16th DLSU Arts Congress
Engagement: Art, Memory, History / Ugnayan: Sining, Gunita, Kasaysayan
February 20-24, 2023
De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines


“Just as I once left the pinecone by the fence, I have since left my words on the door of so many people who were unknown to me, people in prison, or hunted, or alone.”

– Pablo Neruda, Nobel Laureate

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This arts congress seeks to explore the intersections of art, memory, and history, and beyond that, to engage with the public audience and the communities the work of the scholars and artists. Questions we raise include: How does art serve as an expression of memory, or a repository of a people’s experiences? What practices and interventions are deployed by the humanities and social sciences to extend art to the public sphere?  How does art serve as a reactionary agent to nurture public memory, or question it, and convey the truth of history? How does art perform a historiographic function in tearing the mats of silences in histories and in fashioning alternate weaves of motifs and narratives that make truer and distinctive the heritage and values of a people, of a nation, of the world? How can memories be preserved and archived in the twenty-first century, and assume a public role?


Subthemes cover, but are not limited to, the following:

Art and public celebration
Art and public mourning
Art and social justice: race, gender, class, ethnicity, environment, ableism, ageism
Art as testimony of violence and oppression
Art collectives: survivors, support, activism
Art, engagement, reconciliation
Art, memory, mobilities
Art, museum, and the public landscape
Art therapy and illness
Art, trauma, engagement
Archiving art and memory
Ethics of art and public engagement
Narratives of human rights
Performing spirituality through collective art
Politics of art production and the formation of knowledge
Public humanities: Critical imagination and the community
Questions of collective memory, collective history
Teaching public art
Work of art in the age of digital technology


  • Conference: keynote addresses, individual papers, panel presentations
  • Art exhibition: visual, multimedia (figurative, abstract, symbolism); film festival
  • Performances: cultural and artistic, solo and group
  • Other forms: workshops, testimonies on public art engagement, job fair and career talks

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Keynote Addresses, Individual Papers, Panel Presentations
Art Exhibition
Visual, Multimedia, Film Festival
Cultural and Artistic, Solo and Group
Other Forms
Workshops, Testimonies on public art engagement, job fair and career talks