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DLSU-AKI Policy Brief 2023-10-010

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Policy Brief

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DLSU-Angelo King Institute, Room 223, LS building, 2401 Taft Avenue, Manila 0922


Distance learning (DL) is a teaching-learning modality in which teaching occurs at a different place from learning (Moore & Diehl, 2018). Technology-supported distance learning (TDL) is DL in which learning contents—whether documents, videos, or games—are disseminated via the Internet, broadcast signals, or storage devices like USB drives and can be accessed by a learner any time after they have been received. These three kinds of TDL are called online DL (ODL), DL via datacasting (DLD), and electronic DL (EDL), respectively. Reproduction of learning materials is much faster and cheaper using TDL than traditional, paper-based DL.



Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Online and Distance Education


Philippines; Datacasting; Distance Learning; Basic Education

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