Submissions from 2022

Lundo ng lambat, Efren R. Abueg

Experiencing theory, Antonnette Talaue Arogo

The Filipino and his religion: a three module slides production with manual, Basilio P. Balajadia

Exploring the positive self and virtual relationship experience of emering Filipino Facebook users, Jim Rey R. Baloloy, Nannette Medel, Joanne Rachelle Valle, Filemon Cruz, and Chester Relleve


Resilience: Virtue in the unexpected wilderness, Agnes M. Brazal

Contemporary portrayals of the "Moro" in folk dramatizations in Spain, Central America, and the Philippines, Nikki S. Briones

ICJ arbitration of Southeast Asian territorial disputes and post-Cold War IR theories: A case for analytic eclecticism?, Nikki S. Briones

Si ninang at si ninong, Ernesto V. Carandang II

Limestone quarry site Taiheiyo Cement Philippine Corporation, San Fernando, Cebu: Archaeological impact assessment:, Center for Environmental, Social and Applied Research, Inc. and Ma. Teresa G. De Guzman

A historian of the marginalized, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Beyond the blame game, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Dance as a struggle for identity, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Ka Pepe Diokno @100, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Ka Pepe Diokno @100, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Lobbying for the marginalized, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Luna, the architect, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Majoha for Gomburza, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Memoir-writing in the Philippines, Michael Charleston B. Chua

'Pis siyabit' for peace and 'kaginhawahan', Michael Charleston B. Chua

Presidential memoirs in the Philippines, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Rivals, from the pages of PGMA's presidential memoirs, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Rizal Park Luneta and the fresh air of freedom, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Rizal Park Luneta and the fresh air of freedom, Michael Charleston B. Chua

The blame game, Michael Charleston B. Chua

The definitive book on Philippine architectural history, Michael Charleston B. Chua

'Under the stacks': A national bestseller, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Valuing the Fall of Bataan, Michael Charleston B. Chua

What we got wrong about the Battle of Pinaglabanan, Michael Charleston B. Chua

Sino ang may hiya at sino naman ang wala? Paunang pagtitibay sa panukat ng hiya bilang isang pagpapahalaga, Jose Antonio R. Clemente, Adrianne John R. Galang, and Alessandra T. Arpon

A new grand strategy for a new dangerous world, Renato Cruz De Castro

Effecting a civil-maritime regime in the Philippine archipelago, Renato Cruz De Castro

Will Mr. Marcos Jr. continue President Duterte's foreign policy?, Renato Cruz De Castro

"It is only watching, waiting, attention": Rethinking love with Alain Badiou and Simone Weil, Jeremy C. De Chavez

Participatory social development programs for Oriental and Occidental Mindoro, Ma. Tereas De Guzman

The faces of Mindoro: An ethnographic story of culture and development, Ma. Teresa De Guzman

Body and smell: Strategies of accommodation of the Ayta of Botolan Zambales, Ma. Teresa G. De Guzman

Faces of Mindoro: An ethnographic story of culture and development, Ma. Teresa G. De Guzman

Salvage archaeology in Brgy. Moraza Botolan Zambales, Ma. Teresa G. De Guzman

Is love doomed to fail? A phenomenological inquiry into the self-other relation in Sartre and Beauvoir, Noelle Leslie G. Dela Cruz

Shadow and evil in Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto, Noelle Leslie G. Dela Cruz


Dungaw: Re-imagined Religious Expression in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Fides DelCastillo, Clarence Darro del Castillo, and Jeff Clyde Corpuz

Contextual, inclusive, integrated and transformative formation and theological education: Stories and insights from IFRS graduates, Carolina C. Dionco

A reading of Isaiah 55: 1-3, Carolina C. Dioncp

Ang ganda ng Pilipinas = The Philippines is beautiful, Evangeline Alvarez Encabo

Damdaming mapaghimagsik, damdaming makabayan, Evangeline Alvarez Encabo

Disiplina ng batas militar = Discipline of martial law, Evangeline Alvarez Encabo

Lokal na pamahalaan = Local government, Evangeline Alvarez Encabo

Magandang pakiramdam = Good feeling, Evangeline Alvarez Encabo

Mga kaibigan sa pamayanan = Friends in the community, Evangeline Alvarez Encabo

Myembro ng pamilya = Members of the family, Evangeline Alvarez Encabo

Nakaempake ka na ba? = Have you packed already?, Evangeline Alvarez Encabo

Nasaan ang tamang daan? = Where is the right way?, Evangeline Alvarez Encabo

Pagtuturo ng wika at kultura Filipino sa labas ng klasrum: Estilong AFAP, Evangeline Alvarez Encabo

Saan ang punta mo? = Where are you going?, Evangeline Alvarez Encabo

Anticipating the social from the ecological: An ecoconstructionist reflection for sociology and environmental science, Dennis S. Erasga

Methodological promises of discourse analysis in Philippine environmental research, Dennis S. Erasga

