Theses/Dissertations from 2016

A study on the sensitivity of employee stock option price to changes in dividend yield, Krizel Joy T. Ang, Jamie Rose B. Dumlao, Ian Dominic F. Gonzales, and Mariane A. Suzuki

The Philippine bank loans and the production and market performance of industrial and service sectors: A Granger causality analysis, Jinhee An, Ma. Shaira N. Dineros., Angelica D. Recarro, and Charlene R. Remando

Primary determinants of corporate governance disclosures: Evidence from the Philippine publicly listed companies, Renz Paolo J. Antolin, Emmanuel A. Sabay, and Arden John B. Sarmiento

Improving GARCH based volatility forecasting using six predictor models, Glenn Marco Antonio, Ricardo Franco, Jan Thomas Santos, and Santiago Teodoro

Conflicting company interests: The effect of corporate social responsibility on tax avoidance of companies in the ASEAN 5 countries, Jeremy Joie E. Apostol, Aimee C. Cheung, Ma. Angelicca I. Tenorio, and Patrick S. Tsang

A study of persistence in the Philippine stock market for the period 2011-2015: A rescaled range analysis, Wency Gail Apostol, Martella Ayra B. Dela Cruz, David Paulo F. Perez, and Juan Paolo S. Sandoval

A study on the effects of accounting disclosures on firm performance of publicly listed companies in the Philippine Stock Exchange under the food, beverage & tobacco subsector from 2010-2014, Virjilla Therese S. Aquino, Ma Sheikha Sophia B. Cabarles, Johnana Marie T. Co, and Rizza Anne F. Yadao

Factors affecting the performance of students in financial accounting and advanced accounting in De La Salle University, Jennell M. Arellano, Cathleen Jam D. Manalo, Noreen Joyce S. Mayo, and Lady Fatima M. Ocampo

Corporate governance structure and the likelihood of fraudulent financial reporting: A Philippine case, Robert Carl Angelo B. Arrojo, Diane Nicole O. Go, Armae P. Merilleno, and Leilani Joy T. Wee

The impact of firm performance on executive compensation of publicly-listed companies in the Philippines, Claire Anne D. Azucena, Marianne Asha A. Cuadra, Miya Alyanna D. Magno, and Feleo C. Quijano

Earnings quality and corporate social responsibility in the Philippines and China: A multidimensional analysis through earnings management, Paula Alyanna F. Balarbar, Jasmin Faye D. Borja, and Laurence Mitchelle L. Tiglao

A Study on the relationship between intangible assets and stock price volatility of listed firms in the Philippine Stock Exchange: Year 2004 - 2013, Melisha Xyrza E. Banawa, Mary Pauline B. Malijan, Alexandra Nicole G. Punzalan, and Alia Celine A. Sangalang

The determinants of profitability among publicly listed commercial banks in the ASEAN member states for the period 2011-2015, Paulo Ian L. Barrera, Franchezka Bhea O. Belarmino, Irene Rose P. Racelis, and Paul Isaac M. Sto. Domingo

Firm characteristics and effective tax rate as determinants of capital structure: Empirical evidence from selected Philippine publicly-listed companies, Fay Nadine R. Barroga, Arianna Mae H. Campena, Rafael Roberto P. Carmona, and Janyn Felice T. Chua

Measuring systemic risks and its impact on the banking sector, Louise Reina D. Barrogo, Aira Mae U. Estalane, Pauline Beatrice I. Sombillo, and Katrina Mae C. Zuluaga

The study on the relationships of corporate governance to the financial performance of publicly listed firms in the Philippines, Leah Claire S. Barrozo, April Joyce B. Naval, Angeli Nicole A. Roxas, and Mark Anthony S. Ymana

A study on the relationship between arbitrage risk and stock mispricing in the Philippine stock market in the years 2007 to 2014, Alana Kirsty D. Barug and Ivy Jean Christy T. Santos

Human rights beyond bars: A study on the living conditions provided by the Philippine government to the prisoners, Allyson Cai B. Batalla and Andrea Nicole C. Pallera

Governance and performance: An empirical study on the impact of corporate governance on the firm performance of top publicly listed family corporations in the ASEAN region, Maria Diana Cristina R. Batiles, Marri Denyel S. Cordeta, Hazel Joy M. Demagante, and Amal Jayieda A. Panda

The impact of environmental management accounting (EMA) on financial performance of selected Philippine-listed companies in the industrial sector, Gianfranco Miguel V. Bautista, Camil Karen B. Cuenca, Lynne Kirsty A. Ducay, and Jessa Mae Rojo

