Theses/Dissertations from 2021

The impact of a credit cooperative in Barangay San Dionisio, Paranaque, Metro Manila, Lorna Flores and Ma. Angela Resma

Theses/Dissertations from 2019


Gender distinction in language and gender occupational segregation, Marvin Kaiser C. Sy

Theses/Dissertations from 2014

Estimating the cost efficiency of the microalgae drying process using the conventional oven and the infrared technology, Kara Colleen D. Bea, Wilbur Osmar T. Chua, Paula Louise A. Inofre, and Sophia Maria Antoinette P. Ordoñez

Theses/Dissertations from 2013

The determinants of cross-border debt investments in ASEAN+3: A gravity model approach, Rorian. Pratyaksa

Theses/Dissertations from 2009

Exploring the relationship between the different rice stocks and the amount of rainfall to the price of rice in the Philippines, Mika Nicole B. Tatad

Theses/Dissertations from 2007

A study on the quantity-quality trade-off between family size and the educational attainment of children in the Philippines, Carlo V. Arquiza

Determinants of capital structure in ASEAN5 +3: a study of cross-country portability of financing theories and the impact of institutional factors in ASEAN5 +3 firm's financing decisions, Maria Victoria Cuevas and Abigail Tan

An empirical study on the effect of emigration on wages in the Philippines for the year 2003, Kristine S. Go and Jassen Ralph A. Lee

Measuring the effects of patent law reform on the level of innovative activity: The case of the 1997 Philippine Patent Reform, Karen S. Pascual and Pamela L. Yee

Theses/Dissertations from 2006

Analysis of the impact of economic determinants of environmental degradation in the Philippines: A single country assessment of the environmental Kuznets curve, Jerom Abello

A comprehensive model of determinants of competitiveness in the Philippine garments industry: An inter-firm analysis, Amabel Nonna C. Adviento and Anne Francis S. Cortes

Determinants of the demand function for the Philippine containerized domestic shipping industry to five Asian countries, Fritz Capistrano and Joseph Panganiban

Empirical evidence on the existence of the Philippine underground economy using the Ramsey reset procedure, Ma. Francesca Angela M. David and Beltran Paolo

Theses/Dissertations from 2005

Research assistant paper: Problems of finance companies, investment banks and venture capital firms: Philippine context, Kristoffer Joseph E. Aquino

Research assistant paper: An analysis of fiscal crisis in the Philippines, Gemicks Ace T. Bueno and Jose J. Lopez

Structure of employment in the Philippines: A trend analysis from 1970 to 2002, Jia-da Cai and Julia Lorena D. Manrique

Income-led exports or export-led income: An empirical and causality analysis between economic growth and exports, Antonio M. Concepcion Jr. and James Adrine C. De Leon

Research assistant paper: Descriptive profile of international tourist arrivals to the Philippines, Floryann M. Diaz

A multinomial logit analysis of the economic and demographic determinants of international location choice of Filipino labor migrants, Maria Czarina Theresa M. Geraldez and Sarah Jayne O. Guiaco

Research assistant paper : A comparative study of the export promotion program of the Center for International Trade Expositions and Mission (CITEM) and other export promotion agencies, Athena Marie D. Mejia

An assessment on the performance of export processing zones to Philippine development: The case of the Philippine economic zone authority, Leonardo P. So

Research assistant paper: Modeling consumer demand behavior in the Philippine setting using the Rotterdam model, Liana Lyssa Tayag

Theses/Dissertations from 2004

An analysis of bilateral trade flows and the potentials for integration in the East Asian region using the gravity equation model, Ben-Ariel Miguel P. Cabigas

Philippine stock market volatility, Nicoe C. Canson

An analysis of economies of scale and efficiency in Philippine state universities and colleges, Juan Manuel L. Chan and Abigail Orense

The sustained logistics development program of the development bank of the Philippines, Myrna Victoria R. Chungtuyco

The economics of natural monopoly, Arianne Laurice De Guzman and Margarita N. Gutierrez

A study on the effects of foreign bank entry to the performance of domestic banks in the Philippine commercial banking industry, Aarichela dela Cruz

An analysis of factors affecting student's choice of collegiate schools, Bernardo V. De Leon and Jofre Z. Andrion

A preliminary analysis on the evolution of international production networks in East Asia, Jose Ellson C. Uy

Identifying the role of government in economic development: The case of Department of Trade and Industry's Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions and the Philippine Economic Zone Authority, Maria Anna P. Zalazar

Theses/Dissertations from 2003

Within school allocation, class size, attendance, school readiness and gains in student achievement: Estimation using individual student data from Manila, Alvin Joseph A. Arogo

A break-even analysis of the costs of the three major campuses of the Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, Maria Edna-li A. Asanias

A firm level analysis using the survey of Philippines industry and the asian financial crisis: Electronics industry, Moses Chiong

