Theses/Dissertations from 1973

Feasibility of industrial equipment leasing (financial or maintenance lease) as another major income generator of Philippine company XYZ, Manuel L. Evangelista

Analysis of the Board of Investments' guidelines on the progressive car manufacturing program, Marciano A. Gatmaitan

A critical analysis of the financial management of Xavier University, Alfonso B. Hortelano

A study of the foreign exchange outflow from the country through non-life reinsurance cessions to unauthorized companies with emphasis on the fire branch and a study of the feasibility of the operation of a selected Philippine fire pool as a means to reduce the annual outflow of foreign exchange through reinsurance cessions to unauthorized reinsurers, Luis Lao

Economic rhythm methods of statistical forecasting for business decision-making, Eduardo B. Ledesma

Case studies in business policy longterm financing and human behavior in organization, Joselito L. Legaspi

Case studies on management problems in a typical Philippine sugar central, Juan S. Lopez

Three case studies of corporate problems of two Philippine corporations, Estrellita Alejandro Ong

The Philippine gold mining industry, Jamie R. M. Ortigas

A study on the introduction of jeepney services at Dacca, the capital of Bangladesh, A. S. M. Ataur Rahman

Kickback Distributors, Inc. (A, B, C), Anthony L. Salamat

A feasibility study of establishing another activated carbon processing plant, Bendimia Figueroa Silva

Insight into the strategies of appliance marketing: The Philippine Appliance Corporation (three cases), Jerry D. Vidal

Shalom steam laundry: A feasibility study, Pura F. Villanueva

Theses/Dissertations from 1972

Distribution of fertilizers in the Philippines, Marilyn Salas Alcaraz

A feasibility study on the manufacture of polyvinyl chloride, Miguel Catala

A project feasibility study on the manufacture of activated carbon, Francisco B. Cruz

A feasibility study on exporting processed fruits, Cesar G. De Leon

Studies in computer management, Pedro Jalmasco Duran

Case studies of corporate problems of three Philippine corporations, Reynaldo C. Garcia

Industrial estates: Philippine forum (an approach to rational industrial growth), Walfrido E. Gloria

Andres Soriano, Sr.: A study on personality and business leadership, Marietta Roa Jayme

Strategy in a personal portfolio, Jorge R. Justiniani

Rock aggregates plant: A preliminary feasibility study, Guadalupe Q. Mendoza

A case study on mathematical odds and expectation and PERT/CPM project management, Fernando M. Miranda Jr.

Project papers: The Meralco Securities Corporation and the Manila Electric Company (cases C & D), Reuben T. Mondejar

Case studies in capital budgeting, short-term financing and human behavior in organization, Rolando V. Rosario

The Philippine money market operations: Its mechanics, problems and solution, Antonio O. Samia Jr.

A study on the housing situation of the Philippines, Elias B. Sta. Clara

Three case research papers on the policies and practices of a local American subsidiary, Alonzo A. Sumera

The petroleum industry in the Philippines, Clemente E. Tuason

Project papers on Philippine News-Sign, Ltd., the Commercial Bank of Luzon: (The need for a new advertising strategy), National Textiles, Inc., Luis A. Uson

The mission of the Asian Development Bank, Edward Vas FSC


A study of the accounting system of the Mill Hill schools in Antique, Flor M. Vedra

BCP plasticizer plant, a project feasibility study, Eliseo F. Zartiga Jr.

Theses/Dissertations from 1971

A study of some problems peculiar to companies in the plastics industry, Rosemary M. Aquino

A feasibility study on a housing development project in Las Pinas, Rizal, Manuel T. Bermas

A study of marketing strategies employed in three Philippine corporations, Manuel M. Blanco

A project study dealing with human behavior in organization in the Philippines, Jorge Camposano

A feasibility study of establishing a refractory specialties manufacturing plant in Oranbo, Pasig, Rizal, Manuel Capadocia Divinagracia

A project study on the manufacture of sheet glass, Manuel L. Evangelista

A critical study of the personnel policies of Colegio Central de San Carlos, Edgar G. Javier

The Philippine banana export industry, Teresito L. Magno

Electric cooperatives: Their impact on the development of a rural community, Augustus C. Paiso

A study of developmental problems of three companies in the Philippines, Consuelo A. Paulino

Studies of the management of an exclusive school for girls, M. Lioba Tiamson

Theses/Dissertations from 1970

An investigation on the cement industry of the Philippines, Ariel Bautista Barlis

Studies in production management for Radiowealth, Incorporated, Eduardo T. Cañiza

A study of the marketing strategy of Electra Corporation, Daniel Reyes Cruz

Commercial production of mushrooms in the Magalang rural settlement project, Leonardo E. Lamug

Pricing policy approaches, systems and procedures for wholesale-retail food companies, Avelino L. Martin

A study of an agribusiness system approach to the Philippine sugar industry and its significant changing patterns in the later 1960's, Pio S. Rodriguez

A feasibility study on beef cattle feedlot fattening operation in Pililla, Rizal, Tirso G. Virata Jr.

Theses/Dissertations from 1969

A study of authority and peer relationships in a religious group, Mary Paul Lauron

The feasibility of establishing television assembly plant in Quezon City, Alberto Locsin Ledesma


A project study dealing with management controls and systems in the Philippines, Ma. Lourdes A. Tapia

Theses/Dissertations from 1968

A feasibility study of establishing another ceramic unglazed vitrified mosaic plant, Alfonso Barretto Blardony


A feasibility study of establishing another filled milk processing plant, Leonardo V. Cortez


A program of fringe benefits for the employees of St. Paul College of Manila, Maria Josefa Grey

Theses/Dissertations from 1967


Project study for a baker's yeast plant, Fernando A. Lagua


A study of a feeder and charter air service for the Philippines, Antonio B. Lukban


A critique of the lending operations and policies of Philippine rural banks, Cristeta S. Mina

Theses/Dissertations from 1966

An analysis on the handling of foreign airlines, Oscar M. Alejandro


An investigation of the feasibility of establishing a television assembly plant in Quezon City, Leo C. Caro


A project study dealing with molasses export to Japan, Jesus T. Maglutao

The integrated textile manufacturing industry: A case study in the tariff, Jose R. Quintos


An analysis of a lighterage project for Esso Standard Philippines, Alejandro Albert Reyes

Theses/Dissertations from 1962

The rise of nationalism in the Philippines and its effects on the economy (with emphasis on the Chinese minority), Arthur L. Ang