Submissions from 2019

Understanding the impact of urban form attributes on household vehicle ownership and choice in Metro Manila: Modeling, simulation, and application, Monorom Rith, Raymund P. Abad, Alexis M. Fillone, Kenji Doi, and Jose Bienvenido M. Biona

Optimization of diesel injection timing, producer gas flow rate, and engine load for a diesel engine operated on dual fuel mode at a high engine speed, Monorom Rith, Nechoh A. Arbon, and Jose Bienvenido M. Biona

Fumigation of producer gas in a diesel genset: Performance and emission characteristics, Monorom Rith, Jose Bienvenido M. Biona, Archie B. Maglaya, Arvin Fernando, Jeremias A. Gonzaga, and H. W. Gitano-Briggs

The combustion and emission characteristics of the diesel engine operated on a dual producer gas-diesel fuel mode, Monorom Rith, Bernard Buenconsejo, Jeremias A. Gonzaga, H. W. Gitano-Briggs, Neil S. Lopez, and Jose Bienvenido M. Biona

Understanding of determinants of household vehicle ownership level toward urban sustainable transportation in Southeast Asia - A case study in Metro Manila, Monorom Rith, Kenji Doi, Ivan Henderson Gue, Alexis Fillone, Jimwell Soliman, Andres Philip Mayol, Neil Stephen Lopez, Aristotle Ubando, and Jose Bienvenido M. Biona

The impact of socioeconomic characteristics and land use patterns on household vehicle ownership and energy consumption in an urban area with insufficient public transport service – A case study of Metro Manila, Monorom Rith, Alexis Fillone, and Jose Bienvenido M. Biona

The effect of jatropha seed cake producer gas flow rates on a diesel engine operated on dual fuel mode at high engine speed, Monorom Rith, H. W. Gitano-Briggs, Nechoh Arbon, Jeremias A. Gonzaga, and Jose Bievenido M. Biona

Optimization of control factors for a diesel engine fueled with jatropha seed producer gas on dual fuel mode, Monorom Rith, H. W. Gitano-Briggs, Jeremias A. Gonzaga, and Jose Bienvenido M. Biona

Analysis of vehicle survival rate for metro Manila, Monorom Rith, Jimwell Soliman, Alexis Fillone, Jose Bienvenido M. Biona, and Neil Stephen Lopez

Analysis of vehicle survival rates for Metro-Manila, Monorom Rith, Jimwell Soliman, Alexis Fillone, Jose Bienvenido M. Biona, and Neil Stephen Lopez

Life cycle assessment of torrefied algal biomass, Diana Rose T. Rivera, Alvin B. Culaba, and Aristotle T. Ubando

The environmental performance of torrefied microalgae biomass using torrefaction severity factor, Diana Rose T. Rivera, Alvin B. Culaba, Aristotle T. Ubando, and Wei Hsin Chen

Genetic algorithm based 3D motion planning for unmanned aerial eehicle, Maverick C. Rivera, Jay Robert B. Del Rosario, and Argel A. Bandala

Design of the Philippine jeepney for crashworthiness analysis: A finite element analysis approach, Jayson P. Rogelio, Ryan C. Clavecillas, Remartin S. Maglantay, Argel A. Bandala, Francisco Emmanuel T. Munsayac, Renann G. Baldovino, Fred P. Liza, and Jonathan Q. Puerto

Comparative flood-risk assessment of different freight transport development programs, Krister Ian Daniel Roquel, Alexis Fillone, and Krista Danielle Yu

Interface for the factor-inclusion weighting approach in determining the number of multipath propagation clusters, Marielle Anne Roque and Lawrence Materum

Physiological-based smart stress detector using machine learning algorithms, Marife A. Rosales, Argel A. Bandala, Ryan Rhay Vicerra, and Elmer P. Dadios

GSM-Based Electricity Conservation Outlets (ECO) for Power Management and Monitoring System, Marife Rosales, Robert De Luna, Emannuel Justin Aguisanda, Denyelle Dalisay, John Vincent Mojares, and Elmer Dadios

An artificial neural network model for the corrosion current density of steel in mortar mixed with seawater, Cheryl Lyne C. Roxas and Bernardo A. Lejano