The asian financial crisis: Impact on firms in the Philippine food industry, Jean Paul R. Diaz

Dynamics of exchange rate: Analysis of exchange rate relationships among four selected Asian currencies, Katrina Favor

A regional comparison of the effects of selected child characteristics on the schooling propensity of working children, Tabitha Louise B. Katigbak

Policy paper: Utilization of OFW remittances from the labor export industry for the development of small and medium enterprises, John Paul Tanchanco

Gendered courses: An analysis into the existence, extent and causes of an earnings gap within De La Salle academe, Stephanie Sarah M. Tan

The Asian financial crisis: Impact on firms in the Philippine garment and textile industry, Walter Lao Uy

Theses/Dissertations from 2002

Rethinking the industry cluster framework: A cost-productivity approach, John Paul Aguinaldo and Mark John Joven

Amount of each type of paper to produce that would maximize profit of Intercontinental Paper Industries, Incorporated in its paper milling operations, Alpha Angela G. Amparo

The role of human capital in labor productivity growth, Whiazel Porquerino Chan

A regression analysis on rice farming production with regards to modern rice varieties, fertilizers, pesticides, and land area affecting the rice production levels in the Philippines (1967-1997), Philip Anthony M. Corro and Jan Freidrich H. Gatus

The macroeconomic performance of selected Asian countries before and after the Asian financial crisis of 1997, Ser Lester A. Cruz

Real estate project analysis: Obtaining the optimal strategy through PERT and CPM, Ana Fe Esteban

Accessibility of the primary health care services to every Filipinos and its impact on their health status, Gian Marco Ley and Francis Michael Walter B. Lardizabal

Estimating determinants of fertility using aggregate data: An application to high, middle and low income countries, Chun Shing Wong

Theses/Dissertations from 2001

An empirical investigation of the existence of excess volatility in the Philippine stock market, Brian Co

Empirical analysis of household demand for food in Southern Bukidnon province, Gerard U. Gregorio

An evaluation of the effects of minimum wages on the general wage structure in the Philippines, Luis Guillermo C. Roxas

Theses/Dissertations from 2000

A study on the significance in income and quality of life of upland ethnic households of Kanawan and lowland farming household of Poblacion in Morong, Bataan and the factors contributing to these., Menjie Marie Allena and Lily Mae Encabo

A regression analysis of environmental stringency and variables affecting it on the agricultural sector of the Philippines from years 1956-1996, Fritzie B. Arreola and Arolenne O. Honorica

An analysis of the willingness to transfer of the undergraduate students of De La Salle University to the Canlubang campus, Angela May G. Ayson and Candice T. Castro

The probable effect of the change in the electricity rates once the National Power Corporation has been privatized to the allocation of household expenditures on utilities., Sara Jane Bordeos and Omar Reyes

An analysis on attributes of low-cost housing that affect default rates: An application of the hedonic pricing model, Alexis Buguis and Paolo Giovanni Olivares

An evaluation of the effect of social security contribution to the consumption behavior of the household in the Philippines, Patrick Q. De Jesus and Ryan Frederic C. Lorenzo

The deterrent effects of a brain drain tax on the propensity of skilled labor in the Philippines to emigrate, Tracy Z. Felipe and Maria Elena C. Lachica

An analysis of the determinants of the demand for nursing courses in the Philippines, Martin R. Grau and Ritzie Santiago A. Pablo

A room of their own: A study on the relationship of disposable income and other smoking behavior related variables of students and their demand for a smoking facility in De La Salle University, Christian Anne C. Madrid and Cecilia Criselda A. Valenzuela

An empirical approach in analyzing the consumption expenditures of agricultural households in Southern Bukidnon province, Marius Jovinus Ian Sadicon and Kevin Nathaniel N. Co

The determinants of student performance: A case study in time-allocation of the undergraduate economics major students of De La Salle University, Clarence U. Solaña and Paolo Miguel S. Villarroel

A qualitative analysis on the impacts of the Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999 on Luzon-and Mindanao-based diesel power plants., Jordanne Maris D. Suganob and Adrian B. Barrientos

Theses/Dissertations from 1999

The seasonal analysis of the quarterly data of the components of personal consumption expenditure of the Philippines, Boris Aldeguer and Benito C. Reverente

The effects of the presence of mother substitutes on educated mothers labor force participation rate in the formal sector and the households demand for children evidence from urban Las Pinas, Muntinlupa, and Cavite Philippines, Frances Ana Alido and Francis Frederick Lacap

Determining the impact of government expenditures on personal income tax administration, Charles Ching and Katrine Gotua

Isang komprehensibong pag-aaral sa karakteristiko ng kabataang paggawa at ang pagsuri sa mga baryabol na may impluwensiya upang mag-suplay ang mga households sa Cordillera Administrative Region ng kabataang manggagawa., Johannes L. Chua

