Submissions from 2020

In-store customer traffic and path monitoring in small-scale supermarket using UWB-based localization and SSD-based detection, Melchizedek Ibarrientos Alipio, Kathlyn Mae T. Penalosa, and Julioh Roscoe C. Unida

A multi-spatial assessment framework to geological hazard for high-rise building project in Metro Manila, Philippines, M. V. Almeida and Andres Winston C. Oreta

An image classifier for underwater fish detection using classification tree-artificial neural network hybrid, Vincent Jan D. Almero; De La Salle University, Manila; Edwin Sybingco; and Elmer P. Dadios

Pyrolysis and carbon dioxide gasification kinetics of pine cones and lignite blends, Janica Y. Ang, Perry C. Dee, Amos B. Tan, and Vergel C. Bungay

Determination of diffusion coefficients and antioxidant activities of ascorbic acid in guava juice using cyclic voltammetry, K. B. A. Ang, C. M. Lee, H. M. O. Yu, M. M. Uy, Allan N. Soriano, and Nathaniel P. Dugos

Merits of using cellulose triacetate as a substrate in producing thin-film composite nanofiltration polyamide membranes with ultra-high performance, Micah Belle Marie Yap Ang, Zheng Yen Luo, Jazmine Aiya D. Marquez, Hui An Tsai, Shu Hsien Huang, Wei Song Hung, Chien Chieh Hu, Kueir Rarn Lee, and Juin Yih Lai

A novel low-cost obstacle avoidance system for a quadcopter UAV using fuzzy logic, Sonny Boy P. Aniceto, Russel Vince S. McGrah, Christer John I. Ochengco, Marissa G. Regalado, and Alvin Y. Chua

The effects of varying the location of antenna feed gaps on mutual coupling between orthogonal circular loops, Gerald Pacaba Arada and Takuichi Hirano

A bibliometric review on the application of fuzzy optimization to sustainable energy technologies, Emmanuel R. Arriola, Aristotle T. Ubando, and Wei Hsin Chen

Identification of cumulative damage at the blade root of AB92 blade using Palmgren-Miner’s rule, Gerardo L. Augusto, Alvin B. Culaba, and W. H. Chen

Dataset for off-grid micro-hydroelectric community system under drought conditions, Kathleen B. Aviso, Isidro Antonio V. Marfori, Raymond Girard R. Tan, and Aristotle T. Ubando

Optimizing abnormal operations of off-grid community utility systems with fuzzy P-graph, Kathleen B. Aviso, Isidro Antonio V. Marfori, Raymond Girard R. Tan, and Aristotle T. Ubando

Fuzzy optimization of carbon management networks based on direct and indirect biomass co-firing, Kathleen B. Aviso, C. L. Sy, Raymond Girard R. Tan, and Aristotle T. Ubando

Data set and model code on the optimal operating state of a negative emission polygeneration system, Kathleen B. Aviso, Raymond Girard R. Tan, Dominic C. Y. Foo, Jui Yuan Lee, and Aristotle T. Ubando

Survey design to evaluate healthcare system resilience at barangay level in the Philippines, Mary Jean Azuela, Dennis Paul Orge, Mary Grace Valdez, and Giselle Joy Esmeria

Evaluation of different carbonate sources for bicarbonate-based integrated carbon capture and algae production system using Spirulina platensis, Christelle Paula C. Batac, Nadeine S. Gathercole, Ana Katrina F. Maravilla, and Arnel B. Beltran

Evaluation of spirulina platensis in bicarbonate-based integrated carbon capture and algae production system utilizing different culture media, Christelle Paula C. Batac, Nadeine S. Gathercole, Ana Katrina F. Maravilla, and Arnel B. Beltran

Fabrication of forward osmosis membrane using nata-de-coco as raw materials for desalination, Liza Bautista-Patacsil, Mayzonee V. Ligaray, John Paulo C. Sayao, Joule Renniel F. Belosillo, Ramon Christian P. Eusebio, Aileen H. Orbecido, and Arnel B. Beltran

Increasing the reliability of bioenergy parks utilizing agricultural waste feedstock under demand uncertainty, Michael Francis D. Benjamin, Viknesh Andiappan, Jui Yuan Lee, and Raymond Girard R. Tan

