Theses/Dissertations from 1995

A long-run analysis of personal consumption expenditure in Philippines, Agnes Nina L. Lucila and Irene H. Mojica

An analysis on the role of the stockmarket in savings mobilization, Alvin Brian So

Analyzing the economies of scale in two telephone companies, Irene C. Ting

An econometric analysis of the determinants of the migration of Filipino health professionals, particularly doctors and nurses, from 1979 to 1994, Felix Cicero C. Tiukinhoy and Warren L. Rivera

Theses/Dissertations from 1994

An analysis of the Smith-Halvorsen shadow price model as an index of forest log scarcity in the Philippines for the years 1971 to 1990, Willowyn Pedro Andaya and Amparo Cupcupin Rio

A study on the forms of structural adjustment planned to be undertaken by affected firms in the Philippine textile industry in response to recent trends toward trade liberalization with special reference to the Asean free trade area and the GATT-Uruguay round, Melanie Bunye and Mark Capitan

Analyzing the scale of production and relative performances of a sample of ten (10) steel bar manufacturing firms, Kathleen G. Dy and Jose Bayani E. Toling

The construction of a computer-aided-instruction program in basic economics for college students, Benjamin Francis Q. Jalandoni

An inquiry into the software industry: A resource analysis using survey data, Lamberto Meer Jr. and Dennis Tiangco

An empirical analysis of the factors which affect the utilization of health care services in the University of the Philippines Health Maintenance Organization, Giancarlo C. Panganiban and Gemma C. Robles

Theses/Dissertations from 1993

An inquiry into the export processing zones in four regions of the Philippines: Some spatial and resource allocation effects on migratory patterns for the years 1981-1989, Natalie Joy L. Alvarez and Julie-Anne Marie S. Villena

An analysis on the effectiveness of the Philippine Amanah Bank in financial intermediation, Reydel B. Alvarez and Liza Ramona C. Barrios

An evaluation of the potential sources of funds that may be utilized to upgrade the minimum basic salary of elementary and secondary public school teachers, Agnes Cristina Apostol

An analysis of the demand for electricity in aquaculture and its sectoral policy implications for rural electrification and development, Stella Araneta

An analysis of the factors affecting the sales performance of passenger cars and the evaluation of the car development program of the Philippines, Edgardo Aranjuez and Alma Ll. Buentipo

The determination of comparative advantage in the textiles and furniture and fixtures industries in the context of the common effective preferential tariff (CEPT) scheme of the ASEAN free trade area, Ramon Miguel Barredo and Darius Mendoza

A comparative analysis on the effectiveness of Philippine Amanah Bank and Bank of the Philippine Islands in financial intermediation from 1980 up to 1990, Aristotle I. Cruz

The income distribution effect of the minimum wage law across income classes in the Philippines from 1985 to 1988, Antonio Velasco Guevarra

An analysis of the changes in energy intensity of the major economic sectors for the years 1981 and 1988: Across several countries, Joanne G. Hernandez and Ma. Michelle C. Sta. Rosa

An estimation of the economic rent of the 1993 P.B.A. players, Stephen C. King and Marco Januz Sauler

An adjustment of the fiscal deficit from the consolidated public sector deficit (CPSD) to the operational deficit: A study of the impact of inflation on the levels of government expenditures and its significance, Jorge Gary L. Manansala and Edwin Albert T. Valles

An analysis of the relationship between foreign direct investments and export performance of selected Asian countries, 1965-1990, Augustus Santos and Jose Mari Silva

Estimating movements in per capita income, rate of industrialization, exports, and investment-output ratio using a systems of equations under the Salvatore model, Fe D. Soriano and Ma. Clarissa T. Gutierrez

Theses/Dissertations from 1992

An analysis of the various modes of informal activities in the garment industry, Ricerma B. Cruz and Ma. Cheryl T. Dela Cruz

An evaluation of financial policies affecting the scales operations of Metro Manila pawnshops (1987-1989), Rogelio T. Cruz and Sherrington T. Chualim

The effects of the second Manila Port project-South Harbor rehabilitation scheme on the Philippine economy: A cost-benefit analysis, Rowena R. Enriquez and Salvador Tan

An analysis of the effects of exchange rates, domestic and foreign real income, and trade policies on the trade balance of selected ASEAN countries, Andrew Gasataya

An analysis of the impact of Filipino management on the output of the ready-to-wear garments firms in the top 2000 corporations within Metro Manila, Luis Antonio Hilado and Justin Enrico Sales

