Submissions from 2019

Categorizing license plates using convolutional neural network with residual learning, John Anthony C. Jose, Jose Martin Z. Maningo, Jayson P. Rogelio, Argel A. Bandala, Ryan Rhay Vicerra, Edwin Sybingco, Phoebe Mae L. Ching, and Elmer P. Dadios

An Earned Duration Management Model Integrating Quality Management and Resource Performance Monitoring, J. L.G.San Juan and R. V. Polancos

Methyl esters (biodiesel) from Melanolepis multiglandulosa (alim) seed oil and their properties, Gerhard Knothe, Luis F. Razon, and Maria Ellenita G. de Castro

Biofuels for vehicles in Taiwan: Using system dynamics modeling to evaluate government subsidy policies, Tsai Chi Kuo, Syu Hong Lin, Ming Lang Tseng, Anthony S.F. Chiu, and Chia Wei Hsu

Gas permeation properties and preparation of carbon membrane by PECVD method using indene as precursor, M. Kyaw, Nathaniel P. Dugos, S. Mori, Susan A. Roces, and Arnel B. Beltran

Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of indene for gas separation membrane, Myat Kyaw, Shinsuki Mori, Nathaniel Dugos, Susan Roces, Arnel Beltran, and Shunsuke Suzuki

Comparative survey of signal processing and artificial intelligence based channel equalization techniques and technologies, John Martin Ladrido, Jonnel Alejandrino, Emmanuel Trinidad, and Lawrence Materum

Optical band gap and electrical conductivity of doped conducting polypyrrole, Chiara Rosario Julia Lanuza, Maria Carla Manzano, Enrique Manzano, Norberto Alcantara, Alyssa Marie Llanes, and Hui Lin Ong

Development of optimization model of the M-QAM and MPSK modulation in AWGN channel, Jonathan U. Lao and Martin Paolo D. Enrique

Implementation of inverse kinematics for crop-harvesting robotic arm in vertical farming, Sandy C. Lauguico, Ronnie S. Concepcion, Dailyne D. MacAsaet, Jonnel D. Alejandrino, Argel A. Bandala, and Elmer P. Dadios

Second Sunday of Advent, Antonio Gabriel M. La Viña

Sustainable desalination by 3:1 reduced graphene oxide/titanium dioxide nanotubes (rGO/TiONTs) composite via capacitive deionization at different sodium chloride concentrations, John Paolo L. Lazarte, Liza Bautista- Patacsil, Ramon Christian P. Eusebio, Aileen H. Orbecido, and Ruey An Doong

A novel approach to optimize numerical control codes using a systematic block management method, Uon Leapheng, Calvin Alexander Ng, Francis Gregory Ng, Sharaful Ilmi Paduman, and Alvin Chua

Multi-objective optimisation of hybrid power systems under uncertainties, Jui Yuan Lee, Kathleen B. Aviso, and Raymond Girard R. Tan

C-section cold-formed steel as structural members in housing construction in the Philippines, Bernardo A. Lejano

Compressed earth blocks with powdered green mussel shell as partial binder and pig hair as fiber reinforcement, Bernardo A. Lejano, Ram Julian Gabaldon, Patrick Jason Go, Carlos Gabriel Juan, and Michael Wong


Investigation of the flexural strength of cold-formed steel C-sections using computational and experimental method, Bernardo A. Lejano and Eyen James D. Ledesma


FPGA implementation of archery target detection using color sequence recognition algorithm, Dino Dominic Ligutan, Alexander C. Abad, Melvin Cabatuan, Cesar Llorente, and Elmer P. Dadios

Adaptive robotic arm control using artificial neural network, Dino Dominic Ligutan, Alexander C. Abad, and Elmer P. Dadios

Motion planning of a robotic arm using an adaptive linear interpolation crossover and variable-length move sequence genome, Dino Dominic Ligutan, Jason L. Espanola, Alexander C. Abad, Argel A. Bandala, and Elmer P. Dadios

Enhancing the lithium-ion battery life predictability using a hybrid method, Ling Ling Li, Zhi Feng Liu, Ming Lang Tseng, and Anthony S.F. Chiu

