Submissions from 2018

Business model innovation: How do government training institutes in the Philippines create, deliver, and capture value?, Divina M. Edralin, Raymund B. Habaradas, Frances Jeanne Sarmiento, and Liza Fumar

The economics of Splendor, Liza Mae L. Fumar

Investigating consumer optimum stimulation level and exploratory online buying behavior, Claro G. Gañac

Performance compliance of Philippine national government agency on the Data Privacy Act of 2012: A qualitative case study, Erwin Carlo Gonzales and Michelle Renee D. Ching

'Tis the season for Christmas, Brian C. Gozun

This is me, Alvin Neil A. Gutierrez

Zurcaroh's golden buzzer act, Alvin Neil A. Gutierrez

Current challenges in agricultural water resource development and management in the Philippines, Arlene Inocencio and Randolph Barker

Agricultural water management issues in the Philippines, Arlene B. Inocencio, Dulce D. Elazegui, Roger A. Luyun, and Agnes C. Rola

Exploring the potential of PPP in Philippine irrigation, Arlene Inocencio, Marites Tiongco, Kenji Yoshinaga, and Anna Bella Siriban-Manalang

Marketing in a Philippine social enterprise: The case of CalaBoo Dairyard, Shieradel V. Jimenez, Maricel S. Balatbat, and Emmanuel Fernando C. Jimenez

An unhappy Christmas, Antonio Gabriel M. La Viña

A worsening human rights situation, Antonio Gabriel M. La Viña

Gratitude for promises kept, Antonio Gabriel M. La Viña

Iloilo declaration for healthy oceans, Antonio Gabriel M. La Viña

Philippine judicial system on trial, Antonio Gabriel M. La Viña

The Lord keeps his promises, Antonio Gabriel M. La Viña

United by our humanity, Antonio Gabriel M. La Viña

Relationship intention and length of customer–firm associations in two emerging markets, Pierre Mostert, Derik Steyn, and Reynaldo Bautista

Evolving segments of online clothing buyers: An emerging market study, Shweta Pandey and Deepak Chawla

Philippine irrigation investment under climate change: Scenarios, economic returns, and impacts on food security, Nicostrato Perez, Mark W. Rosegrant, and Arlene Inocencio

Resilience through business continuity, safety management, Rachel A. Quero

Long-run linkages of ASEAN+3 floating currencies, Cesar C. Rufino

20 years of performance measurement system (PMS) implementation in Indonesian local governments: Why is their performance still poor?, Hafiez Sofyani, Rusdi Akbar, and Rodiel C. Ferrer

Corporate governance, Benito L. Teehankee

Critical realist action research and humanistic management education, Benito L. Teehankee

Is a regional credit rating agency for the ASEAN feasible?, Tereso S. Tullao, Christopher James R. Cabuay, and Daniel S. Hofileñ

Submissions from 2017

An econometric history of Philippine trade: 1810-1899, Luisito C. Abueg

The impact of remittances on the youth’s human resource development, employment, and entrepreneurship: Evidence from Philippine CBMS data, Christopher James R. Cabuay

Making social health insurance and micro-savings programs work for the informal sector in the Philippines, Mitzie Irene P. Conchada and Marites M. Tiongco

Evaluating government programs for enhancing the welfare of the youth towards entrepreneurship, Mitzie Irene P. Conchada, Marites M. Tiongco, Paulynne J. Castillo, and Divina E. Edralin

Role of education in encouraging youth employment and entrepreneurship, Brian C. Gozun and John Paolo R. Rivera

Role of universities in the national innovation system of the Philippines, Raymund B. Habaradas

Factors affecting the Filipino exporters’ participation at the Manila FAME trade fair, Luz Suplico Jeong and Rechel Arcilla

Strengthening and connecting the dots called MSMEs in the ASEAN: With focus on the Philippines, Cristina Teresa N. Lim

Strengthening and connecting the dots called MSMEs in the ASEAN: With focus on the Philippines, Cristina Teresa N. Lim

Does direct experience matter? Examining the consequences of current entrepreneurial behavior on entrepreneurial intention, Francesc Miralles, Ferran Giones, and Brian Gozun

Integrating sustainability and manufacturing strategy into a unifying framework, Lanndon Ocampo and Eppie E. Clark

Determining the credit risk factors in accessing debt financing for entrepreneurial activities, Junette A. Perez, Denmark C. Alarcon, and Mar Andriel S. Umali