Visual percepts quality recognition using convolutional neural networks, Robert Kerwin C. Billones, Argel A. Bandala, Laurence A. Gan Lim, Edwin Sybingco, Alexis M. Fillone, and Elmer P. Dadios

Deep divergence-based clustering of wireless multipaths for simultaneously addressing the grouping and the cardinality, Jojo Blanza, Lawrence Materum, and Takuichi Hirano

Exergy analysis and energy utilization in the transportation sector of the Philippines, R. J. Q. Buenafe, Rose Ann P. Lomeda-De Mesa, R. R. C. Rivera, C. L. Tagalog, and Allan N. Soriano

Effective municipal solid waste management capability under uncertainty in Vietnam: Utilizing economic efficiency and technology to foster social mobilization and environmental integrity, Tat Dat Bui, Feng Ming Tsai, Ming Lang Tseng, Kuo Jui Wu, and Anthony S. F. Chiu

Development of a natural ventilation windcatcher with passive heat recovery wheel for mild-cold climates: CFD and experimental analysis, John Kaiser Calautit, Dominic O'Connor, Paige Wenbin Tien, Shuangyu Wei, Conrad Allan Jay Pantua, and Ben Hughes

Multi-objective optimization of water exchanges between a wastewater treatment facility and algal biofuel production plant, Carlo James A. Caligan, Maria Mikayla S. Garcia, Jericho L. Mitra, Andres Philip Mayol, Jayne Lois G. San Juan, and Alvin B. Culaba

Development of a 3D printed quadcopter drone through CFD analysis, Jefferson Clark Chan, Smilleon Chua, Zigmund Ian Tria, Hans Yubontoy, and Alvin Chua

Pretreatment methods for lignocellulosic biofuels production: Current advances, challenges and future prospects, Wai Yan Cheah, Revathy Sankaran, Pau Loke Show, Tg Nilam Baizura Tg Ibrahim, Kit Wayne Chew, Alvin B. Culaba, and Jo Shu Chang

Differentiating ethical imperatives of the collective sustainability research community and the individual researcher, Anthony S.F. Chiu, Kathleen B. Aviso, and Raymond Girard R. Tan

On general principles at the sustainability science-policy interface, Anthony S.F. Chiu, Kathleen B. Aviso, and Raymond Girard R. Tan

Systemic approach to the new production research challenges, Anthony Shun Fung Chiu, Luis E. Quezada, Kim Hua Tan, and Sergio E. Gouvea da Costa

Increasing material efficiency of additive manufacturing through lattice infill pattern, Timothy Scott Chu, Von Eric Damirez, Luzviminda de Ramos, Hedrick Sipacio, Leonardo A. Venancio, and Alvin Y. Chua

Trophic state assessment using hybrid classification tree-artificial neural network, Ronnie Sabino Concepcion, Pocholo James M. Loresco, Rhen Anjerome Rañola Bedruz, Elmer Jose P. Dadios, Sandy C. Lauguico, and Edwin Sybingco

Optimization of nonlinear temperature gradient on eigenfrequency using genetic algorithm for reinforced concrete bridge structural health, Ronnie S. Concepcion, Lorena C. Ilagan, and Ira C. Valenzuela

Alertness and mental fatigue classification using computational intelligence in an electrocardiography and electromyography system with off-body area network, Ronnie S. Concepcion, Jommel S. Manalo, Ave Jianne D. Garcia, Rhaniel A. Legaspi, Jun Angelo Prestousa, Gio Paolo C. Pascual, Junco S. Firmalino, and Lorena C. Ilagan


An improved prediction model for bond strength of deformed bars in rc using upv test and artificial neural network, Nolan Concha and Andres Winston Oreta

Machine learning-based energy consumption clustering and forecasting for mixed-use buildings, Alvin B. Culaba, Aaron Jules R. Del Rosario, Aristotle T. Ubando, and Jo Shu Chang

Optimal design of an integrated renewable-storage energy system in a mixed-use building, Alvin B. Culaba, Aaron Jules R. Del Rosario, Aristotle T. Ubando, and Jo Shu Chang