A soft robotic tentacle robot arm for inspection system on manufacturing lines, Tristan Joseph C. Limchesing, Rhen Anjerome Bedruz, Argel Bandala, Nilo Bugtai, and Elmer P. Dadios

A pH regulation system for perfusion machine using computer vision and fuzzy logic, Tristan Joseph C. Limchesing, Rhen Anjerome Bedruz, Ryan Rhay Vicerra, John Anthony Jose, and Nilo Bugtai

Material properties sensitivity analysis based on thermomechanical analysis on warpage for ball grid array semiconductor packaging, Nino Rigo Emil Lim, Emmanuel Arriola, Roberto Louis Moran, John Patrick Mercado, Richard Dimagiba, Jeremias Gonzaga, and Aristotle Ubando

FEA of thermal warpage in ball grid array with consideration of molding compound residual strain compared to experimental measurements, Nino Rigo Emil Lim, Richard Dimagiba, Aristotle T. Ubando, Jeremias Gonzaga, and Gerardo Augusto

A cradle-to-cradle analysis in the toner cartridge supply chain using fuzzy recycling production approach, Chun Wei Lin, Shiou Yun Jeng, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology Tseng, and Raymond Girard Tan

Coal fly ash-based geopolymer spheres coated with amoxicillin and nanosilver for potential antibacterial applications, Brandon Cyril S. Lira, Sophia Bianca A. Dellosa, Casey Irene L. Toh, Al Patrick A. Quintero, Andre Leopold S. Nidoy, Kimmie Dela Cerna, Derrick Ethelbhert C. Yu, Jose Isagani B. Janairo, and Michael Angelo B. Promentilla

Integrating hydrogen turbines into refinery hydrogen network for power recovery, Xuepeng Liu, Jian Liu, Chun Deng, Jui Yuan Lee, and Raymond Girard R. Tan

Improving the reliability of photovoltaic and wind power storage systems using least squares support vector machine optimized by improved chicken swarm algorithm, Zhi Feng Liu, Ling Ling Li, Ming Lang Tseng, Raymond Girard R. Tan, and Kathleen B. Aviso


Deep learning-based embedded system for carabao mango (Mangifera indica L.) sorting, Ryan Joshua Liwag, Kevin Jeff Cepria, Anfernee Rapio, Karlos Leo Castillo, and Melvin Cabatuan

Characterizing illumination levels of an image sensor as input to a camera based illumination controller, Cesar A. Llorente, Alexander C. Abad, and Elmer P. Dadios

Implementation of a web based weather monitoring station and data storage system, Cesar A. Llorente, Jefferson O. Ang, Kenneth Robert O. Chan Shio, John Eric O. Chua, and Elijah Ivin C. Cu


Development and characterization of a computer vision system for human body detection and tracking under low-light condition, Cesar A. Llorente and Elmer P. Dadios

Development and characterization of a dimmable LED luminaire for body detection, tracking and recognition under natural and artificial low-light illumination, Cesar A. Llorente and Elmer P. Dadios

Development and validation of a camera-based illumination controller for people detection, tracking and recognition using computational intelligence, Cesar A. Llorente and Elmer P. Dadios

Characterization of torrefied biomass from sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) bagasse blended with Semirara coal, Rose Ann P. Lomeda-De Mesa, Allan N. Soriano, Ariziel Ruth D. Marquez, and Adonis P. Adornado

Physical and chemical properties of Philippine coal blended with torrefied biomass from rice (Oryza sativa) straw, Rose Ann P. Lomeda-De Mesa, Allan N. Soriano, Ariziel Ruth D. Marquez, and Adonis P. Adornado

Hybrid tree-fuzzy-rough set decision support for determining plant growth using vision-based descriptors, Pocholo James M. Loresco, Gerhard P. Tan, and Elmer P. Dadios

Color space analysis using KNN for lettuce crop stages identification in smart farm setup, Pocholo James M. Loresco, Ira C. Valenzuela, and Elmer P. Dadios

Viola-Jones method of marker detection for scale-invariant calculation of lettuce leaf area, Pocholo James Loresco, Ira Valenzuela, Alvin B. Culaba, and Elmer P. Dadios