Bumbay, kulambo and five-six: Narratives on the formation of a Sikh community in the Philippines, Darlene Machell de Leon Espeña

Historical memory and the Indonesian cinema: Pursuing what was "forgotten" and contesting what was "remembered" of the communist purge, Darlene Machell de Leon Espeña

ASP online: Promoting the archaeological studies program thru a website, Katherine Kang Esteves

Dizon I site (III-99-N) Porac, Pampanga: Site report, Katherine Kang Esteves

GIS and Philippine archaeology: What can be gained from the collaboration, Katherine Kang Esteves

The mummies of Kabayan: A site visit report, Katherine Kang Esteves

Kasal-lanan": Isang pagsusuri sa konseptong same sex marriage sa Pilipinas, Martin Joseph C. Esteves

Adolf Alix Jr.: Simple stories, gentle truths, Eden Estopace

The sweetest gift, Eden Estopace

A Philippine response to climate change: Possible strategies for mitigation and adaptation, Mark Richard D. Evidente

Strategies for active learning for social studies and social science courses: Specific to synthesis and integration process, Cecile C. Fadrigon

Itching for NIC-hood, Norris Z. Falguera

Sustainable agriculture: Saving the environment, Norris Z. Falguera

Politika at panitikan sa pananaw ni F. Sionil Jose: Isang pakikipanayam = Politics and literature from the point of view of F. Sionil Jose: An interview, Joshua Mariz B. Felicilda and Feorillo Petronilo A. Demeterio III

The moderating effect of spirituality on adolescents' strength of inner self coping, Katrina C. Fernando, Charisse Yap Tan, Rowena Marina Silva, and Maria Andrea S. Tirazona

Rediscovering the sense of pleasure in morality, Lorenz Moises J. Festin

The Ergon-Energeia perspective in the interpretation of Aristotle's eudaimonia, Lorenz Moises J. Festin

Trinity and Creation: The significance of the Neoplatonic and Aristotelian perspective, Lorenz Moises J. Festin

The need for public relations education and professionalization in ASEAN, Carlo Magno Figueroa

Amianan studies: Theory and perspectives, Ma. Crisanta Nelmida Flores

Koreanovela: Hallyu in the Philippines, Ma. Crisanta Nelmida Flores

Mga wika ng kahiwagaan, Ma. Crisanta Nelmida Flores

Pagsasaling pampanitikan: Mga ano, bakit at paano, Ma. Crisanta Nelmida Flores

English language training for call center representatives, Armi Rosalia Zamora Francia

Qualitative assessment of the psychosocial intervention sessions: analysis of patient insights and feedback, Cherry E. Frondozo, Gilda D. Lopez, and Zachele Marie Briones

Physiological and behavioral correltes of risk-taking, along with latent inhibition, predicts creativity: Preliminary evidence for the prosocial-psychopath model, Adrianne John R. Galang


The mental virus: An idea worth having, Adrianne John R. Galang

The rise and fall of the Pacquiao effect: Contrastive priming effects on national identification, Adrianne John R. Galang

The best part of going to the movies: An experiment on the effect of movie trailers on viewer choices, John Adrianne R. Galang

Arms control and conflict resolution as games : NATO-Russia security cooperation from 1990-2000, Edito C. Gan Jr.

Book review: Judge, David, Representation: Theory and practice in Britain ... 1999, Edito C. Gan Jr.

Special topics in IPE: Regional economic blocs, Edito C. Gan Jr.

The party factor in lower-house decisions on presidential impeachment cases in 2000 and 2005, Edito C. Gan Jr.

Kunwari ba o halimbawa, alin sa dalawa at ang kaso ng siya— Ilang "kalakaran" o "signal" sa gramatika ng Filipino, Maria Fe E. Gannaban

Mga manggagawang batang Pilipino: Sa sipat ng TV documentaries at ng lipunan, Fanny A. Garcia

Sustainable development indicators for global change in the Philippines: A multi-scale approach, Rodel D. Lasco, Rex Victor O. Cruz, Ma. Victoria O. Espaldon, and Maricel A. Tapia

Review: Downs, Anthony, An economic theory of democracy ... 1957 [and] ... The evolution of democracy ... 1987 ..., Edito C. Lim Jr.

A tipping point for Philippine competitiveness, Victor Andres C. Manhit

Future-proof graduates, Jesus Jay Miranda OP

CARP: A panacea or an added problem to the issue of land reform, Cecile C. Padrigon

Relatedness and competence in college students' response to perceived facilitators and inhibitors of learning, Melissa Lopez Reyes and Adrianne John R. Galang

Providing psychological services for children of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs): A challenge for school psychologists in the Philippines, Maria Caridad H. Tarroja and Katrina C. Fernando

PH political dynasties tighten grip on power, Julio C. Teehankee

Submissions from 2021

Ang lenggwaheng makalalaki sa sa babaeng misteryosa: Ilang pakahulugan sa imahen ng salita, Raquel Sison Buban