Micro-hydro power system, Alvin B. Culaba and Isidro Antonio V. Marfori

Resilient communities through safer schools, Dina D'Ayala, Carmine Galasso, Arash Nassirpour, Rohit Kumar Adhikari, Luis Yamin, Rafael Fernandez, Dexter Lo, Lessandro Garciano, and Andres Oreta

Densities of n-tris(hydroxymethyl)methyl-3-aminopropanesulfonic acid (TAPS) + glycol (DEG / TEG / T4EG) + water, Medarlo B. De Jesus, Allan N. Soriano, Meng Hui Li, and Adonis P. Adornado

Assessment of testing protocols for bamboo for tension parallel to fiber, Martin De La Cruz, Luis F. Lopez, Richard De Jesus, and Lessandro Garciano

The impact of command buttons, entry fields, and graphics on single usability metric (SUM), Gabriel John L. de Leon, Joana Patrice M. Gratuito, and Ronaldo V. Polancos

The interactional effects of page layout, user workload, and lists in improving the single usability metric, Gabriel John L. de Leon, Joana Patrice M. Gratuito, and Ronaldo V. Polancos

Tomato growth stage monitoring for smart farm using deep transfer learning with machine learning-based maturity grading, Robert G. de Luna, Elmer P. Dadios, Argel A. Bandala, and Ryan Rhay P. Vicerra

Study on the proximate and ultimate analyses and calorific value of coal blending between torrefied biomass from coconut (Cocos nucifera) husk and Semirara coal, Rose Ann P. Lomeda- De Mesa, Allan N. Soriano, Ariziel Ruth D. Marquez, and Adonis P. Adornado

Bio-aviation fuel: A comprehensive review and analysis of the supply chain components, Stephen S. Doliente, Aravind Narayan, John Frederick D. Tapia, Nouri J. Samsatli, Yingru Zhao, and Sheila Samsatli

Development of a reliable path-loss model for FM broadcast reception in office locations, Marco G. Domingo, Prince Kendrick E. Estebal, Geraldine A. Tongco, and Gerino P. Mappatao

A reference for the allowable soil bearing capacities in Quezon City, Philippines, Jonathan R. Dungca

The effect of hypo sludge to the compressibility of soil, Jonathan R. Dungca, Jemy C. Chua, Rad Ainsley P. Chua, Carlson C. Cai, and Dan Jeron M. Paz


Micromechanical modeling of tensile strength of short random carbon fiber reinforced concrete, Gilford B. Estores and Bernardo A. Lejano

Evaluation of the leaching characteristics of low-grade nickel laterite waste rock for indirect carbon sequestration application, Ramon Christian P. Eusebio, Bernard Jomari B. Razote, Hannah Jelsy T. Del Pilar, Richard D. Alorro, Arnel B. Beltran, and Aileen H. Orbecido

A system analysis tool for sustainable biomass utilisation considering the emissions-cost nexus, Yee Van Fan, Raymond Girard R. Tan, and Jiří Jaromír Klemeš

Performance of stored electrolyzed seawater for disinfection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Michelle Joan C. Ferrer, Ryan Kenneth L. Lim, Russell Dillon A. Cue, Arnel B. Beltran, Regina G. Damalerio, and Marigold O. Uba

Development of construction robots using crazyflie, John Philip Figueroa, Isiah Lukang, Francis San Gabriel, Cedric Tan, Antonio Villapando, and Alvin Chua

Performance of concrete mixed with fly ash and plastic when exposed to fire, Joenel G. Galupino, Mary Ann Q. Adajar, Erica Elice Uy, Nicole Clarice T. Koa, Angel Lisette S. Lao, Rachelle Nicole Lao, and Jiro Charles Mikail U. Tan


Weighted-probability random number generator for PLC channel transfer function generation, Lovelyn C. Garcia, Ann E. Dulay, and Gicel Mari I. Oseña

Carbon emissions constrained energy planning for aluminum products, Rok Gomilšek, Lidija Čuček, Marko Homšak, Raymond Girard R. Tan, and Zdravko Kravanja

Bio-influenced self-healing mechanism in concrete and its testing: A review, Albert A. Griño, Ma Klarissa M. Daly, and Jason Maximino C. Ongpeng

