Submissions from 2011

Empirical comparison of extreme value theory vis-À-vis other methods of VaR estimation using ASEAN+3 exchange rates, Cesar C. Rufino and Emmanuel G. de Guia

Romantic paternalism in Philippine labor law - Revisiting the Tradition, Realizing its Folly, and proposing reconstruction in the light of American experience, Emily Sanchez Salcedo

The family in family business: Case of the in-laws in Philippine businesses, Andrea L. Santiago

Knowledge for poverty alleviation a framework for developing intangible assets of low-income communities, Serafin D. Talisayon and Jasmin P. Suministrado

Achieving green outsourcing performance in uncertainty, Ming-Lang Tseng, Louie A. Divinagracia, and Lei Shi

The role of income and employment on school participation rate in Pasay City and Eastern Samar, Tereso S. Tullao and John Paolo R. Rivera

Modeling cost behavior: Linear models for cost stickiness, Arnel Onesimo O. Uy

What motivates entrepreneurs? A study of the value systems of Filipino entrepreneur, Arnel Onesimo O. Uy

Submissions from 2010

General asymmetric stochastic volatility models using range data: Estimation and empirical evidence from emerging equity markets, Manabu Asai and Angelo A. Unite

The impact of environmental innovations of financial performance: The case of Japanese automotive and electronics companies, Michael Angelo A. Cortez and Cynthia P. Cudia

Human resource management practices: Drivers for stimulating corporate entrepreneurship in large companies in the Philippines, Divina M. Edralin

The rise of experiential brand marketing in integrated marketing communications, Aristotles C. Estrella

An empirical analysis of audit risk assessed by top auditing firms: A Philippine particularityy, Rodiel C. Ferrer

Risk exposures and risk management techniques: Their impact on earnings per share, Rodiel C. Ferrer

Financial performance of selected publicly listed corporations and the extent of compliance with IFRS: A test of Ross' signaling theory, Rodiel C. Ferrer and Rodolfo De Lara

Your money right at your fingertips: How Globe GCash revolutionizes the mobile money industry, Edward Joseph C. Francisco

Performance compliance of Philippine national government agency on the Data Privacy Act of 2012: A qualitative case study, Erwin Carlo Gonzales and Michelle Renee D. Ching

Using DEA to assess the efficiency of public health units in providing health care services, Rouselle F. Lavado, Leizel P. Lagrada, and Brian C. Gozun

Standard activity measurement plan, R. G. Manalo and M. D. Valenzuela Manalo

Strategic management and activity-based costing, R. G. Manalo and M. D. Valenzuela Manalo

Competency-based compensation and equitable profit sharing, R. G. Manalo and M. D. Valenzuela- Manalo

Distance reading education, Romeo G. Manalo and Marivic V. Manalo

Comparing project prioritization method and net present value method of capital rationing using Kendall's Tau distance, Romeo G. Manalo and Marivic V. Manalo

Quality, cost and delivery performance indicators and activity-based costing, Romeo G. Manalo and Marivic V. Manalo

Broken dreams: Unmet expectations of investors in the Philippine electricity restructuring and privatization, Fernando Roxas and Andrea L. Santiago

Forecasting Philippine monthly inflation using TRAMO/SEATS, Cesar C. Rufino

The value of internationally-acquired degrees: Does it increase a Filipino's local marketability?, Ma. Andrea L. Santiago

Values of females and males in the east and west: Are they similar or different?, Arnel Onesimo O. Uy, Edward F. Murphy, and Regina A. Greenwood

Submissions from 2009

An evaluation of financial and non-financial environmental disclosures of ten publicly-listed mining companies in the Philippines, Nimpha M. Aquino

The impact of selected corporate governance variables in mitigating earnings management in the Philippines, McReynald S. Banderlipe

Innovation process and performance in small- to medium-sized firms: A conceptual framework, Edgardo S. Bolinao

Supreme Court offers copyright clarification, Augusto R. Bundang and Anne Marie Celeste V. Jumadla