Corrosion performance of seawater concrete with fly ash under impressed current, Cheryl Lyne C. Roxas, Bernardo A. Lejano, and Jason Maximino C. Ongpeng

Modeling road construction project cost in the Philippines using the artificial neural network approach, Cheryl Lyne C. Roxas, Nicanor R. Roxas, Jerald Cristobal, Sara Eunice Hao, Rachelle Marie G. Rabino, and Fulgencio Revalde

Multi-scale vehicle classification using different machine learning models, Edison A. Roxas, Ryan Rhay P. Vicerra, Laurence A. Gan Lim, Jennifer C. Dela Cruz, Raouf N. G. Naguib, Elmer Jose P. Dadios, and Argel A. Bandala

Synergy of in-situ formation of carbonic acid and supercritical CO2-expanded liquids: Application to extraction of andrographolide from Andrographis paniculata, Rugi Vicente C. Rubi, Armando T. Quitain, Jonas Karl Christopher N. Agutaya, Bonifacio T. Doma, Allan N. Soriano, Joseph Auresenia, and Tetsuya Kida

DeepTronic: An electronic device classification model using deep convolutional neural networks, Rodolfo C. Salvador, Argel A. Bandala, Irister M. Javel, Rhen Anjerome R. Bedruz, Elmer P. Dadios, and Ryan Rhay P. Vicerra

PULSE: A pulsar searching model with genetic algorithm implementation for best pipeline selection and hyperparameters optimization, Rodolfo C. Salvador, Elmer P. Dadios, Irister M. Javel, and Antipas T. Teologo

A multi-objective optimization model for the design of biomass co-firing networks integrating feedstock quality considerations, Jayne Lois G. San Juan, Kathleen B. Aviso, Raymond Girard R. Tan, and Charlle L. Sy

Multi-objective robust optimization for the design of biomass co-firing networks, Jayne Lois G. San Juan and Charlle L. Sy

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Attitude Estimation Using Artificial Neural Network Approach, Marc Francis Q. Say, Edwin Sybingco, Argel A. Bandala, Ryan Rhay P. Vicerra, and Alvin Y. Chua

Computer systems in analytical applications, Vincent Rafael Sayoc, Tomm Kenzo Dolores, Markquis Casslin Lim, and Lia Sophia San Miguel

Sonication-assisted perfusion decellularization of whole porcine kidney, Sreypich Say, Nathanie l. P. Dugos, Susan A. Roces, and John Martin Mondragon

Driver’s attention monitoring system with low light capability, Joseph L. Sazon, Marl S. Magano, Karl I. Salting, Mark P. Co, Oswald D. Sapang, and Maria Antonette C. Roque


Deep learning-based facial expression recognition and analysis for filipino gamers, Juan Raphael Sena and Melvin Cabatuan

Integrating creativity and human factors in the design of engineering curriculums, Rosemary R. Seva

Product-behavior targeting: Affective design method for sustainability, Rosemary R. Seva

The effect of age to the perception of apparent usability and affective quality on prototype mobile phones, Rosemary R. Seva, Justin Joseph M. Apolonio, Ailea Kamille L. Go, and Katrina Anne G. Puesta

Grocery product arrangement using cluster analysis, Rosemary R. Seva, Carmi Carandang, Katrina Lim, Jade Marie Khoo, Alma Maria Jennifer A. Gutierrez, and Jazmin C. Tangsoc

Assessing sustainability of long-term energy supply using desirability functions, Jimwell L. Soliman, Neil Stephen A. Lopez, and Jose Bienvenido Manuel M. Biona

Evaluation of political risk factors influencing energy supply disruption, Jimwell Soliman, Neil Stephen Lopez, and Jose Bienvenido Manuel Biona

WARP^2: Wind assessment of roofs to pullout & pullover for priority cultural heritage structures in the Philippines, Biao Song, Carmine Galasso, and Lessandro Estelito O. Garciano

Development of an automated data acquisition system for hydroponic farming, Sean Tagle, Rica Pena, Frances Oblea, Hans Benoza, Nadine Ledesma, Jeremias Gonzaga, and Laurence A. Gan Lim