Sector perception of circular economy driver interrelationships, Ivan Henderson V. Gue, Michael Angelo B. Promentilla, Raymond Girard R. Tan, and Aristotle T. Ubando

Artificial neural networks for sustainable development: A critical review, Ivan Henderson V. Gue, Aristotle T. Ubando, Ming Lang Tseng, and Raymond Girard R. Tan

Detection and classification of public security threats in the Philippines using neural networks, Marielet Guillermo, Rogelio Ruzcko Tobias, Luigi Carlo De Jesus, Robert Kerwin Billones, Edwin Sybingco, Elmer P. Dadios, and Alexis Fillone

Optimal process capacity allocation under abnormal conditions, T. K. Gumilao, Kathleen B. Aviso, and Raymond Girard R. Tan

Influence of operational and economic factors on the optimal design of an electric vehicle battery cooling system, Julius Ezra M. Gundran, Alvin B. Culaba, and Aristotle T. Ubando

Hey Google!, Alma Maria Jennifer A. Gutierrez

Working ergonomically and safely from home, Alma Maria Jennifer A. Gutierrez

A proposed framework on the affective design of eco-product labels, Alma Maria Jennifer Gutierrez, Anthony Shun Fung Chiu, and Rosemary Seva

Techno-economic and life-cycle assessment of volatile oil extracted from Aquilaria sinensis using supercritical carbon dioxide, Yong Ling Gwee, Suzana Yusup, Raymond Girard R. Tan, and Chung Loong Yiin

A multi-period optimization model for the design of an off-grid micro hydro power plant with profitability and degradation considerations, Juan Carlo Hernandez, Carlos Jan Peñas, Adrianne Ressa Tiu, and Charlle Sy

Efficient 3D road map data exchange for intelligent vehicles in vehicular fog networks, Ivan Wang Hei Ho, Sid Chi Kin Chau, Elmer R. Magsino, and Kanghao Jia

A systems dynamics approach for cervical cancer prevention and control in the Philippines, Antonio Louis A. Holmes and J. C. T. Tee

B 12/ CNT anodic nano catalysis applied on polishing the performance of microbial fuel cells, Song Jeng Huang, Aristotle T. Ubando, Yan Ting Lin, Chuan Yun Wang, Alvin B. Culaba, and Chin Tsan Wang

Exploring the implementation barriers of eco-toilet system in the Philippines using Decision-Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory (DEMATEL) approach, Jonathan Jared J. Ignacio, C. F. Malolos, N. I. Mendoza, J. Lantin, Aileen H. Orbecido, and Michael Angelo B. Promentilla

Minimising the present and future plastic waste, energy and environmental footprints related to COVID-19, Jiří Jaromír Klemeš, Yee Van Fan, Raymond Girard R. Tan, and Peng Jiang

Quantifying greenhouse gas emissions reduction from bike share systems: A model considering real-world trips and transportation mode choice patterns, Zhaoyu Kou, Xi Wang, Anthony Shun Fung Chiu, and Hua Cai

Excitonic fine structure in emission of linear carbon chains, Stella Kutrovskaya, Anton Osipov, Stepan Baryshev, Anton Zasedatelev, Vladislav Samyshkin, Sevak Demirchyan, Olivia Pulci, Davide Grassano, Lorenzo Gontrani, Richard Rudolph Hartmann, Mikhail E. Portnoi, Alexey Kucherik, Pavlos G. Lagoudakis, and Alexey Kavokin

Lettuce life stage classification from texture attributes using machine learning estimators and feature selection processes, Sandy C. Lauguico, Ronnie Sabino Concepcion II, Jonnel D. Alejandrino, Rogelio Ruzcko Tobias, and Elmer Jose P. Dadios

Experimental compression tests of cold-formed steel (CFS) to verify its code-based strength, Bernardo Lejano, James Matthew de Jesus, and Arvin Patrick Yu

Photovoltaic array prediction on short-term output power method in centralized power generation system, Ling Ling Li, Shi Yu Wen, Ming Lang Tseng, and Anthony S.F. Chiu

Short-term wind power forecasting based on support vector machine with improved dragonfly algorithm, Ling Ling Li, Xue Zhao, Ming Lang Tseng, and Raymond Girard R. Tan