Design of a mobile and desktop application platform for hospital triaging system, Raphael Benedict G. Luta, Renann G. Baldovino, and Nilo T. Bugtai

Multi-label classification of pH levels using support vector machines, Raphael Benedict G. Luta, Renann G. Baldovino, and Nilo T. Bugtai

Hazard classification of toluene, methane and carbon dioxide for bomb detection using fuzzy logic, Dailyne MacAsaet, Argel Bandala, Ana Antoniette Illahi, Elmer Dadios, and Sandy Lauguico

Quality-oriented network DEA model for the research efficiency of Philippine universities, Wira F. Madria, A. S. Miguel, and R. C. Li

Factors to Consider in the Design of Plastic Packaging Intended for Reuse of Consumers, Wira Madria and Jazmin Tangsoc

Effect of aeration rate and light cycle on the growth characteristics of Chlorella sorokiniana in a photobioreactor, J. B. Magdaong, Aristotle T. Ubando, Alvin B. Culaba, J. S. Chang, and W. H. Chen

Energy monitoring system incorporating energy profiling and predictive household movement for energy anomaly detection, Elmer R. Magsino


An IoT-based smart orchard monitoring system by employing wireless sensor networks, Elmer R. Magsino

A walking bipedal robot using a position control algorithm based on center of mass criterion, Elmer R. Magsino

Employing mobility traces' findings in deploying roadside units in an urban setup, Elmer R. Magsino

Stairway control of buck power supplies in parallel configuration, Elmer R. Magsino

Cooperative vehicles for monitoring urban roads based on behavioral rules, Elmer R. Magsinoy, Gerard D. Von Galang, Ming Li X. He, and Ryota C. Inomata

A fuzzy logic approach for fish growth assessment, Jo Ann V. Magsumbol, Vincent Jan Almero, Marife Rosales, Argel A. Bandala, and Elmer P. Dadios

An automated temperature control system: A fuzzy logic approach, Jo Ann V. Magsumbol, Renann G. Baldovino, Ira C. Valenzuela, Edwin Sybingco, and Elmer P. Dadios

Clean & lean production in fish canning industry-A case study, Anna Bella Siriban- Manalang, Jamica B. Brillante, Frances Isabel V. Cabahug, and Rozanne P. Flores

Solubility of aminotriethylene glycol functionalized single wall carbon nanotubes: A density functional based tight binding molecular dynamics study, Michael R. Mananghaya, Gil Nonato C. Santos, and Dennis Yu

Development of a remote tending system for analog broadcast transmitters, Gerino Mappatao, Isaiah Mari Zebedia Bautista, Marc Kevin Orsos, Mark Aldrine Ribo, and Joseph Castillo

Remote tending of modern broadcast transmitters, Gerino P. Mappatao, Isaiah Mari Zebedia S. Bautista, Marc Kevin J. Orsos, Mark Aldrine C. Ribo, and Joseph C. Castillo

Determining the sustainability of a community micro hydro power system using real options analysis, Isidro Antonio V. Marfori, Alvin B. Culaba, Aristotle T. Ubando, Ray Anthony Almonares, and Wei Hsin Chen

Maximum SNR power-delay spectrum propagation models in blocked 60-GHz line-of-sight settings inside conference halls, Lawrence Materum, Tuncer Baykas, Hirokazu Sawada, and Slmzo Kato

Investigation of the drying characteristics of seaweed using offshore dryer, Andres Philip Mayol, Alessandro Lorenzo Cruz, Andre Calapatia, Janco Antonio Pancho, Nathaniel Peckson, Leonard Sanchez, Patrick Villoria, and Alvin Culaba

Application of artificial neural networks in prediction of pyrolysis behavior for algal mat (lablab) biomass, Andres Philip Mayol, Jose Martin Z. Maningo, Audrey Gayle Alexis Y. Chua-Unsu, Charles B. Felix, Patricia I. Rico, Gundelina S. Chua, Eduardo V. Manalili, Dalisay DG Fernandez, Joel L. Cuello, Argel A. Bandala, Aristotle T. Ubando, Cynthia F. Madrazo, Elmer P. Dadios, and Alvin B. Culaba