Exploring the use of exchange market pressure and RMU deviation indicator for early warning system (EWS) in the ASEAN+3 region, Marvin Raymond F. Castell and Lawrence B. Dacuycuy

Unemployment threat of the financial crisis, Paulynne J. Castillo

Factors that influence the final grades of students in managerial accounting course in De La Salle University, Cynthia P. Cudia

The functional specification of the wage-experience relationship and male wage inequality in the Philippines: A decomposition analysis, Lawrence B. Dacuycuy

From the editor, Cristela Goce- Dakila

The acceptance and level of attainment of the SPUQC vision-mission as perceived by the stakeholders in the High School Department, Nimfa D. De Vera and Rosel Corazon N. Fonacier

Perceived organizational effectiveness of labor unions in the banking, hotel, and manufacturing industries, Divina M. Edralin

Vista Land 2009 annual report, Claro G. Gañac

Consumer attitudes towards economic and cultural globalization among Filipino college students, Leonardo R. Garcia Jr.

What is "the learning Filipino firm"?, Raymund B. Habaradas

Corporate social responsibility and sustainable development: Philippine experience, Emiliano T. Hudtohan

Genograms: Lived and experienced by one family, Emiliano T. Hudtohan and Ma. Perla M. Hudtohan

An excerpt from the SEC commissioned report: A balance sheet disclosure compliance check of ten publicly-listed companies, Ma. Gina T. Manaligod

Input-ouput analysis of the key sectors in Philippine carbon dioxide emissions from a production perspective, Rachel C. Reyes

Law making in the guise of procedures: Placing hurdles to the right of appeal to the National Labor Relations Commission, Emmanuel O. Sales

Impact of sandwich course design on first job experience, Andrea L. Santiago

Stock diversification and integer programming, Emilina R. Sarreal

Global economic imbalances triggering the financial crisis, Tereso S. Tullao

Can culture explain economic growth? A note on the issues regarding culture-growth studies, Arnel Onesimo O. Uy

Submissions from 2008

Student's perceptions of their skills and competencies in facing the realities of the job world, Lolita N. Albit, Maria Elsa F. Hufano, Rosel Corazon N. Fonacier, Antoniette Z. Lacerna, and Manuel V. Martinez

The relationship between stock return volatility and trading volume: The case of the the relationship between stock return volatility and trading volume: The case of the Philippines, Manabu Asai and Angelo A. Unite

A framework for analysis of ambidexterity and performance in small-to-medium-sized firms, Edgardo N. Bolinao

Employer's burden, Augusto R. Bundang

The patent system and the quest for affordable medicines, Christopher E. Cruz

Application of accrual and cash accounting: Implications for small and medium enterprises in Metro Manila, Cynthia P. Cudia

Income statement disclosures: An international financial reporting standard compliance report of ten selected publicly listed corporations in the manufacturing industry, Rodiel C. Ferrer

Marketing in a non-price competitive economy, Leonardo R. Garcia Jr.

Mobile marketing: Using SMS as a form of advertisement, Leonardo R. Garcia Jr.

The viewing habits and advertising preferences of the Koreanovela audience, Leonardo R. Garcia Jr.

The viewing habits and advertising preferences of the Koreanovela audience, Leonardo R. Garcia Jr.

Global lessons in public private partnerships: Financing policy options to mitigate transport project risks in the Southeast Asian Region, Rommel C. Gavieta

Petition for review: Philippine National Bank, petitioner versus Gotesco Tyan Ming Development, Inc., respondent, Alvin C. Go, Eulogia M. Cueva, and Marisa M. Buenagua

Education at the centre: Past, present & future trends in Indonesia, Mark A. Gordon

Teaching business calculus: Methodologies, techniques, issues, and prospects, Frederick A. Halcon

Lost and found again: Subjective norm in gym membership, Octavia Leeman and Jaime S. Ong

Make haste or waste: A case study on predicting bankruptcy of Weyst Oyl Corporation using Altman's Z-score model, Joy S. Rabo