Financial ratios as one of the measurement tools in assessing rural bank fragility, Georgina C. Bayot, Erika J. De Castro, and Ma. Ramona Dominique A. Tuason

Don't dump me: A legal study on the accountability of the Philippine and Canadian governments regarding the dumping of Canadian wastes on the Philippine soil, Nicola Alessandra D. Berlin and Alysa Joira C. Talens

The size conundrum: Exploring the size and scale of Philippine mutual funds, Christine Marie E. Bernales, Nicole Anne B. Combenido, Andre' Dominique Torda, and Franco Luis Trinidad

I believe I can fly: A research on the constitutional right to travel-- its origins, limitations, and jurisprudence, Christian Gian Betia and Miguel Jaime Porta

The impact of corporate related factors on environmental disclosure practices of Philippine listed service and industrial companies from 2013 - 2015, Maria Beatriz G. Blanco, Chastine Grace A. Calapatia, Maricar Ivy R. De Castro, and Aina Jenelle T. Espiritu

The effect of deferred tax expense and discretionary accruals on a firm's tendency to engage in earnings management for the purpose of avoiding an earnings decline and earnings loss, Kim Joshua O. Bolo and Charlene Nicole V. Chua

The impact of eco-innovation on the financial performance of selected public-listed companies in the Philippines in 2014, Ara Dominique E. Caballero, Ronald Emmanuel C. Francisco, Jessica Marie M. Melchor, and Angelika Kristina S. Montejo

Hidden in plain sight: The impact of stock index futures trading on spot market volatility of southeast and east asian economies, Michael Anthony S. Campos, Ryan Ray F. Capule, Jillian Jovel Marie J. Casco, and Dominic Rainier M. Chuaunsu

Hot off the press: can media-expressed negative tone affect the Philippine stock market?, Danielle Marie G. Cang, Weddy Anne R. Diamada, and Jayvee G. Roca

The Uber conundrum: A study on the consistency of Section 13.1 of Uber's partner-driver services: Agreement with Philippine laws and jurisprudence, Gerard Julian J. Carandang and Mark Joshua L. Faderguya

The effect of voluntary disclosure, leverage, and firm size on the return on equity of Philippine listed industrial firms in 2013, James Kevin T. Celis, Cedric Lewis Chan, Leslie Wallace C. Tan, and Mark Samuel L. Yang

A study on the impact of inflation on the performance and profitabilty indicators of publicly-listed companies in the Philippines, Katrina C. Cereno, Charlemagne Sergie V. Laguatan, Carine Valerie C. See, and Janille Yna C. Cupiado

A study on R&D expenditure decisions in developing economies: Tax incentives and earnings, Wilton A. Chan, Jenna Lynne N. Gan, Mishari Rashid M. Lucman, and Frenz Ralph Philip T. Portugal

A study of determinants influencing the adoption of computerized accounting system among small and medium enterprises located in Bacoor City, Cavite, Xiao Mao Chen, Stefannie M. Franco, and Krishna B. Ramchand

Sovereign ratings, country risk and stock returns on selected ASEAN countries, Alan Choachuy, Carl Chuaquico, and Arantxa Austine L. Valerio

The Intelligent project: A machine learning algorithm approach to stock market prediction, Ashlee Loraine L. Chua, Jennifer Joy L. Lam, Dana Alyssa L. Sze, and Alyanne Haye L. Tan

A correlational study between the net operating cash flows and profitability of selected commercial banks in the tiger cub economies from 2011-2015, Christine Kelly Y. Chua, Claire Klemaine F. Dela Cruz, Jamaica Dianne G. Sy, and John Christopher O. Tan

The affinity between litigation risk and firm value through accounting conservation of publicly-listed firms in the Philippines : a corporate governance perspective, Clarissa Cristelle S. Chua; Tereynz Paul D. Mendoza; Jan Michael D. Ong; and Carl Matthew P. Payot,.

