Sinaya: A Philippine Journal for Senior High School Teachers and Students

About This Journal

Sinaya is the flagship journal for senior high school teachers and students in the Philippines. It is a tri-annual refereed, open access, and bilingual (in English and Filipino) journal with the following themes: 1) Humanities, Arts, and Education; 2) Science and Technology; and, 3) Social Sciences and Business. It is a vision conceived by De La Salle University, De La Salle Santiago Zobel, and De La Salle Lipa’s commitment to contribute to knowledge creation by involving senior high school mentors and researchers.

According to UP Diksiyonaryong Filipino, “sinaya” means “isang pagdiriwang” and “unang huli ng bagong lambat.” Thus, this journal aims to celebrate the role of building a culture of research in basic education and to showcase the ideas, concepts, products, or capstone projects of young researchers, scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, and all budding scholars. It also highlights and promotes collaboration between teachers and students.

The journal accepts submissions all year round and publishes peer-reviewed articles. There will be no processing fee, publication fee, or any fees involved in the process and phases of the manuscript’s publication.