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Radial flow permeameter: a proposed apparatus to measure horizontal hydraulic gradient of fly-ash based geopolymer-soil mix
Jonathan R. Dungca, Winchell Dunley T. Lao, Matthew Lim, Wilson D. Lu, and Juan Carlos P. Redelicia


Conus striatus venom exhibits non-hepatotoxic and non-nephrotoxic potent analgesic activity in mice
Rofel Vincent S. Jagonia, Rejemae G. Dela Victoria, Lydia M. Bajo, and Roger S. Tan


Synthesis of a one-part geopolymer system for soil stabilizer using fly ash and volcanic ash
April Anne S. Tigue, Jonathan R. Dungca, Hirofumi Hinode, Winarto Kurniawan, and Michael Angelo B. Promentilla

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