Adaptive cruise control employing taillight tracking for a platoon of autonomous vehicles, Gian Paolo T. Mayuga and Elmer R. Magsino

Project Management Model: Integrating Earned Schedule, Quality, and Risk in Earned Value Management, Angelimarie Miguel, Wira Madria, and Ronaldo Polancos

Effects of carbon-emission and setup cost reduction in a sustainable electrical energy supply chain inventory system, Umakanta Mishra, Jei Zheng Wu, and Anthony Shun Fung Chiu

Utilization of genetic algorithm in classifying Filipino and Korean music through distinct windowing and perceptual features, Matt Ervin G. Mital, Rogelio Ruzcko Tobias, Argel A. Bandala, Robert Kerwin Billones, and Elmer P. Dadios

Neural Network Implementation of Divers Sign Language Recognition based on Eight Hu-Moment Parameters, Matt Ervin G. Mital, Herbert V. Villaruel, and Elmer P. Dadios

Neural network utilization for flagged words detection thru distinct audio features, Matt Ervin G. Mital, Herbert V. Villaruel, Rommel M. Lim, Rogelio Ruzcko Tobias, Jose Martin Z. Maningo, Argel A. Bandala, Ryan P. Vicerra, and Elmer P. Dadios

Coupling school risk reduction strategies with LAMESA (life-saving automated “mesa” to endure seismic activity) for kindergarten, Marie Paz E. Morales, Ira C. Valenzuela, Edna Luz R. Abulon, Nilo M. Arago, and Ma. Carmela T. Mancao

Reduction of IC package warpage through finite element analysis and direct optimization, Roberto Louis Moran, Emmanuel Arriola, Nino Rigo Emil Lim, John Patrick Mercado, Richard Dimagiba, Jeremias Gonzaga, and Aristotle Ubando

Structures, morphological control, and antibacterial performance of Ag/TiO2 micro-nanocomposite materials, Muhammad Akhsin Muflikhun, Alvin Y. Chua, and Gil Nonato C. Santos

Structures, mechanical properties and antibacterial activity of Ag/TiO 2 nanocomposite materials synthesized via HVPG technique for coating application, Muhammad Akhsin Muflikhun, Marcel C. Frommelt, Madiha Farman, Alvin Y. Chua, and Gil Nonato C. Santos

Design and implementation of a human tracking CCTV system using IP-cameras, Roy Francis R. Navea, Paul Gilbert Arroyo, Dannielyn Dacalcap, Miguel Ernesto Luis Gonzalez, and Hanna Corazon Yatco

Stress detection using galvanic skin response: An android application, Roy Francis R. Navea, Paul John Buenvenida, and Christian Dave Cruz

Prioritization of sustainability indicators for promoting the circular economy: The case of developing countries, Sue Lin Ngan, Bing Shen How, Sin Yong Teng, Michael Angelo B. Promentilla, Puan Yatim, Ah Choy Er, and Hon Loong Lam

A novel risk assessment model for green finance: The Case of Malaysian Oil Palm Biomass Industry, Sue Lin Ngan, Michael Angelo B. Promentilla, Puan Yatim, and Hon Loong Lam

A Study of the Interaction of Proportional-Integral- Derivative (PID) Control in a Quadcopter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Using Design of Experiment, Karl Cedric U. Obias, Marc Francis Q. Say, Emil Adrian V. Fernandez, Alvin Y. Chua, and Edwin Sybingco

Graphical pinch analysis approach to cash flow management in engineering project, Jason Maximino C. Ongpeng, Kathleen B. Aviso, Dominic C. Y. Foo, and Raymond Girard R. Tan

Minimizing the carbon footprint of urban reconstruction projects, Jason Maximino C. Ongpeng, Jonathan R. Dungca, Katlheen B. Aviso, and Raymond Girard R. Tan

Structural column retrofitting of school building using ferrocement composites in Vigan, Ilocos Sur, Philippines, Jason Maximino C. Ongpeng, V. Pilien, A. Del Rosario, A. M. Dizon, Kathleen B. Aviso, and Raymond Girard R. Tan