A correlational study between the volatility of the stock returns and remittances, exports, imports and international reserves: Evidence on the Philippine market, Frederick P. Romero

How does the Philippine peso exchange rate respond to inflation, industrial production and trade balance? A Granger causality analysis, Frederick P. Romero

How the rivals reacted? An empirical analysis on the impact of dividend announcements on the rival firms’ stock valuation, Frederick P. Romero

Market volatility in response to merger and acquisition announcements: Evidence from selected industries in the Philippine market, Frederick P. Romero

Seasoned equity offerings (SEO) on stock returns: An event study on the Philippine context, Frederick P. Romero

Expanding the role of the Philippine Commission on Human Rights for the protection of gender equality in the workplace: Practical lessons from Canada, Emily Sanchez Salcedo

Innovative inclusive development strategies: Lessons from the Philippines, Andrea Santiago and Fernando Roxas

Institutional entrepreneurship: Transforming management education for participatory human development in the Philippines, Benito L. Teehankee


An input-output approach to analysing the relative influence of journals: The case of process integration journals, Krista D. S. Yu, Kathleen B. Aviso, Michael A. B. Promentilla, Anthony S. F. Chiu, and Raymond Girard R. Tan

Submissions from 2016

Recent developments in regulating “too big to fail” banks in the Philippines, Mc Reynald S. Banderlipe

Assessing the potential economic and poverty effects of the national greening program, Caesar B. Cororaton, Arlene B. Inocencio, Marites M. Tiongco, and Anna Bella S. Manalang

Dissecting aggregate output and labour productivity change: A postscript on the role of relative prices, Jesus C. Dumagan and Bert M. Balk

Good work through decent work: Practices of sixteen unionized firms in the Philippines, Divina M. Edralin

Financial performance, liquidity, financial leverage and the extent of their compliance with IFRS3 business combination between 2006-2010: A test Ross' signaling theory, Rodiel C. Ferrer

The effects of international financial reporting standards disclosure for small and medium enterprises (IFRS for SMES) on profitability under the retail sector, Rodiel C. Ferrer

Earnings management indicators and their impact on inventory turnover under food, beverage and tobacco sector: A thorough study using simultaneous equations model, Rodiel C. Ferrer and Glenda J. Ferrer

An empirical investigation of the impact of financial ratios and business combination on stock price among the service firms in the Philippines, Rodiel C. Ferrer and Alger Tang

Resource combinations influence on new firm growth, studying new entrants in a high tech industry, Ferran Giones, Brian Gozun, and Francesc Miralles

Managing social enterprises in the Philippines: Challenges and strategies, Raymund B. Habaradas and Patrick Adriel H. Aure

Computing sustainable manufacturing index with fuzzy analytic hierarchy process, Lanndon A. Ocampo, Eppie E. Clark, and Michael Angelo B. Promentilla

Macroprudential regulation in a GSGE model of the Philippines with financial-real linkages, Jesson A. Pagaduan and Ruperto P. Majuca

Principal-agent compensation practices in a stakeholder-oriented Smokey Mountain cooperative, Paz Esperanza T. Poblador

Does Philippine peso exchange rate influence the volatility of the Philippine stock exchange index? A Granger causality analysis, Frederick P. Romero

Measuring the effects of the Philippine international reserves and remittances to the volatility of the Philippine peso exchange rate: A test of causation between variables, Frederick P. Romero

Alternative framework for renewable energy planning in the Philippines, Fernando Roxas and Andrea Santiago

Microeconometric analysis of the eating-out behavior of modern Filipino households: The Tobit, the Craggit and the Heckit models, Cesar C. Rufino

Day-of-the-week effects in the philippine stock exchange: Do they exist amid modernization?, Cesar C. Rufino and Neriza M. Delfino

Philippines: Father–daughter succession in family business: A Philippine case study, Andrea L. Santiago

The Philippines: An entrepreneur’s contribution to poverty alleviation in the Philippines, Andrea L. Santiago and Fernando Roxas

Salience of stakeholders and humanistic and sustainability practices among Phil. FMCG companies, Maria Victoria P. Tibon and Divina M. Edralin

From the editor, Marites M. Tiongco

Analyzing cost behavior of Philippine industrial firms, Arnel Onesimo O. Uy

A weighted fuzzy linear programming model in economic input–output analysis: An application to risk management of energy system disruptions, Krista Danielle S. Yu, Kathleen B. Aviso, Michael Angelo B. Promentilla, Joost R. Santos, and Raymond Girard R. Tan