Lagged effect of TV advertising on sales of an intermittently advertised product, Cesar C. Rufino

Balance sheet disclosures: An IFRS/PFRS compliance report of ten publicly listed companies in the food industry, Heminigilda E. Salendrez

Customer satisfaction and service quality in high-contact service firm, Emilina R. Sarreal

Impairment practices of selected publicly-listed companies in the Philippine mining industry, Florenz C. Tugas

Executive pay and firm performance in the Philippines, Angelo A. Unite, Michael J. Sullivan, Jeffrey Brookman, Mary Anne Majadillas, and Angelo Taningco

A preliminary exploration of generational similarities and differences in values between the United States, United Kingdom, Iceland, Japan, Korea, Colombia and the Philippines, Arnel Onesimo O. Uy, Edward F. Murphy, Regina A. Greenwood, Jaime A. Ruiz-Gutierrez, Terrell G. Manyak, and Bahaudin Mujtaba

Submissions from 2007

Of misrepresentation and fairness, Augusto R. Bundang

An assessment of the implementation of Magna Carta of Public Health Workers (final report), Emily Christi A. Cabegin, Marissa C. Garcia, Sandy Vicente, and Minda Valencia

CSR and business ethics, Louie A. Divinagracia

Management educators' perspectives on transformational leadership and sustainable entrepreneurhsip, Louie A. Divinagracia

Holiday decor quarterly report, Leonardo R. Garcia Jr.

Jollibee Foods Corporation, Leonardo R. Garcia Jr., Christopher Lovelock, and Jochen Wirtz

Levels of customer dissatisfaction and complaint behavior, Allen D. Go and Jaime S. Ong

Standard Chartered Bank marketing handbook, Mark A. Gordon

Submissions from 2006

FDI and economic development: The case of the Philippines, Myrna S. Austria

Wood manufacturing and paper industry: Understanding prospects and threats under the Doha Development Agenda, Arlan Zandro I. Brucal and Desiree Joy O. Narvaez

Was the upsurge in Philippine urbanization real or artifact?, Emily Christi A. Cabegin

A practical guide to completed staff work (CSW), Leonora V. De Jesus and Benjamin I. Espiritu

Factor analysis of the human resources management practices in the banking industry, Evelyn S. Dinglasan and Rosel Corazon N. Fonacier

Sustainable business and entrepreneurship: Societal marketing practices of Islamic and Christian family businesses, Louie A. Divinagracia

Sustainable value creation in the Philippine higher agriculture education sector, Louie A. Divinagracia

The telecommunications industry in the Philippines focusing on liberalization, performance of different players & future challenges: A research paper, Rodiel C. Ferrer

How contract rights and public sector governance affect infrastructure investment: The Philippine experience, Rommel C. Gavieta

Ethics, etiquette and aesthetics: Tickets to human fulfillment, Emiliano T. Hudtohan

Estimating the degree cost functions of the Philippines public and private higher educational institutions, Cesar C. Rufino

Submissions from 2005

A better system to fend off IP infringers, Ignacio S. Sapalo and Augusto R. Bundang

Development of community based entrepreneurial skills: A case study: UWS SIFE, Diana Whitton, Rosel Corazon N. Fonacier, and Jens Mueller

Submissions from 2004

Public perceptions of direct selling: An international perspective, Stewart Brodie, Gerald Albaum, Der-Fa Robert Chen, Leonardo R. Garcia Jr., Rowan Kennedy, Pumela Msweli-Mbanga, Elina Oksanen-Ylikoski, and Thomas Wotruba

Transit advertising in the Philippines: Summary of research paper, Venancio R. De Los Reyes Jr. and Meynardo A. L. Mendoza

Corporate societal marketing: Beyond traditional benevolent philanthropy, Louie A. Divinagracia

Culturally sensitive leadership in the Philippine setting, Benito L. Teehankee

Outcomes of collective bargaining in the Philippine manufacturing industry, Juris Bernadette M. Tomboc