Reinforced alkali-activated concrete with induced corrosion, Jason Maximino C. Ongpeng, Cheryl Lyne C. Roxas, Iona Trisha B. Rubinos, Andrew Teus T. Escleto, Sherie Joy M. Tan, Erica Mae C. Bolivar, Martin Ernesto L. Kalaw, and Michael Angelo B. Promentilla

Design and implementation of bandwidth monitoring, line aggregation of VoIP, Tun Tun Oo and Aaron Don M. Africa

Emotion basic action using face recognition and detection ann, Tun Tun Oo and Aaron Don M. Africa

Tensile strength prediction of polyethylene terephthalate bottle ropes using neuro-fuzzy, Danica Mitch M. Pacis, Edwin DC. Subido, Renann G. Baldovino, and Nilo T. Bugtai

Formation-based 3D mapping of micro aerial vehicles, Mark Lester F. Padilla, Pakpong Chirarattananon, Argel A. Bandala, Ryan Rhay P. Vicerra, Renann G. Baldovino, and Elmer P. Dadios

Factors affecting 3D reconstruction of micro aerial vehicles, Mark Lester F. Padilla, Pakpong Chirarattananon, and Elmer P. Dadios

Speech activation for Internet of things security system in public utility vehicles and Taxicabs, Maria Gemel B. Palconit, April L. Formentera, Renato J. Aying, Kenny Jay A. Dianon, Joel B. Tadle, and Elmer P. Dadios

Smart wound dressing with Arduino microcontroller, Diolo Parducho, Alyssa Pujol, Michelle Ylanan, Neal Peralta, Cayeton Ramos, Renann Baldovino, Rhen Bedruz, Joey Sta. Agueda, Argel Bandala, and Ryan Rhay Vicerra

A sulfur copolymers (Sdib)/polybenzoxazines (pbz) polymer blend for electrospinning of nanofibers, Ronaldo P. Parreño, Ying Ling Liu, and Arnel B. Beltran

Industry 4.0 to accelerate the circular economy: A case study of electric scooter sharing, Trang Thi Pham, Tsai Chi Kuo, Ming Lang Tseng, Raymond Girard R. Tan, Kimhua Tan, Denny Satria Ika, and Chiuhsiang Joe Lin

A Usability Study of an Enterprise Resource Planning System: A Case Study on SAP Business One, Ronaldo V. Polancos

Performance evaluation of 12Hp 4-stroke single cylinder diesel engine based on the Philippine standards, Jonathan Q. Puerto, Allan John Limson, Fred P. Liza, Cardel B. Nocos, Francis Cdime, Jayson P. Rogelio, and Argel A. Bandala

Vision system for soil nutrient detection using fuzzy logic, John Carlo V. Puno, Argel A. Bandala, Elmer P. Dadios, and Edwin Sybingco

Soil nutrient detection using genetic algorithm, John Carlo V. Puno, Rhen Anjerome R. Bedruz, Allysa Kate M. Brillantes, Ryan Rhay P. Vicerra, Argel A. Bandala, and Elmer P. Dadios

Quality assessment of mangoes using convolutional neural network, John Carlo V. Puno, Robert Kerwin D. Billones, Argel A. Bandala, Elmer P. Dadios, Edwin J. Calilune, and Arlene C. Joaquin


Reliability assessment of wooden trusses of a historical school, Alvin G. Quizon and Lessandro Estelito O. Garciano

A mathematical optimisation model for analysis of minimal cropland expansion in agro value chains, Jaya Prasanth Rajakal, Denny K.S. Ng, Raymond Girard R. Tan, Viknesh Andiappan, and Yoke Kin Wan

Life-cycle costing: Analysis of biofuel production systems, Luis F. Razon, Dinh Sy Khang, Raymond Girard R. Tan, Kathleen B. Aviso, Krista Danielle S. Yu, and Michael Angelo B. Promentilla

Determination of the carbon dioxide sequestration potential of a nickel mine mixed dump through leaching tests, Bernard Jomari B. Razote, Mark Kenneth M. Maranan, Ramon Christian P. Eusebio, Richard D. Alorro, Arnel B. Beltran, and Aileen H. Orbecido

Classification of confusion level using EEG data and artificial neural networks, Claire Receli M. Renosa, Argel A. Bandala, and Ryan Rhay P. Vicerra