Tiqui, Jan Beatrice Villaroman, and Jeremy Yumul

An empirical study on the determinant factors of key management compensation in all publicly listed companies in the Philippines, Maria Angelica T. Fernandez, Sittie Iceyah T. Minaga, Justine Brian M. Santoalla, and Juven B. Verzosa

The relationship between the perceived application of environmental management accounting and the perceived financial performance of universities in Manila, Philippines, Jan Alyssa Denise G. Ferrer, Jeorge Abram L. Guarin, Arriene Yvette L. Rase, and Maria Francesca S. Vergara

One like, one risk: A study on the constitutionality of the E-commerce Act and the rule on electronic evidence on social networking sites, Jan Lorenzo S. Fevidal and Edmartpol C. Vicedo

Greening the nation: Constitutionality of the nationwide logging moratorium, Joemarie C. Flojo

A marketing plan for Surf liquid detergent in the Philippines, Charlyn Janna H. Francisco, John Paul R. Hipolito, and Beatrice Regina S. Lagdameo

A marketing plan for the Oasis Paco Park Hotel, Paolo Rafael S. Franco, Lariela Camille S. Santiago, Nicole Stephanie Sia, and Maria Guadalupe Teresa D. Villanueva

An assessment of the police power exercised by the states and the right to work bequeathed upon the overseas Filipino workers, Ralyana Knushara M. Gaddi and Patricia Anne C. Mercado

The dynamic relationship of gold price, oil price, exchange rate and Philippine stock market returns, Sanmae U. Gan, Jan Louie T. Ngo, Solomon P. Say, and Ron Erich O. Tan

The effects of mentorship structure on the development of core competencies of interns, Juan Carlos Gaon, Marionne Anika Iledan, Man Fung Lorraine Wong, and Fernando Gaston Zubiri

Assessing the process capability levels of publicly-listed commercial banks in the Philippines using COBIT 5, Mark B. Gavinio, Frans Joseph Incomio, Timothy John B. Natividad, and David George P. Tan

A panoramic view on offering Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Management of Financial Institutions as a double degree program in Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business, De La Salle University, Corinne S. Gohoc, Bernice Janine S. Santos, Virginia Therese C. Soriano, and Harly M. Sy

Educational attainment and employment income: A study on the relationship of educational attainment to the salary of employed residents of Pasay City, Jacqueline Phoebe C. Go; Policina, Julpha Clarisse P.; Sablan, Justine Abigail C.; and Tejada, Benjamin Joseph A.

A study on mean reversion in stock returns and P/E ratio: Evidence and implications for years 2003 to 2012 in the Philippine Stock Exchange, Jayne Z. Go, Jomina Claudia D. Lopez, Tiffany Ann D. Nerison, and Dominique T.S Siahingco

Ritmo Learning Lab - Joomajam: A usage, attitude and image study on e-learning focused on application downloading in selected areas in Metro Manila, Domingo Gomez IV, Yohan Jang, Ahlen Kikuchi, and Haina Lee

Estimating the effect of liquidity risk on risk premia: An analysis of the Philippine equity market for the years, 1989-2012, Tiffanie O. Go, Patrick Jan N. Lee, Arbee B. Lu, and Shayne Jacqueline G. Xu

Is there a justification for government's privacy invasion: A thesis on the right to privacy and due process limitations of section 4 of RA 9775 or the Anti-Child Pornography Act of 2009, Demi Claire T. Guillem and Ignatius Dominic C. Ortega

The impact of foreign ownership on the financial performance of the Philippine banks listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange for the years 2003 to 2012, Myrhei Faith B. Hermoso, Ma. Conception N. Lapuz, Micheline Ester C. Onrubia, and Katrin Tychico

Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement: The conflict between treaties vs. executive agreements and the provisions of its dispute of settlements, Mary Christelle L. Herrera and Jan Michael T. Yu

The unspoken truth: A study on the status of Filipino women in the Revised Penal Code, Pamela Denise D. V. Hilario and Anna Raeza A. Lacadin

The role of revenue diversification on bank market power and bank stability: The case of selected publicly-listed commercial banks in the Philippines (2007-2012), Mariela Michaela F. Hizon

Traditional and strategic philanthropy: The small and medium enterprise perspective, Winoah Jan C. Hu, Asher John C. Lu, Ish Alica Denise G. Tan, and Autin EJ D. Villamanca

Examining the constitutionality of sections 6, 7, and 33 of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 (Republic Act no. 9165), Dan Ephraim D. Jerusalem and Jason Jeremiah G. Runes

Understanding the distinction between the responses of Newly Industrialized Asian Economies and ASEAN Economies to foreign and domestic output shocks within the New Keynesian framework via a Small Open Economy Vector Error Correction Model (VECM), Ana Teresa B. Joaquin, Rachel Caroline V. Leachon, Joyce Maxine P. Manansala, and Sedfrey C. Reyes

Businesses' perception of government red tape and its impact on participation in bribery: Evidence from the ASEAN region, Edgardo Manuel Jopson, Sooyeon Lee, and Kristianie Te

Predicting significant corporate events through financial ratios: the case of Philippine listed firms, Katrina Fatima N. Joveras, Nadia Kristina M. Ona, Larisa Jane L. Salaysay, and Sophia Manelle M. Uy

Examining if a gap exists between accounting education and accounting practice in Metro Manila: Perceptions from academicians and practitioners, Marya Patricia V. Katigbak, Jenevieve Shaleena G. Limqueco, Beatrice S. Ng, and Kenneth S. Papa

Assessing the volatility among selected stock market indices in the different sectors of the Philippine Stock Exchange using autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity (ARCH-type) models, Gyeong Hui Kim, Althea Lauban, Diane April Ramos, and Noemi Lynn Semeniano

The influence of unrelated diversification and ownership structure on firm value: Evidence from Philippine conglomerates, Mika M. Koga, Rorian Pratyaksa, Rosanina A. Sayoc, and Michael Dominic O. Siy

The influence of psychological ownership on negative organizational outcomes, Addie Louise S. Lao, Mary Anne L. Lu, Mirze Marta D. Rey, and Kimberly Kaye M. Wong