Theses/Dissertations from 1985

The effects of the strike on the operation of Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation, Agnes Macatangay and Ma. Lourdes Soberano

An analysis of agricultural credit and price policies in the Philippines, Nelzon F. Marquez and Victor L. Miranda

The impact of government promotion policies on the investment decision of firms in the Bataan Export Processing Zone, Ma. Celeste R. Peralta and Amelita A. Suarez

A study of technology transfer in the Philippine computer industry., Gil Felipe M. Sanchez

An evaluation of Philippine- EEC trade and policies for the period 1960 to 1984, Nelson W. Von Ebbe

An evaluation on the employment prospects for the disabled person among the PMAP members, Johnny C. Yu

Theses/Dissertations from 1984

The significance of non-conventional energy in the reduction of the Philippines' dependence on imported oil, Arthur Dennis P. Agdamag and R. Ledesma Jr.

The repatriation of capital and remittance of profits by foreign investors, Andrew M. Albano and Romeo M. Escareal Jr.

Factors relating to the income generating capacity of employees on selected financial institutions in Makati, Sonia Ang and Linda Tee Ten

The effects of temporary overseas employment on the balance of payments: The role of remittances., Robert Austria and Rufino Ng

Philippine water resources and rural water supply, Ma. Cristina F. Babao and Ma. Raymunda A. Concepcion

The fundamental psychological law of Keynes Philippine case: 1970-1982, Rose Mary Bernadette R. Bailon and Jose Victorino Tanlayco

Economic impact of government rehabilitation of distressed corporations, Crisanto S. Bautista III and William F. Sai Jr.

A study on the benefits of export trading with developed and less developed economies of the Asean, Rosario Janet Q. Belo and Brian Widiodarmono

The tuition fee dilemma: Public secondary schools in Manila, Ela Jane Cacanando and Leonardo B. Ty

An assessment of ODA financed projects in the Philippines from 1972-1983, Michael D. Cadiz and Jude Thaddeus Sayson

The Philippine bilateral trade with Japan: an assessment (1960-1982), Gerardo S. Cadlum

Industrial dispersal policies and their effects on the manufacturing activities in the Philippines (1971-80), Santiago B. Camano and Ronald C. Rosales

Disbursement of foreign loans on transport infrastructure specifically roads and highways, Pierre Gloria A. Carpio and Roberto B. Raymundo

The significance of informal sector activities in the labor absorption process of selected countries, Ariel Castillo and Rosario Agnes Lopez

An inquiry into Hongkong's affluence, Tuck Leong Chin

Comparative study of poverty planning of the Philippines and Thailand, Antonio Chua and Joseph Antonio Cardeno

An evaluation of the strategies towards industrialization: Focus on the Asean, Rhodora B. Concepcion and Carmelita S. Lariza

Analysis and evaluation of personal exemption, Gene De Guzman and Jaime Chie

Consumer behavior of La Sallites: A study on Behavioral Economics, Roberto A. Deluria

A review and evaluation of food production programs, 1974-1981, Florencio R. Domingo and Ronaldo Ignacio

An empirical analysis of Engel's law with focus on Metro Manila, Ma. A. Rachelle P. Gaspar and Ma. Amelita Montallana

Employment and wage effects of the percentage of Japanese investments in the manufacturing sector: The Philippine case, Luvimin R. Gervacio and Jeanette Ho

Prospects of the Phil. Tuna Industry, Felix D. Gonzales

An analysis on the problems confronting the Mangyans regarding their socio-economic status, Marlon Gonzales and Frederick Y. Ong

An industry study: The Philippine rattan furniture export industry, Ma. Antoninnette M. Guarnes and M. M. Manahan

Analysis of efficiency of ODA loan utilization from IBRD, ADB and KFW, Florante G. Igtiben and Albert A. Elvina

The effect of peso exchange rate depreciation on the export and import levels in the Philippines, Betty Yao Lim and John Ong Lim

Some cost reducing methods for sugarcane farming in Negros Occidental, Felix M. Lizares

The causes and effects of inflation in the Philippines (1955-1981), Wilfredo S. Madregallejo and Alexander M. Santiago

Absorption of Philippine coconut by-products in the international and domestic markets, Arnel Pena and Clarito Ilustre

Money supply and prices in the Philippines:1973-1983, Raniel Santiago Quito

An analysis of the generalized system of preferences of the United States and its effect on Philippine export, Ma. Olivia L. Rivera and Ana Maria V. Adriano

The balance of payments of the Philippines through trade analysis, Francis Noel Sabado and Leondro Van P. Agudo

Export and economic growth: The Asean case, Ferdinand Santos and Johnson Uy

The economic impact of preferential trade treatment: The case of Laurel-Langley industry, Romeo Vicente P. Sta. Ana Jr. and Fortunato S. Cortez

An evaluation of the economic impact of the Bataan Export processing zone on its immediate environment 1970-1983, Romeo Tagle and Romulo Rodriguez Jr.

