Theses/Dissertations from 1989

The determinants of health expenditures in the Philippines: An analysis, Joji Andrea U. Tiu

An analysis of the demand for petroleum in the Philippines (1973-1987), Medel B. Trias

The impact of the flexible interest rate policy on the flow of funds in the financial sector, Justino Tuazon and Peter Vidal

An analysis on the export earnings of the Philippine fresh banana export industry 1967 to 1987, Kevin Ty and Gerardo Salvacion

Theses/Dissertations from 1988

An analysis of the productivity of sugar lands in the Philippines from 1973-1987, Gregorio E. Balatan and Edyson Recato Dy

The implication of the fiscal incentives on a textile and semiconductor firm, Merlita A. Catapang

The Philippine mode of agricultural production and its implication on trade, Juanito De Castro and Ferdinand Sampol

A study on the effect of petroleum price changes on the Philippine economy (1973-1987), Christine T. Dee Huat

A case analysis of the capital structure of eight small scale wood furniture enterprises in Caloocan City, Virna Dimaano and Michael Manalang

A case of scavenging in Smokey Mountain: An economic prospective, Regina Sy Facunda and Maya Jiandani

The Philippine social security system: incentive effects on investment on human capital, Sheila Jane A. Fetalino and Laurence S. Tan

The economic impact of the U.S. military bases in the Philippine on the local economy of Angeles City and Olongapo City, Joselino G. Gaerlan and Edwina M. Sanchez

An analysis on the variables affecting the size of the informal sector, Lizatte Q. Glinoga and Ma. Cecilia I. Olivas

A study on factors affecting foreign direct investment in the Philippines, 1972-1986, Patrocinia Dominguez Ilang-Ilang and Melorie Maida Monina Masiglat Sacro

Analysis of agricultural, industrial, trade and services sectors, land and labor productivities on the economic development of Western Visayas (1978-1985), Pancracio Roa Jayme and Mario De Venecia Santos

The major constraints and their influence on rural savings mobilization of rural banks, Irene Lee and Concepcion Miranda

A study of government agencies efficiency of ODA loan utilization from IBRD, ADB and KFW, Ariel V. Malabag

Financing free quality secondary public education in the National Capital Region: A problem of allocation, Martin D. Mijares and Johanna R. San Luis

Price determination of drugs, Philippines, Rinaldi M. Nicasio

The economics of Calapan Farm Family Marketing Cooperative: A case study, Romeo L. Paner

An evaluation of the welfare effects of the NHA Slum Improvement Program in Leveriza: The case study of Barangay 721, Mikhael K. Pastores and Elaine Bernaln V. Sagsagat

An economic analysis of the Philippine external debt (1970-1987), Gerry Valenciano and Arturo Martinez

Theses/Dissertations from 1987

Exchange rate: A factor to consider in order to pursue export promotions for fresh and processed foods, Mary Rosalind A. Alarca and Louella S. Basconcillo

A study of subsistence level, threshold family income and the minimum wage, Marie Nieves Alvarez

An analysis of the pattern of the Philippine-Japan trade, Maita D. Bartolome and Jessalynn S. Lim

An analysis on the effects of foreign aid on savings and investment in the Philippines, Denesh S. Bharwani and Reynaldo Yap

A study on the export demand for Philippine shrimps (1974-1986), Adelma M. Cariaga

An analysis of Philippine corn production, 1967-1985, Ivy C. Co and Sammy T. Ko

The effects of interest rate reforms on private savings rate: The Philippine case., Manuel Domingo A. Cordova and Jose S. Dizon Jr.