The problem of environmental costs: An analysis of the social costs of soil erosion through the rapid utilization of the uplands in the Philippines, Anu Kalyanaraman

An evaluation and forecast of copper production in the Philippines (1976-2009), Rhea Rosales Miranda and Anna Marie Martinez Ramos

An analysis of the correlation between public investment expenditures and the budget deficit at the national and regional level, 1981-1991, Carlo T. Ortiz and John Y. Poon

Backward and forward linkages in Philippine domestic industries: An analysis on agro-industrial integration, German Vincent R. Pulgar and Eleanor S. Salumbre

A comparative study of the impact of currency devaluation on the performance of the principal export of the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, Victor Carlos G. So

Theses/Dissertations from 1991

Towards the popularization key economic terms through komiks using Tullao's Diksyunaryo sa ekonomiks, Ronald Ray C. Agoncillo and Oliver G. Uy

Integrating economic impacts of selected environmental issues through the medium komiks, Rowena P. Barte and Aimee C. Mauricio

A regression model on the factors affecting production volume in the coconut industry: An assessment of the effects of Philippine macroeconomic policies, Mercy C. Bos

A study on the factors affecting the demand for the Philippine coconut exports to the European economic community for the period 1970 to 1986., Luis. Cruz

The existing fertilizer market structure in the Philippines and its relation to agricultural production: An inquiry, Melissa R. De Leon and Nancy K. Siy

A study into the market concentration of selected savings and mortgage banks in Metro Manila, Faith Marie Dizon and Nancy S. Ongaigui

An analysis of the determinants of savings generation in the Philippines, 1970-1989, Svetlana F. Libunao and Nadia Salarza

Employment impact of the plywood export surge: The case of Indonesia, Sigit Tarunokusumo and Martin G. Mulwanto

The effects of internal migration to the transport problem in Metro Manila: A demand analysis, John Gerard Villa and Greg Lugapo

Theses/Dissertations from 1990

Mga salik na nakakaapekto sa gastos pagkain, Reyna L. Albar and Svetlana L. Malabanan

An empirical test on some of the theoretical correlates of population growth rate, Anne S. Averia and Rene Q. Delos Santos

A critical analysis of the Philippine textile industry, Jeanne U. Bautista and Francis David S. Araneta

The Philippine garment export industry: an analysis, Victoria C. Bayungan and Annabelle C. Sta. Maria

A study on the impact of rising energy cost on trade and economic growth in the manufacturing sector in the Philippines from 1973 to 1987., Lourdes S. Cabrera

An assessment of welfare in the Philippines as measured by the physical quality of life index (1965-1988), Malathie Disanayaka and Mohammad I. Danuningrat

The Philippine ramie export: A demand analysis, 1973-1984, Alexis K. Javelosa Jr. and Jonas Florentino L. Cabochan

Development rationale of official development assistance re-examined ., Aurora. Medina

Energy multipliers for the Philippine economy., Rene Joseph. Ner

An analysis of the fiscal policy of the Aquino government, Wilbert L. Nuqui and Atanacio Ampig III

An economic analysis of the PCSO lottery., Daniel A. Ongchoco

A comparative analysis on the effects of salaries and wages on labor productivity across subsectors of industry from 1970-1986., Victoria Antonette Gomez Perez

Estimating the gross output of eighteen manufacturing subsectors in the Philippines, Proceso J. Ramos Jr. and Doris T. Villanueva

Inflation-unemployment trade off: The South Korean experience., Jose Jordan M. Villanueva

Consumption functions comparison for fourteen countries., Nelson C. Zacarias

Theses/Dissertations from 1989

Immiserizing promotion: Myth or reality? An inquiry into the implicit monetary contributions of professors of the De La Salle University for the past two decades, Nelson Acebo and Renato Co

A quarterly inflation model for the Philippines : 1981-1988., Melissa M. Barreta

Applicability of Keynes and Engel's law to north Daang Hari: A case study, Precious Tricia T. Cheng and Preciosa Calaguas Punsal

A study on the effects of foreign direct investment on economic growth and domestic savings, 1974-1988, Billie Chua and Jennifer Facunda

A analysis of Philippine inter-regional migration determinants., Mary Jesselyn D. Co

The Philippine car industry: A demand and supply analysis, Raymund M. Consing and Jose Benjamin Benaldo

The National Power Corporation: A case of government intervention in the electric utility sector, Patricia Barbara Dehesa and Richard Lim