An empirical study on the factors affecting the demand for time deposits, Stella P. Tolosa and Jaselli P. Trespalacioreal

The perception of the DLSU students on World Bank projects in the Philippines, Helena B. Yalung

An economic model of a modern rice village, Jovito Yao and Jeffrey Dee

A study on the impact of external borrowing on Philippine economic development (1955 - 1979)., Patrick Yusingco and Rosemarie Go Cheng

Fresh mango industry in the Philippines, Alfonso G. Zulueta and Thomas Mirasol

Theses/Dissertations from 1983

A study on the financial conditions and performances of the seven state colleges and universities in the National Capital Region, Marites M. Abrenica and Edna B. Morte

Management floating exchange rates: The Philippine experience, Francisco M. Africa and Joel Tanchuco

The future of Philippine trade with socialist countriess, Blanca M. Aguirre

An assessment of the market opportunities for orchid cut-flower of the Philippines, Walter U. Alvarez and Rommel L. Atacador

Assessment of three foreign markets for Philippine labour: Papua New Guinea, Nigeria and Indonesia, Jocelyn C. Alviar and Arnaldo P. Arrobio

A study of sex wage differentials of two insurance firms in the Philippines, Ma. Carina S. Antonio

An empirical verification of the modern theory of international trade in the structure of the Philippine economy, Cecile O. Aquino and Dina G. Gayla

A manpower coordination system and an expanded NMYC, Ignacio S. Aquino

The state of economics education in selected Metro Manila schools, Kim F. Aranda and Ma. Angela P. Ortega

Economic implications of the increase in the price of palay, Lorellie Arjonillo and Eric Zerrudo

Export incentives: its effect to the wood industry of the Philippines and Malaysia, Alger Brion and Mary Grace Flores

Martial law revisited: a sectoral impact analysis, Ma. Asuncion F. F. Candelaria

An analysis of the mandatory remittances imposed of Filipino contract workers, Ma. Natividad Celeste and Marijo Kolimlim

Effects of gross income tax scheme on the distribution of tax burden, Ruth G. Chua and Susan Tan

Development of small and medium-scale industries: a strategy for economic growth, Nelson L. Clemente and Samuel M. Misa

Empirical estimate: demand for money in the Philippines, Palmer G. Crisologo and Dennis A. Monong

The Philipps and the Philippines, Vicente Uy Chiong Ti Cu

The eleven major industrial projects: Its employment generating potential, Dorinda G. De Guzman and Evelyn O. Yu

Incidence of strikes in the manufacturing sector and the new strike laws (1981-1983), Eduardo R. Del Rosario and Noel N. Cambronero

Life insurance in the national economy, Anna Marie Formoso Dicen and Jocelyn Fuentes Hubilla

Economics of underdevelopment: dependence theory and the Philippine experience, Noel C. Flores

Consumerism and the socio-economic condition in the Philippines, Loida U. Garde

Rural bank deposits as an indicator of rural growth, Sheila Glinoga and Pattricia L. Sarmiento

A study of selected occupational wage differential between the government and the private sector in Metro Manila, Jessie Guevarra and Noriel Avinante

ASEAN : Economic integration or economic cooperation, Edgardo C. Inocencio

The Philippine National Railways: a case study of competition, Ma. Milagros V. Jimenez

An economic assessment of the Philippine Export Processing Zones, Guia B. Librojo

An analysis of the adequacy of international reserves in the Philippines, Alexandet Lim and Ma. Rosario Zalamea

Toward a Philippine saving function, Hui Lim Lim and Norbert Son

Toward a Phil. saying function, Lim Hui Lim and N. Son

Income effects of the Alcogas Program to the major producers of the sugar industry, Martin C. Llado

The interindustry wage structure in the Philippines, 1972-1977, Alice Chiok Lo and Freddie C. Sotto

The semiconductor industry: growth and long term prospects, Leonides O. Lopez

Urban unemployment: the case of the National Capital Region, Marie Grace Madamba and Maria Lolita Toledo

A study on child employment in the City of Manila, Rogelio Constantino Medina and Carlos P. Leano IV

An evaluation of dumping cases in the Philippines, Margarita E. Mendoza

Overseas employment: Effects on the quality of the Philippine labor force, Charles C. Ngan and Alan S. Yu

An analysis of Philippines trade with the ASEAN: 1971-1981, Kwan-Lam Niu

Impact analysis of municipal water utilities: a case study of the Los Banos water district, Gerardo L. U. Onate

A five-year financial plan for Anflocars, Incorporated, Ma. J. Corazon O. Ordono

The Export Incentives Act: its effects on export performance, 1970-1982, Arnaldo Emerito Palad and Jose Ma. Villaescusa

A critical study of the impact of the new policy guidelines governing peso borrowings by multinational corporations (1975-1982), Emmanuel Peña Jr. and Debbie Marbella

Internal revenue allotments and its revenue-sharing effects on selected cities of Metro Manila, Paulita Rosario L. Pinto

The issue of international technology transfer and the transfer of technology in the Philippines, Roy M. Regala and Virgilio Buan

The policy-making influence of multinationals in the Philippines, Catherine D. Serra

Impact of the government on the motion picture industry in the Philippines, Irvin Raymundo S. Soria

Int'l trade and the national income multiplier, Wei Yi Szi

Kahn's employment multiflier: its relation with Philippine local investments, Edwin H. Tan

A study of the relationship between female employment and fertility in selected urban squatter area, Jane Yap and Ma. Susana A. Zaldarriaga

Theses/Dissertations from 1982

A proposition to operate the De La Salle University Food center under a cooperative form of business organization, Michael T. Ang and Jourdan T. Lim

Government intervention in business in the Philippines: The extent and implication, Jose Mari Banzon

The determinants of profit levels in the rural banking system of the Philippines, Ma. Corazon Bautista and Ma. Carolina Ibanez

A study on consumer groups in the Philippines, Jose Emelito Bernabe and Manuel Liwanag