The role of export on the economic growth of South Korea, Antonette Marie L. Cousart and Brenda Lynn M. Dichiso

Determinants of emigration of manpower from the Philippines, Celso S. Cudia and Roberto N. Malto

The impact of foreign direct investment on investment: A Philippine case, Joseph De Juan and Jerry Cleto

Monitoring the labor sector in the Philippine setting (December 15, 1986 to March 13, 1987), Pamela Dimayuga

An assessment of the Kilusang Sariling Sikap-Kasipagan Homes Program in the province of Cavite, Ma. Cristina Edmilao

The impact of foreign capital inflows on domestic savings and growth rate of the Philippines, Luningning Espiritu and Ma. Rosalia S. Jambalos

The determinants of coffee production in the Philippines, Joseph Gonzales and Mariano Joaquin

A study of the impact of the ASEAN PTA on the Philippine merchandise trade balance, Michael C. Hilado

Factors influencing Philippine livestock and poultry production, Ma. Liza Agnes Jison and Ma. Concepcion Roque

Determinants of investment from selected European countries to the Philippines from 1971-1985, Jose Jaime Laico and John Vladimir Dela Cruz

An evaluation of the probability of offshore banking operations located in the Philippines, Damaceno Jose J. Lutera and Allan S. Capati

Rice production in Nueva Ecija: An analysis (1968-1986), Kamla Menghrajani and Kavira Ramnani

An inquiry on the determinants of quasimoney in Philippine financial system, Perlita Menorca and Mary Victoria Uy

An examination of income distribution as a determinant of the pattern of family expenditures, Christopher O. Ong

An analysis of labor strikes in the manufacturing and service sectors (1970-1986), Anthony C. Pe and Jonathan T. Uy

Econometric models for consumption behavior: A study behavioral economics, Dinna Llana Perez and Concepcion S. Tiu

Evaluation of gross income tax scheme of income distribution, Stevens Sik and Ricardo Grande

Theses/Dissertations from 1986

Multinational corporations in the Philippine pineapple industry, Augusto G. Abad and Katherine C. Togle

A comparative employment analysis of 1983 DLSU LIA-COM graduates, Rolando V. Alano and Rafaelita C. Dela Cruz

An analysis of the factors affecting the volume of in-migration to Metro Manila, Christine Ang and Carolyn Tan

Effects of price and exchange rate on selected exports of the Philippines to ASEAN, Michael Jose C. Atienza and Jose Ramon B. Dy

Comparative advantage of corn production in the Philippines, Paul Braganza and George Mabulay

The demand for educated labor for the years 1986-1992, Joel Y. Buenaventura and Anthony P. Balibrea

The regulation of telephone service: Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT), Ma.Teresa Cabacungan

Community participation and self-help among residents in the NHA Leveriza phase II project, Roberto I. Chinjen and Ma. Imelda Casa

The effect of female employment on income distribution, Jennifer Co and Ling Ling P. Gaw

Ikonomiya sa Pilipino, Ernesto C. Cordero

The effect of a new US Protectionist measures against the Philippine garment manufacturers, Joel Crisostomo

An analysis and evaluation of the factors considered in determining government support prices for the locally grown Virginia tobacco, Victorio De Guzman and Aureo Pagcaliwagan

Investment savings stability and its implication on the Philippine growth process, Ma. Fe Gigi Del Rosario and Gabriel Lim

Factors impeding efforts towards self-sufficiency in local milk production, Joel Dimaculangan and Tadeos Natividad

A study on the implications of the Philippines' membership to the ICO on the demand for coffee exports, Jennifer Fernandez and Harry S. Yu

A study on the economic implications of the intensified rice production program on the restoration of self-sufficiency in the Philippines, Julie Fineza and Gerry Dy

The impact of population density and household income on electrification, Irene E. Flores and Gretel L. Rodriguez

An assessment of industrial promotion policies and its effects on the manufacturing sector, 1970-1980, J. Cyril D. Gallos

The relation of exports and economic growth: The Philippine case, Antonio Kho and Armando Santiago Jr.