Student contact hours: An alternative basis for revenue and other expenses allocation per college in De La Salle University, Paul Elwell and Leonardo Jose M. Gonzalez

The urban underground economy: An analysis, Enrique Jose Enriquez

The effects of selected socio-economic indicators and local government allocation on the gross domestic product of the Mindanao Region, Isidro T. Fojas and Joseph Erwin J. Gregorio

The domestic resource cost of prawn production in Negros Occidental: A case study of comparative advantage, Franklin Gomez and Shennan A. Sy

An analysis on the provision of public hospital services in Metro Manila, Lalaine A. Ilagan and Ma. Rosario T. Santos

Crop sector's productivity analysis and measurement: Philippine experience (1960-1980), Eugene Javellana and Lovee Kiok

Philippine stock market: Its link to selected foreign stock market, John John Lee and Jovenson Ong

An analysis of the effects of income and consumption on the migration from Region IV to NRC., Paul Michael Raymond E. Milanes

Savings mobilization through financial development : a study of personal savings structure in the Philippines (1960-1986)., Jose Victor. San Mateo

A system analysis on the Tulong sa Tao Loan Assistance Program, Elsie Fara Uy Shih and Cecilia M. Donato

The determinants of health expenditures in the Philippines: An analysis, Joji Andrea U. Tiu

An analysis of the demand for petroleum in the Philippines (1973-1987), Medel B. Trias

The impact of the flexible interest rate policy on the flow of funds in the financial sector, Justino Tuazon and Peter Vidal

An analysis on the export earnings of the Philippine fresh banana export industry 1967 to 1987, Kevin Ty and Gerardo Salvacion

Theses/Dissertations from 1988

An analysis of the productivity of sugar lands in the Philippines from 1973-1987, Gregorio E. Balatan and Edyson Recato Dy

The implication of the fiscal incentives on a textile and semiconductor firm, Merlita A. Catapang

The Philippine mode of agricultural production and its implication on trade, Juanito De Castro and Ferdinand Sampol

A study on the effect of petroleum price changes on the Philippine economy (1973-1987), Christine T. Dee Huat

A case analysis of the capital structure of eight small scale wood furniture enterprises in Caloocan City, Virna Dimaano and Michael Manalang

A case of scavenging in Smokey Mountain: An economic prospective, Regina Sy Facunda and Maya Jiandani

The Philippine social security system: incentive effects on investment on human capital, Sheila Jane A. Fetalino and Laurence S. Tan

The economic impact of the U.S. military bases in the Philippine on the local economy of Angeles City and Olongapo City, Joselino G. Gaerlan and Edwina M. Sanchez

An analysis on the variables affecting the size of the informal sector, Lizatte Q. Glinoga and Ma. Cecilia I. Olivas

A study on factors affecting foreign direct investment in the Philippines, 1972-1986, Patrocinia Dominguez Ilang-Ilang and Melorie Maida Monina Masiglat Sacro

Analysis of agricultural, industrial, trade and services sectors, land and labor productivities on the economic development of Western Visayas (1978-1985), Pancracio Roa Jayme and Mario De Venecia Santos

The major constraints and their influence on rural savings mobilization of rural banks, Irene Lee and Concepcion Miranda

A study of government agencies efficiency of ODA loan utilization from IBRD, ADB and KFW, Ariel V. Malabag

Financing free quality secondary public education in the National Capital Region: A problem of allocation, Martin D. Mijares and Johanna R. San Luis

Price determination of drugs, Philippines, Rinaldi M. Nicasio

The economics of Calapan Farm Family Marketing Cooperative: A case study, Romeo L. Paner

An evaluation of the welfare effects of the NHA Slum Improvement Program in Leveriza: The case study of Barangay 721, Mikhael K. Pastores and Elaine Bernaln V. Sagsagat

An economic analysis of the Philippine external debt (1970-1987), Gerry Valenciano and Arturo Martinez

Theses/Dissertations from 1987

Exchange rate: A factor to consider in order to pursue export promotions for fresh and processed foods, Mary Rosalind A. Alarca and Louella S. Basconcillo

A study of subsistence level, threshold family income and the minimum wage, Marie Nieves Alvarez

An analysis of the pattern of the Philippine-Japan trade, Maita D. Bartolome and Jessalynn S. Lim

An analysis on the effects of foreign aid on savings and investment in the Philippines, Denesh S. Bharwani and Reynaldo Yap