Performance evaluation of a small scale gravity powered DC generator, Troy Cedric S. Tagulao, Raphael Anton D. Manabat, Jose Paulo L. Atienza, Marco Leo L. Lucero, Arvin Hfernando, Archie B. Maglaya, Laurence A.Gan Lim, and Ryan Rhay P. Vicerra

A force sensing-based pneumatics for robotic surgery using neural network, Hisami Takeishi, Renann G. Baldovino, Nilo T. Bugtai, and Elmer P. Dadios

Neuro-fuzzy mobile robot navigation, Richard Josiah C. Tan Ai and Elmer P. Dadios

Visual odometry in dynamic environments using light weight semantic segmentation, Richard Josiah C. Tan Ai, Dino Dominic F. Ligutan, Allysa Kate M. Brillantes, Jason L. Espanola, and Elmer P. Dadios

Microstructure and mechanical properties of concrete with treated recycled concrete aggregates, Anthony John Tang, Richard De Jesus, and Alvin Cunanan

Riding the wave of belt and road initiative in servitization: Lessons from China, Kim Hua Tan, Guojun Ji, Leanne Chung, Ching Hsin Wang, Anthony S.F. Chiu, and M. L. Tseng

Design of a cold gas propulsion nozzle for microsatellites using computational fluid dynamics and response surface optimization, Marion Lois S. Tan, Troy Alisther Alemania, Willard Chase J. Ong, and Gerardo L. Augusto

Data challenges in optimizing biochar-based carbon sequestration, Raymond Girard R. Tan

A methodology for tracing the rank invariance region in multi-criterion selection problems: Application to negative emission technologies, Raymond Girard R. Tan, Elvin Michael R. Almario, Kathleen B. Aviso, Jose B. Cruz, and Michael Angelo B. Promentilla

A linear program for optimizing enhanced weathering networks, Raymond Girard R. Tan and Kathleen B. Aviso

Optimal synthesis of negative emissions polygeneration systems with desalination, Raymond Girard R. Tan, Kathleen B. Aviso, Dominic C. Y. Foo, Jui Yuan Lee, and Aristotle T. Ubando

Optimization models for financing innovations in green energy technologies, Raymond Girard R. Tan, Kathleen B. Aviso, and D. K. S. Ng

Special issue: Decision support for sustainable and resilient systems, Raymond Girard R. Tan, Michael Angelo B. Promentilla, and Ming Lang Tseng

An integrated analytic hierarchy process and life cycle assessment model for nanocrystalline cellulose production, Khai Chyi Teh, Raymond Girard R. Tan, Kathleen B. Aviso, Michael Angelo B. Promentilla, and Jully Tan

Air quality index (AQI) classification using CO and NO2 pollutants: A fuzzy-based approach, Antipas T. Teologo, Elmer P. Dadios, Romano Q. Neyra, and Irister M. Javel

Cluster-wise jaccard accuracy of kpower means on multipath datasets, Antipas T. Teologo and Lawrence Materum

A pinch-based approach for targeting carbon capture, utilization, and storage systems, Sonal K. Thengane, Raymond Girard R. Tan, Dominic C. Y. Foo, and Santanu Bandyopadhyay

Throat Detection and Health Classification Using Neural Network, Rogelio Ruzcko N.M.I. Tobias, Luigi Carlo M. De Jesus, Matt Ervin G. Mital, Sandy C. Lauguico, Argel A. Bandala, Ryan Rhay P. Vicerra, and Elmer P. Dadios

Next-hour electrical load forecasting using an artificial neural network: Applicability in the Philippines, Lorwin Felimar Torrizo and Aaron Don M. Africa

Juxtaposition of extant TV white space technologies for long-range opportunistic wireless communications, Emmanuel Trinidad and Lawrence Materum

Sustainable agritourism in Thailand: Modeling business performance and environmental sustainability under uncertainty, Ming Lang Tseng, Chia Hao Chang, Kuo Jui Wu, Chun Wei Remen Lin, Bhuripan Kalnaovkul, and Raymond R. Tan

Pathways and barriers to circularity in food systems, Ming Lang Tseng, Anthony S.F. Chiu, Chen Fu Chien, and Raymond Girard R. Tan