The impact of the movement in repurchase rate, reverse repurchase rate, treasury bill rate, and treasury bond rate on common stock returns of banks listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange (2010-2014), Erica Leona T. Chua, Chelsea Julia M. Gomez, Maria Nichole C. Manuel, and Joseph Anthony J. Vitug

Scott's vitamin C Pastilles, Jann Kelcey C. Chua, Adrienne Katrina Victoria C. Lapid, and Mae Charlynne R. Ong

Effect of derivatives on firm market value of companies under the composite indices of selected ASEAN+3 countries, Jessica Anne A. Chua, Dorothy Joy J. Ladrillo, and Ma. Carminia A. Sogono

Cryptocurrencies in the Philippine financial landscape: Determining the effects of Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) and other indices on the number of Bitcoin (BTC) transactions, Valerie Grace D. Chua, Jason Robert V. Malinao, Reyn M. Niduaza, and Daniel Joseph C. Tan

The impact of the movement in repurchase rate, reverse repurchase rate, treasury bill rate, and treasury bond rate on common stock returns of banks listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange (2010-2014), Erica Leona T. Chu, Chelsea Julia M. Gomez, Maria Nichole C. Manuel, and Joseph Anthony J. Vitug

A financial numbers game: The effects of corporate governance to the practice of creative accounting for publicly listed industrial and service sector companies of the Philippines, Micaella Jazz A. Clemente, Alexander Paul L. Dichupa, Maria Alexandra Anna M. Liong, and Klein Cedric Murvy C. Sze

Assessing the effects of firm profitability, firm characteristics and ownership structure towards environmental information disclosures: Evidence from publicly listed corporations from the industrial sector of the Philippines, Gerald B. Co, Sarah Mae C. Sun, Vanessa Marie C. Tan, and Monica Rose A. Ungson

It's a family thing: A study on the political dynasties in a democratic country-- Philippines, Jaime Shaula O. Collado and Janinna Alyanna L. Huang

The impact of organizational growth on a firm's profitability: Evidence from selected Philippine publicly listed non-financial companies for 2011-2014, Ma. Leah Katrina A. Conde, Mary Ann T. Lua, Andrea F. Santos, and Patricia Ericka V. Uy

The relationship between advertising and sales of publicly-listed companies in the ASEAN food industry, Neil Kendrick Y. Co, Jonah Eymard M. Dionola, Jeffrey Q. Jagonos, and Vince Jason L. Siazar

Determining the value relevance of financial instruments on the stock performance of publicly-listed, non-financial companies in the Philippines for the years 2011-2015, Aina Rae L. Cortez, Kyle Gabriel C. David, Jaye Marie C. Martinez, and Karl Geo D. Origeneza

Successful accounting information system adoption: A case study on Philippine SMEs, Joshua Llewelyn O. Crescini, Mikshane Angela S. Lindo, Kim H. Valentino, and Justin David G. Zuñiga

Comparative study between balanced and equity mutual funds and unit investment trust funds in the Philippine market, Daniel Carlo G. Cuevas, Marie Vanessa K. Vergel, Alren Gabriel B. Guballa, and Roberto Miguel Ong B. Ong

Analysis of the effects of firm size and financial ratios on stock returns: Evidence from the Philippine stock exchange for the period 2011 to 2015, Manuel Luis Cuntapay, Anna Ysabel Gabriel, Ernest Christopher Lao, and Douglas Eric Paguio

The influence of managerial equity incentives and corporate governance on tax avoidance of publicly-listed companies in the Philippines subject to regular corporate income tax, Angelika F. Dalumpines, Pinky Mae. Portugal, Gebran T. Tagapan, and Danielle Brianna G. Tan

On the wings of love: A research study on the legality of the planned 5-year phase out of overseas deployment of female domestic workers, Bianca Denise D. Dawis and Jarren Patrick C. Uy

The implications of conservative management practices on investment efficiency: An empirical study on Philippine publicly listed firms, Philaine Joie O. De Armas, Hale Berry G. De Vera, Juan Nicollo B. Mondonedo, and Monique Therese P. Mujer

Will I get fired?: A study determining the constitutionality of the provisions of the Magna Carta of Women that prohibits the expulsion of female faculty and students who had contracted pregnancy outside of marriage, Miguel De Dios and Juan Carlos K. Luna

The daughter clause: A study of Article 247 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines, Joseph T. De Guzman and Janica Keiths V. Jamias

A study on the hot, interim, and cold IPO market periods in the Philippines during the pre-and post- Asian (1992-1996 1998-2002) and global (2003-2007 2009-2013) financial crises, Jenine P. Dela Cruz, Bernadette Lou G. Dizon, and April Christine C. Peyra

Determining the impact of owner-manager relationship towards the financial performance of ASEAN publicly listed companies for years 2011-2015, Chance Courtney F. De Leon, Alyssa Denise C. Tan, Bianca Kristine R. Talusan, and Jasper Brent Y. Young

An analysis on the trend predictability of the US dollar- Philippine peso exchange rates : impact on market efficiency, Ramon. De Leon; Deyto, Michael B.; Gatmaitan, Julian S.; and Salvador, David S.

