Janet B. Oab

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Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Linguistics

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Language and Literacy Education | Tourism


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


English and Applied Linguistics

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Mariane Jennifer M. Gaerlan

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Paolo Nino M. Valdez

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Jennifer Tan-de Ramos
Marilu R. Madrunio
Rochelle Irene G. Lucas
Jose Cristina M. Pariña


This study investigated Palawan's Prime Tourist investigation's Tourism landscapes and discourse. Employing Pennycook's (2007) Language as a local practice it highlighted the relationship between the language, locality and practice as to the determination of locale's identity through discourse, Quakenbush's (1989) language use and proficiency in multilingual setting was used and Bordieu's (1992) concept of linguistic capital and market was also included.

To comprehensively analyzed the discourse present in the tourism landscape, the study used quasi-descriptive quantitative and descriptive qualitative design employing causal interviews with tourism officers, observations, photo taking and textual analysis. Specifically, the study used 150 photographs or 50 photos taken from each of the chosen locales particularly in the city of Puerto Princesa and municipalities of Coron and El Nido as the primary sources of data. Furthermore, the data were classified into five genres such as tarpaulins, panaflex, wood, brochure and tshirt souvenir. Informed by Pennycook's (2007) language as a local practice in the tourism landscape it was found that as to the language choice, English language and the combination of both English and local languages were prevalently used in the landscapes. Highlighting the inevitability of the use of local language in the signs is tantamount to giving value and importance to the language, thus, making it stable and preserved. Moreover, textual and multimodal properties in the signages displayed clarity in terms of aesthetic presentations and linguistic efficacy. Further, existential authenticity and mobility were observable in the discourses of the landscapes were structured in non-hegemonic mechanism, and had established an inimitable identity of the Province.

Finally, linguistic landscapes investigation may be conducted using other approaches with consideration of other possible domains that could provide a different angle or perspective of their linguistic value.

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