Reprint of: Service innovation in sustainable product service systems: Improving performance under linguistic preferences, Ming Lang Tseng, Kuo Jui Wu, Anthony S. F. Chiu, Ming K. Lim, and Kimhua Tan

Iron oxide reduction by torrefied microalgae for CO2 capture and abatement in chemical-looping combustion, Aristotle T. Ubando, Wei Hsin Chen, Veeramuthu Ashokkumar, and Jo Shu Chang

Iron oxide reduction by torrefied microalgae for CO2 capture and abatement in chemical-looping combustion, Aristotle T. Ubando, Wei Hsin Chen, and Hwai Chyuan Ong

Optimal integration of a biomass-based polygeneration system in an iron production plant for negative carbon emissions, Aristotle T. Ubando, Wei Hsin Chen, Raymond R. Tan, and Salman Raza Naqvi

Multi-objective design of a biomass-based polygeneration for iron and steel manufacturing, Aristotle T. Ubando and W. H. Chen

Optimal Operational Adjustment of a Community-Based Off-Grid Polygeneration Plant using a Fuzzy Mixed Integer Linear Programming Model, Aristotle T. Ubando, Isidro Antonio V. Marfori, Kathleen B. Aviso, and Raymond R. Tan

A comprehensive review of life cycle assessment (LCA) of microalgal and lignocellulosic bioenergy products from thermochemical processes, Aristotle T. Ubando, Diana Rose T. Rivera, Wei Hsin Chen, and Alvin B. Culaba


A systematic approach to the optimal planning of energy mix for electric vehicle policy, Aritotle T. Ubando, Ivan Henderson V. Gue, Monorom Rith, Jeremias Gonzaga, Neil Stephen A. Lopez, and Jose Bienvenido Manuel M. Biona


Acid-pepsin soluble collagen from saltwater and freshwater fish scales, Settakorn Upasen, Kornrat Naeramitmarnsuk, Christian Antonio, Susan Roces, Héctor Morillas, and Piyachat Wattanachai


Volume change behavior of sea water exposed coal ash using hyperbolic model, Erica Elice S. Uy, Mary Ann Q. Adajar, and Jonathan R. Dungca


Non-contact estimation of strain parameter-triggering liquefaction, Erica Elice S. Uy, Toshihiro Noda, Kentaro Nakai, and Jonathan R. Dungca

Seismic reliability analysis of lifeline: A case study on the water network system of Biñan City, Laguna, Rainier Lawrence A. Valdez and Lessandro Estelito O. Garciano

Design of an unmanned aerial vehicle blimp for indoor applications, Anthon V. Van Asares, Phil Seon Ko, Joshua Samuel Minlay, Brian Raymund Sarmiento, and Alvin Chua

Graphical break-even based decision-making tool (BBDM) to minimise GHG footprint of biomass utilisation: Biochar by pyrolysis, Yee van Fan, Jiří Jaromír Klemeš, Raymond Girard R. Tan, and Petar Sabev Varbanov

Development of a fuzzy logic controller for a smart RGB lighting system, Neil Oliver M. Velasco, Jay Robert B. Del Rosario, and Argel A. Bandala

Solving 3D coverage problem using genetic algorithms in wireless camera-based sensor network modelling, Neil Oliver M. Velasco, Jay Robert B. Del Rosario, and Argel A. Bandala

Development of charge level monitoring of lead-acid battery bank for PV system using fuzzy logic in LabView, Leonardro A. Venancio, Armyn C. Sy, Rhen Anjerome Bedruz, and Elmer P. Dadios

Circular Integration of processes, industries, and economies, Timothy Gordon Walmsley, Benjamin H.Y. Ong, Jiří Jaromír Klemeš, Raymond Girard R. Tan, and Petar Sabev Varbanov

Energy integration and optimisation for sustainable total site, process and equipment design, Timothy Gordon Walmsley, Petar Sabev Varbanov, Kathleen B. Aviso, and Fengqi You

Water footprint sustainability assessment for the chemical sector at the regional level, Fang Wang, Siqi Wang, Zhiwei Li, Huixian You, Kathleen B. Aviso, Raymond Girard R. Tan, and Xiaoping Jia