Finite element analysis on the factors affecting die crack propagation in BGA under thermo-mechanical loading, Niño Rigo Emil G. Lim, Aristotle T. Ubando, Jeremias A. Gonzaga, and Richard Raymond N. Dimagiba

An improved moth-flame optimization algorithm for support vector machine prediction of photovoltaic power generation, Guo Qian Lin, Ling Ling Li, Ming Lang Tseng, Han Min Liu, Dong Dong Yuan, and Raymond Girard R. Tan

Synthesis of refinery hydrogen network integrated with hydrogen turbines for power recovery, Xuepeng Liu, Jian Liu, Chun Deng, Jui Yuan Lee, and Raymond Girard R. Tan

Mechanical and thermal activation of nickel-laterite mine waste as a precursor for geopolymer synthesis, Alberto L. Longos, April Anne Tigue, Roy Alvin J. Malenab, Ithan Jessemar Dollente, and Michael Angelo B. Promentilla

Numerical simulation of thermal stratification and air quality in an underfloor air distribution system (UFAD), Neil Stephen A. Lopez, Selena Kay Galeos, Brian Raphael Calderon, David Roy Dominguez, Bryan Joseph Go Uy, and Rupesh Iyengar

Cost-benefit analysis of alternative vehicles in the Philippines using immediate and distant future scenarios, Neil Stephen A. Lopez, Jimwell Soliman, Jose Bienvenido Manuel M. Biona, and Lewis Fulton

Induction approach via P-graph to rank clean technologies, C. X. Low, W. Y. Ng, Z. A. Putra, Kathleen B. Aviso, Michael Angelo B. Promentilla, and Raymond Girard R. Tan

Green synthesis of sulfonated organosilane functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes and its catalytic activity for one-pot conversion of high free fatty acid seed oil to biodiesel, Maria Cristina Macawile, Armando T. Quitain, Tetsuya Kida, Raymond Girard R. Tan, and Joseph L. Auresenia

Developing an artificial neural network model for predicting the growth of Chlorella sorokiniana in a photobioreactor, J. B. Magdaong, Alvin B. Culaba, Aristotle T. Ubando, J. S. Chang, and W. H. Chen

Centralized smart parking and insurance applications for intelligent vehicles in a smart city utilizing the cloud computing paradigm, Elmer R. Magsino

Speaker feature modeling utilizing constrained maximum likelihood linear regression and Gaussian mixture models, Elmer R. Magsino

Dynamic performance of a dual-loop controlleddc shunt motor with a two-quadrant dc chopper, Elmer R. Magsino and Gerald P. Arada

Achieving complete UAV delivery in the presence of motor failures, Elmer R. Magsino, Marc Francis Say, and John Amos Tan

Reducing beat frequency oscillation in a two-phase sliding mode-controlled voltage regulator module, Jessica C. Magsino and Elmer R. Magsino

Design and simulation of a model predictive controller (MPC) for a seismic uniaxial shake table, Royce Val C. Malalis, Chyn Ira C. Crisostomo, Romel S. Saysay, Alexander C. Abad, Lessandro Estelito O. Garciano, and Renann G. Baldovino

Effect of decellularization parameters on the efficient production of kidney bioscaffolds, Tosha Mae Manalastas, Nathaniel Dugos, Gliceria Ramos, and John Martin Mondragon

A molecular dynamics study on the CO2 permeability of microalgae lipid membrane, Robby Manrique, Wei Wu, and Jo Shu Chang

Patterns of sidemount four-bay FM antenna system, Gerino Mappatao

Fabrication of polythiourea-copper complex composite membrane and its anti-fouling property, M. T. Margarito, A. B. Beltran, M. A. Promentilla, A. Orbecido, B. Basilia, R. Damalerio, and U. Bigol

Environmental impact prediction of microalgae to biofuels chains using artificial intelligence: A life cycle perspective, A. P. Mayol, Jayne Lois G. San Juan, E. Sybingco, Argel A. Bandala, Elmer P. Dadios, Aristotle T. Ubando, Alvin B. Culaba, W. H. Chen, and J. S. Chang

Load-displacement experimental data from axial tensile loading of CFRP-SPCC hybrid laminates, Muhammad Akhsin Muflikhun and Alvin Y. Chua