A study on the possibility of increasing garment exports to Japan and Australia, Ma. Elizabeth M. Leyesa and Ruby C. Weinstein

Economic growth and the Philippine employment structure: A trend analysis (1956-1984), Catalina G. Macaltao and Carlos M. Odeste

The Philipps curve: The Philippine case from 1975-1985, Ma. Arleen A. Medina and Marissa Cecilia A. Medina

A look into the performance of the Philippine economy under an export-oriented industrialization scheme, 1970-1985, Patricia Anne Mirasol and Ma. Luisa F. Moran

A study on purchasing power parity and ASEAN exchange rate, Melissa Montilla and Jean Sarino

The relationship between the selected economic variables and the peso-dollar exchange rate, Molly D. Morales and Teresita G. Tolentino

An evaluation of the programs implemented by the Philippine ENxport and Foreign Loan Guarantee Corporation, Aldalyn G. Nada and Ma. Victoria Espiritu

The effect of treasury bills and repurchase agreements on the level of money supply in the Philippines, 1980-1982, Ricardo Cruz Papa and Cesar Capistrano Jr.

Monitoring project: foreign debt (February 25- October 31, 1986), Rose Antonette Querido

The Philippine-Singapore bilateral trade: A trend analysis, Bienvenido Regala and Reginald Cruz

An analysis of aggregate demand expansion in relation to the Philippine unemployment, Paul Y. Tan

An analysis on the demand for electricity, Jose Martin Velasquez and Adrian Toribio

Theses/Dissertations from 1985

The unemployment effects of minimum wage legislation on the manufacturing industry, Ma. Joy Abrenica and Maritess Manalo

The correlates of the migration intensions of engineering graduates of Metro Manila, Eileen R. Aganon and Carolina A. Garcia

A case study on the effectiveness of price control in the paper-converting industry, Ma. Erika Aguinaldo and Rufino Runa

The effects of brown drain on employment and foreign exchanged income in the Philippines, Ariel M. Alcoba and Rameses S. Guerrero

A historical perceptive of the influence of the Chinese on the development of the town of Binan, Laguna before the 20th century, Ruth P. Arcadio and Laureano P. Imatani

Philippine merchandise exports and import on our foreign exchange earnings, Dante Victor C. Arnobit and Gloria Mah

Descriptive study on the need for the existence of Nuwhrain in the upliftment of its members, Conrado F. Bate and Jose S. Laurente

Fertility and its determinants with evidence from 56 countries, Suzanne Burgos and Anne Frances Chiongson

A survey of Philippine economic resources, Jose Melvin Caculitan and Raquel Gonzaga

An assessment of the utilization of cocodiesel fuel in the Philippines, Simeon C. Caparroso

Factors affecting fertility of women in the Philippines, Anthony Cheng and Eugene Co

Effects of industrialization policies on the manufacturing sector, Charlotte Chua and Amy Siy

The development of a financial center: The Singapore and Philippine case, Victor Cu and Roger Lim

Incidence of unemployment and underemployment among college graduates of St. Scholatica's College and San Beda College, Ma. Milamar Rachel Dasig and Ma. Carmen D. Madlansacay

The economic implications of the VCR industry to the movie industry in Metro Manila, Benito Dayap and Roland B. Tolentino

The effects of exports on economic growth: A case of Singapore, David Dela Cruz and Harvey Glenn Tan

Threshold income as applied to minimum wage, Vincent De Leon and Jaime Javier A. Gana

A study on the effects of inflation rate wages and unemployment on the migration of Filipinos to the United States of America, Wilfredo Roy Dilig and Paul Richard Regondola

An evaluation of the economic impact of the Philippine rediscounted loans on rice production during the period of 1969 to 1983, Eric S. Dy and Kenway H. Tan

Financial profitability of jeepney drivers plying along the LRT corridor, Ma. Teresa R. Enriquez and Marissa N. Ignacio

An empirical verification of the Heckcher Ohlin, Jude Genilo and Neal Hao

A study on the employability of DLSU CBE graduates, 1979-1983, Mary Margareth M. Gepte and May Therese S. Javellana

Role of government financial institutions in the development of the financial system of the Philippines, Ernesto C. Hernandez and Arturo S. Pedregosa