Integrated sustainability assessment of chemical production chains, Fang Wang, Siqi Wang, Gang Xin, Zhiwei Li, Raymond R. Tan, and Xiaoping Jia

Enhancing corporate knowledge management and sustainable development: An inter-dependent hierarchical structure under linguistic preferences, Kuo Jui Wu, Shuo Gao, Li Xia, Ming Lang Tseng, Anthony S.F. Chiu, and Zhigang Zhang

Causal sustainable resource management model using a hierarchical structure and linguistic preferences, Kuo Jui Wu, Ming Lang Tseng, Ming K. Lim, and Anthony SF Chiu

FPGA library based design of a hardware model for convolutional neural network with automated weight compression using K-means clustering, Roderick Yap, Goldwin Giron, Leonard Miguel Lanto, Lorenzo Garcia, David Sta. Maria, and Lawrence Materum

Cloud optical depth retrieval via sky's infrared image for solar radiation prediction, Lai Kok Yee, Tan Lit Ken, Yutaka Asako, Lee Kee Quen, Chuan Zun Liang, Wan Nur Syahidah, Koji Homma, Gerald Pacaba Arada, Gan Yee Siang, Tey Wah Yen, Calvin Kong Leng Sing, Jane Oktavia Kamadinata, and Akira Taguchi

Accelerating the transition to equitable, sustainable, and livable cities: Toward post-fossil carbon societies, Geng Yong, Fujita Tsuyoshi, Raimund Bleischwitz, Anthony Chiu, and Joseph Sarkis

A two-layer data envelopment analysis model for sustainable performance evaluation, Willy F. Zalatar and Eppie E. Clark

Development of a quadruple bottom line-based composite sustainability index to measure sustainable performance, Willy F. Zalatar and Eppie E. Clark

Submissions from 2018

Design and implementation of a low-voltage four selectable fractional-order differentiator in a 0.35 μm CMOS technology, Alexander C. Abad, Geoffrey L. Abulencia, Roderick Yap, and Emmanuel A. Gonzalez

Fuzzy logic-controlled 6-DOF robotic arm color-based sorter with machine vision feedback, Alexander C. Abad, Dino Dominic Ligutan, Elmer P. Dadios, Levin Jaeron S. Cruz, Michael Carlo D.P. Del Rosario, and Jho Nathan Singh Kudhal

Fuzzy rule formulation algorithm for fuzzy logic-based 6-DOF robot arm controller, Alexander C. Abad, Dino Dominic F. Ligutan, Argel A. Bandala, and Elmer P. Dadios

Spherical mobile robots as wireless sensor nodes for ambient temperature and relative humidity monitoring, Alexander C. Abad, Adrian Paul M. Sarmiento, Jose Antonio P. Danseco, Jayron S. De Leon, Joji P. Otani, and Princess Sheena B. Aguilar

Instantaneous fuel consumption models of light duty vehicles and a case study on the fuel consumption at different traffic conditions in Metro Manila using Shepard's interpolation method, Ernesto B. Abaya, Karl B. Vergel, Edwin N. Quiros, Ricardo G. Sigua, and Jose Bienvenido Biona

The effect of void ratio, moisture content and vertical pressure on the hydrocompression settlement of copper mine tailing, Mary Ann Q. Adajar and Miller D.L. Cutora

Soil-structure interface behavior of cemented-paste backfill material mixed with mining waste, Mary Ann Q. Adajar and Wincent Nicole K. Pabilona

A logic scoring of preference algorithm using ISO/IEC 25010:2011 for open source web applications Moodle and Wordpress, Aaron Don M. Africa

Development and implementation of a monitoring system for STRC with the aid of head detection, Gretchel Karen L. Alcantara, Ivan Darren J. Evangelista, Jerome Vincent B. Malinao, Ofelia B. Ong, Reginald Steven D. Rivera, and Leonard U. Ambata

Autonomous fruit harvester with machine vision, Kathleen Anne M. Almendral, Rona Mae G. Babaran, Bryan Jones C. Carzon, Karl Patrick K. Cu, Jasmine M. Lalanto, and Alexander C. Abad