Input-output based system perturbation analysis of the environmental implications of rice hull utilization for power generation in the Philippines, Krista D. S. Yu, Kathleen B. Aviso, Ramon C. Eusebio, Charles B. Felix, Andres P. Mayol, Michael A. B. Promentilla, Joost R. Santos, Aristotle T. Ubando, and Raymond Girard R. Tan

Submissions from 2015

International orientation and technological diffusion among SMEs in ASEAN, Jason Alinsunurin

The empirics of financial inclusion in the Philippines, Maria Kristina Galvez Alinsunurin and Jason Alinsunurin

Towards a coordinated taxation policy in an integrated ASEAN regime, Mc Reynald S. Banderlipe

A conceptual framework for estmating the impact of climatic uncertainty and shocks on land use, food production, and poverty in the Philippines, Caesar Cororaton, Arlene Inocencio, Anna Bella Siriban-Manalang, and Marites Tiongco

Role of demographic factors in poverty mobility in the Philippines, Cynthia P. Cudia

Dine in or out: Understanding the budgeting and eating out behavior of De La Salle University students, Ma. Luisa C. Delayco and Hazel T. Biana

Initiating women empowerment and youth development through involvement in non-formal education in three selected parishes: An action research on poverty alleviation, Divina M. Edralin, Maria Victoria P. Tibon, and Florenz C. Tugas

Center for Professional Development in Business (CPDB): A manual of policies, procedures and guidlined, Jennelyn J. Gannaban

I love my family 1,000 percent/times, Alvin Neil A. Gutierrez

Bank competition, ownership, governance & risk, Dulani Jayasuriya

Forecasting coconut production in the Philippines with ARIMA model, Cristina Teresa N. Lim

An integrated sustainable manufacturing strategy framework using fuzzy analytic network process, L. A. Ocampo, Eppie E. Clark, K. V. G. Tanudtanud, C. O. V. Ocampo, C. G. Impas, V. G. Vergara, J. A. Pastoril, and J. A. S. Tordillo

A simulation-based fuzzy analytic network process approach in developing sustainable manufacturing strategy, Lanndon Ocampo and Eppie Clark

The influence of unrelated diversification and ownership structure on firm value: Evidence from Philippine conglomerates, Rorian Pratyaksa, Rosanina A. Sayoc, Mika M. Koga, and Michael Dominic O. Siy

An empirical study on the relationship of Philippine macroeconomic variables to the volatility of the Philippine stock exchange index (PSEi), Frederick P. Romero

The joint estimation of Filipino child’s participation in schooling and employment and new stylized facts on the Philippine child labor situation, Cesar C. Rufino

Breastfeeding in the Philippine workplace: What’s wrong with the right?, Emily Sanchez Salcedo

Inertia as inhibiting competitiveness in Philippine family businesses, Andrea L. Santiago

Catastrophic disasters as opportunities for sustainable reconstruction: The case of Typhoon Yolanda, Andrea L. Santiago and Fernando Y. Roxas

The influence of organizational capabilities on environmental strategies in the restaurant sector: SME experience, Maria Victoria P. Tibon

The three factors of creativity management: Visual, number, and word creativity, Junius W. Yu

Inoperability input-output modeling approach to risk analysis in biomass supply chains, Krista Danielle S. Yu, Kathleen B. Aviso, Mustafa Kamal Abdul Aziz, Noor Azian Morad, Michael Angelo B. Promentilla, Joost R. Santos, and Raymond Girard R. Tan

Submissions from 2014

Estimating the efficiency of Philippine public high schools using spatio-temporal stochastic frontier analysis, Michael Ralph M. Abrigo, Rouselle F. Lavado, Erniel B. Barrios, and Brian C. Gozun

Towards a common good model of the firm, Luisito C. Abueg, Mariel Monica R. Sauler, and Benito L. Teehankee

The link between high tech export intensity and telecommunications infrastructure, Jason P. Alinsunurin

Liberalizing the Philippine mining industry: A CGE approach into analyzing its sectoral impacts on the economy, Jesus Carlos Exequiel D. Castillo and Krista Danielle S. Yu

Human capital and savings in an OLG economy with migration possibilities: A theoretical note, Lawrence B. Dacuycuy and Dickson A. Lim