The role of regulatory body, culture, and political system in the financial reporting practices of selected ASEAN countries in the pre-ASEAN integration period, Pacifico R. De Paz, Jervin Lexus A. Go, Christian Mark G. Guingcangco, and Stela Marie V. Langga

One of us(?): A study on the legality of the Bureau of Immigration's act of deporting Kim Meunier for participating in an anti-SONA rally, Paulo Miguel A. De Silva and Justin Bryan I. Ocampo

The effects of the exchange rate and change in world market prices of oil on market capitalization of selected oil companies in Philippines and China for the years 2008-2015, Nicole Diokno, Elgene Marcus Lim, Anabel Ong, and Kimberly So

The effects of compliance on the disclosure requirements of IFRS 7 to cost of equity and stock prices of Philippine listed banks, Luis Miguel T. Dizon, Simeon Joseph M. Mante, Kimberly Anne C. Rodriguez, and Jessica Therese A. Verocel

Kapatiran o kinabukasan?: A study on the legality of De La Salle University's imposition of the non-fraternity contract, Jan Narelle D. Domingo and Beatriz Anne D. Ortigoza

Show me the money: a critical study on the constitutionality of House Bills no. 4690 and 4738, David Jerome G. Dominguez and Maria Aurora Nicole F. Sabban

The effect of real estate development, as measured by the changes in real estate loan exposure, on universal, commercial and thrift banks in the Philippines for the period 1999-2015, Aira Francheska R. Don, Val Anthony A. Gran, and Ian N. Lariba

Sino ang nagsabi na close tayo?: A thesis on anti-chamber practices in the Philippine judiciary, Dorothy Sapphirine Hadith Delos Santos Dulnoan and Carla Isabella Pañares Vivas

What do general elections mean for the stock market: A Digong effect?: The case of selected emerging Asian markets, Tiffany A. Du, Jessica Rhodora C. Remiter, and Lanah Janeen C. Uy

Examining the relationship between the equities and government securities in the Philippine market from 2009 to 2015: A vector autoregression and granger causality test approach, Anne Janelle Dy, Hillary Alexis Ng, Claude Nicole Novicio, and Alessandra Danielle Oba

Determining the impact of corporate governance on real earnings management among publicly-listed manufacturing firms in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines for the years 2011-2015, Kaye Geozen T. Ebuengen, Hanna Therese V. Ferrer, Iris Joy M. Guiao, and Michael Erven Lyon C. Quisao

Banking on sunshine: Examining the effects of weather on the Philippine Stock Exchange, Lorenz Lemuel T. Eclavea, Lauren Wendell C. Ng, Joanne Catherine Tan, and En Hsin Yang

The impact of the different dimensions of corporate social responsibility on firm profitability and marketability of shares: A study of selected publicly listed companies in the Philippines for the years 2009 to 2013, Pamela Denise M. Ednave, Shaneena M. Kumar, Jessica Karen R. Roxas, and Carmela Loreena M. Solidum

Investigating the relationship of stock micro blog sentiments in analyzing stock price movements: A case of the Philippine blue chips, Bianca Ysabel C. Ellescas, Johanna Polina L. Santos, and Beatriz Airah D. Yu

Study on the relationship between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and tax aggressiveness: An empirical study on ASEAN firms, Pia Joyce DG Escasinas, Jaimeelyn R. Gabaldon, Francis G. Mandap, and Julian S. Tee

The effect of working capital management on the profitability of publicly listed firms across the four sectors in the Philippine economy: Industrial sector, mining and oil sector, property sector, and services sector, Almarie Nicole Espiritu, Jardel Dean Fortuno, Mary Anne Montealto, and Yrrah Renz Miguel Pilar

A cross-ASEAN study on the effects of IAS 41 amendments on the profitability and financial statement presentation of agricultural firms with bearer plants, Benedict Thaddeus P. Espiritu, Rafael Augusto S. Macasaet, Allyson Elaine T. Marino, and Francis Carlo C. Rivera

Should anti-patent troll legislation be introduced in the Philippine patent system?, Ralph Deric S. Espiritu

Vector autoregression analysis: Management efficiency, liquidity, profitability ratios and accounting numbers versus stock prices of industrial companies in the ASEAN region, Jose Maria A. Estrellado, Michelle T. Keng, Kristine Camille H. So, and Angelica Anne A. Vermug