The economic factors affecting the demand for driving in Metro Manila of private and public vehicle owners, Cielo David and Diwata Jones

Discussing infant mortality and female education across selected asian economies, Roberto Angelo M. Delfino

Determining whether there are symmetrical views by La Sallian Catholics and non-Catholics with regard to environmental protection, Joseph Christian G. Del Rosario and Victoria Ann L. Ibaviosa

Female ingenuity: A study on the role of economic factors vis-a-vis other factors in motivating women to transfer from formal to informal labor sector, Claire Marie G. Gallardo and Irene Sofia Gloria G. Nicolas

An analytical study on the impact of the number of landholdings on productivity of rice farms in the thirteen regions of the Philippines for the years 1988-1991, Rena Mashelle I. Garcia and Stephanie Kathrina S. Sy

The impact of inflation tax on individual income tax collection, Maricar Paz M. Garde and Maria Cecilia Santos

Balik sa bakuran: A comparability study on the factors that affect the market demand of traditional medicine and the market acceptability of the tabletized herbal medicines accepted by the Department of Health in the rural community of Puerto Pincesa, Palawan and Metro Manila, Maria Rosario Aileen Ifurung

An analysis on the determinants of interregional migration in the Philippines, Joseph Raymond R. Jamias

Domestic resource cost of the tanning industry in Bulacan: A comparative advantage analysis, Mark Philip Yasuhiro Mizuse

Identification of the key sectors of the 1985 national accounts of the Philippines using input-output analysis, Therese Brennicar C. Ramirez

An analysis on the economic incentives and disincentives affecting the quality of family life in the New Family Code, Rhea Lyn Roberto Rosal and Arthur Medina Evangelista

Forecasting rice security in the Philippines for the year 1999 to 2020: An application of the trend-line fitting and forecasting techniques, Emmanuel John San Luis and Anthony Kendrick Ong

Theses/Dissertations from 1998

Determining the lag effects of the Dubai sport crude price and the nominal exchange rate on the oil price stabilization fund, Priscilla Besana

Cointegration study on the stock market price index and the exchange rate of selected ASEAN countries, Jo Anne Maria V. Lobo and Ken O. Tanaka

Theses/Dissertations from 1997

Married women's time allocation between market work and house work: A case study of Makati-based licensed agents of Philippine-American Insurance Company, Mylene C. Apostol and Claudette Sebollena

A cross-sectional study on the determinants of price for office space and residential condominiums located in the central business districts of Ortigas and Makati, Alvin Mark Bol and Santiago Antonio Go

The impact of children's dependency burden on consumption and savings in households of Malate, Manila, Josefina S. Gregorio and Janis Medina

The initial transitional effects of liberalization on the life insurance industry, John Gilbert B. Jose

An application of the effective rate of protection in measuring the probable effect of tariffication, Raphael Chiu Ng

A research study on the interaction of trading and price fluctuation of stocks, Ronald Nino Alcantara Obach

A preliminary study on the level of understanding of basic economic concepts in three leading universities in the Philippines, Arvin Jose C. Reyes

A descriptive analysis of selected variables affecting the employment-fertility relationship of working women in Metro Manila, 1996, Erika Regina V. Verzola

Theses/Dissertations from 1996

A study on the empirical fit of the Cobb-Douglas Production function to three industries with different factor intensities, Mary Antonette L. De Ramos and Nisa Yvette R. Lim

The relationship between domestic production and importation of rice in the Philippines: A regression analysis from 1970-1991, Vincent Gerald Y. Garcia and Ronald B. Paguta

An analysis of the socioeconomic factors which influence fish farmers' willingness to join aquaculture cooperatives, Richard D. Lumagui and Geminiano Noche

Determining the amount of male-female wage differential in selected jobs based on the concept of comparable worth, Jeanette Uy

Theses/Dissertations from 1995

An analysis on the loan repayment of small farmers using formal credit market in several barangays of Mabalacat, Pampanga, Bernadette Aquilos and Marianne Santos

A comparative review on the direct investments, the trade balance, and the exports to the exchange rates of selected ASEAN countries: Its relation and impact, Don Ramon Bagatsing and Cristopher Pacheco

An analysis of the export propensity of multinational enterprises in the Philippine manufacturing sector, Andrew S. Boado

Earnings of the informal trade and service sectors in Divisoria, Michael Riguera Casimiro and Jose Marlon Pascual Vergara

The basis of wage determination in the manufacturing sector: Its implications on wage discrimination across gender, Cheryl Mae Del Rosario and Mary Agnes Kalalo

A study on the factors affecting the export production of garments in the Philippines as compared to Thailand and Indonesia, for the years 1975-1991, Jannie Gareza and Eliza Tang

A study of the socio-demographic profile of senior medical students of the De La Salle University Medical Center and their probability to migrate to the U.S.A. for future employment and higher education., Amando D. Gurango and Felices Betina Marcelo