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Master's Thesis

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Master of Business Administration

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Management Information Systems


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Management and Organization

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Jaime T. Cempron

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Benito L. Teehankee

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Mary Margaret O. Que
Patrick Adriel H. Arre


This Action Research paper aims to improve the records management in the Accounts Management Division C (AMDC) from being inefficient to efficient, effective and properly communicated with the employees. In coordination with my collaborators, we come up with a list of our goals which can resolve the identified issue on the need of AMDC to have an organized database of records and develop familiarity with the records management policies and procedures being implemented in the department. Through collaboration, we identified the issue and implemented various interventions. To achieve the intended change and resolution, we have executed the following: (1) creation of an inventory list of files and a database of records; (2) utilization of Documentary Tracking System; (3) creation of a database that will serve as a monitoring tool for records retention; and (4) familiarization of the guidelines regarding records management of the department. The conceptual frameworks that were used as a guide in doing this action research were 5S framework in combination with Kurt Lewin’s Change framework. These were operationalized from determining the objectives, action plan and discussion of results in stories and outcomes. This action research resulted in improved timeliness in processing the loans and credit transactions of my unit which will increase its productivity and performance to provide a quality service to the people.

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Records—Management; Management information systems

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