50 shades of graphicality: The constitutionality of the prohibitions on immoral, obscene, and indecent art, Leslie Jeanne M. Fajardo and Ana Rose M. Gonzales

An optimal portfolio mix for stable and turbulent times: A study on selected Philippine asset classes using a modified Markowitz mean-variance model for the years 2006-2015, Janice Fernandez, Nicole Ignacio, Patricia Samantha Ng, and Jose Reginaldo Serrano

Determining the impact of income statement line items on stock returns of publicly-listed companies in the Philippines for the years 2011-2015, Joni Tamara L. Fernandez, Eileen Kayla C. Geronimo, John Carlo D. Macarubbo, and Ma. Luisa A. Uy

Modern day prostitution, Beau Fernando and Peter George Garcia Lim

A cross-border analysis on the harmonization of sustainability reporting among listed industrial companies from the ASEAN 5, Justine Gem R. Floresca, Andrea Cecilia T. Gorres, Patricia Lorenza D. Gutierrez, and Jericho S. Uy

The financial determinants of gross international reserves: Evidence from the Philippines (2007-2014), Janessa Reeanne F. Fong, Ezekiel Angelo S. Montellano, Lea Katrina S. Pilario, and Roselle D. Quiao

The effects of the 2008 financial crisis in the Philippine Stock Exchange from 2006-2015: Modelling stock market volatility using sector indices with an application of Garch, Egarch, and Tgarch models, Nina Luz V. Francia

Measuring the intrinsic value of the Philippine Stock Exchange index using a modified discounted residual income model and its granger causal relationship with the GDP for the period 2000-2014, Arianne T. Francisco, Kevin Earl Nathaniel F. Motas, Winona V. Que, and Kate Jennifer C. Ting

The game performance of Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) teams under publicly-listed companies and its effect to the stock return of the sponsoring company for the period 2010 to 2015, Lorenzo Francisco, Ivan San Juan, and Ronaldo Vidal

The relationship between capital structure and the firm's performance of publicly listed industrial companies belonging to the ASEAN community, Franklin Adrian S. Galope, Ian Raymund D. Pabustan, and Kyle Benedict C. Paris

Financial constraints and stock returns: An evidence from the Philippines, Mary Stephanie R. Garcia, Alvin Joshua Z. Manalo, Janella Steffie L. Tsoi, and Lara Gabrielle V. Yupangco

Forensic accounting: Crippling terrorists in the Philippines, Jolly Beth T. Gaw, Christine J. Ong, and Pauline J. Ong

The dynamic impact of gross domestic product (GDP), PSE Index (PSEI), market volatility, market liquidity, and reverse repurchase rate (RRP) on initial public offerings : evidence from time series analysis, Patricia Ann R. Goh, Lynford Y. Ma, Diorissa C. Ongkinglok, and Vernice C. Yang

Detecting window dressing: An empirical study on the Philippine equity mutual fund using return gap and GARCH model, Jhazel Michaela D. Go, Yahui Hong, and Gizyl Shannen G. Tse

An empirical study on the stock market performance of host countries before, during and after the Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup, Theodore Nicholas D. Go, Elaine Joyce N. Wong, Kassandra S. Wong, and Paula Maria M. Zabat

Painting the business green through implementation of environment-friendly practices: Is it worth it?, Mary Lesly A. Hernandez, Pamela Denise L. Ormita, Tricia U. Santos, and Czarina Micaela L. Simon

A study on the early application of international financial reporting standards of selected listed banks in the Philippines: Its benefits and other effects, Patrick T. Ignacio, Beatrice Camille G. Leonardo, Marvin G. Miller, and Toshihide A. Yokoyama

A study on the impact of corporate governance on earnings management and stock price of select publicly listed companies in the Philippines for the years 2011 to 2015, Marco Imperial, Lance Lim, Kevin Rosario, and Jomel Viray

Peek into the future: Artificial intelligence in forecasting the 8 PSE indices, Ricardo T. Kho, Willem Riam T. Lim, Jazmine Clarisee B. Olivares, and Audrey G. Quiachon

Market timing and selectivity performance: A cross-sectional analysis of Philippine unit trust funds from 2011-2015, Tae Eun Kim and Gabrielle P. Saga

Slums in the city: A legal research on Republic Act 7279 also known as the Urban Development and Housing Act of 1992, Cedric Labasan