Submissions from 1985

A Look into the past (neo-Manileños), Diana Chua, Elizabeth Lee, Patrick Tan, and Arlene Yaptinchay

China crisis, Eunice Chua, Benison Y Cu, Edna Lee, Edison Ongpian, and Amelia Tan

The Man behind the scene, Jocelyn Chua, Cherry Ann Evasco, Lorelli Gutierrez, Raquel Macapagal, and Madeleine Marante

Chinese perceptions of Philippine realities, Peggy Chua, Melanie Cobankiat, Arlene G See, Henry Sy, Peter Tiope, and Steve Ventura

Chinese in the Philippines, Frederick Anthony Chu, Freddie T Chua, Abigail C Co So, Sandra L Ongsitco, and Edith P So

The Manila Gas Corporation : a thorough look at the pioneer in gas industry, Cynthia Co, Jeannie Dy, Maryann Dy, Ma Victoria Fadul, and Ma Cristina Gracilla

The week that was : the political state of the nation (Republic of the Philippines) at the eve of Martial Law (September 14-20, 1972) in the perspective of the Manila Times newspaper, Monique Consing and Raul R Artadi

Viewpoints, Shirley Co, Lyndon Co, Raffaelito Casyao, Richard Concepcion, Jameson Go, Mark Huang, Frederick Imson, and Dennis Sy

Alumnus of De La Salle University, Alan Wilfred P Cosio, Reich Oberiano, Fortunato Halili, Ko Yin Tsan, Jose Vicente Makalinao, Rene Miravite, and Sanjay Daryanani

Filipino-Chinese friendship ark, Zaldy Jojo T Co, Stephanie Gotuaco, Elena Sy, Henry Taguibao, Melina Tan, and Alexander Ting

Views..., Jonathan Dy, Cherish Garcia, Lourdes De Joya, Joy Elzingre, Lourdes Gelano, and Dion Cadiz

Everything you always wanted to know about Eng , but were afraid to ask : an interview with Mr. Antonio Abola, Teree Eugenio, Mike Garcia, Katigbak Aldy., Eric Munsayac, Angel Salva, Kelly Sia, and Alex J Llamas

Transcription of an interview with a male child prostitute from Ermita, age 16, Ronad Flores, Alain Cabrera, Joel Ching, and Chito Sadiwa

[An Interview with Nels Von Ebbe], Anna Garcia, John Koa, Leo Zabalerio, Nelson Von Ebbe, and Steven Neri

In this corner, weighing a million pounds in our hearts and memories, Gabriel Falsh Elorde, Dean Gerald S Gaviola, Theodore Soliman, Fidelito Magno, Robert Wong, and Peter Ronald Malvar

Humor in the Philippines, Judy Anne Gonzalez, Jocelyn Jacinto, Christine Sha, and Cynthia Villanueva

An Interview with Leonor Sevilla : [a golden heart for the detainees], Adora Guansing, Carmencita Obmina, Ana Melissa Ocampo, Jane Reyna, and Sylvia Sevilla

La Salle Green Hills, 1970-1972, Antonio Ma J Javier

Private world of Director Peregrino Reyes, Angela Ma Teresa P Jo, Jenette C Malauan, Maria Josefa M Riosa, Allan D Sunglao, and Anthony Evan A Lluch

Interview with Mrs. Lorna [Verano] Yap, Carlos V Jugo, Bernadette Co, Hector Crisostomo, Christine Densing, and Ma Elizabeth Sanchez

A Pioneer of La Salle : interview with Dr. Eduardo Deveza, Imroze Khan, Fernel Andong, Richard Kam, Rodolfo Calayan, Frederick Sales, and Erwin Trajano

Philippines-visitors point of view : [interview with Dr. Shiraj Hossain Khan, an agronomist], Imroze Khan, Fernel Andong, Richard Kam, Rodolfo Calayan, Frederick Sales, and Erwin Trajano

Consumer movement in the Philippines : [interview with Atty. Gregorio Fabros], Ann Kuizon, Grace Lim, Edgar Mangibin, Tyron Cabrera, and Evan Botigao

Cynthia Nolasco-- even to the most impossible, Charina Morales, Jose Eduardo Ricafrente, Janet Frias, Ela Gemma Jimeno, and Othello Jr Baluyot

PAEC ... way ahead, Woon Hung Ng, Alfredo Cacanando, Roland Gonda, Michael Ladiza, and Arthuro Rivas

An oral history project with Justice Corazon Agrava, Cecilia Ordoñez, Carmeli Mendoza, Rose Marie Da Silva, and Leo Jamias

It is not all that graft and corrupt... after all, Jennifer Ortega, Joanne Pangilinan, Raeann Co, Anna Marie Dulay, Elizabeth Eden Capulla, and Patricia Limbo

Oral history project : the future of the computer industry, Elizabeth T Peciller

The glorious past of the Japanese era... to the present, Ana Louella Santos, Ana Marie Magno, Cecilia Donato, and Ma Lourdes De Guzman

Colgate-Palmolive : a company to look at, Ma Sofia Tumambing, Nimfa Ugalino, Ricardo Jr. Perez, Joselito Nieves, and Arthur Palspas

Leandro Locsin : a man of art, Jonas Valdez, Maribel Franco, Ma Luisa Punsal, Frederick Macalino, Ma Theresa Brioso, and Jose Ricardo Castro

An interview : Mr. Morton Netzorg, George Zubiri and Adolf Alvarez

Submissions from 1984

An inside look : the Comelec in the 1984 elections, Raymund Abog, Peter Agcaoili, Darrel Ascaño, Jeffrey Go, Rommel Naive, and Francisco III Sibayan

The Other side of Eddie Katindig : composer of jazz music, Precy Acebedo, Bernadette Almeda, Corrine Hamoy, Carlos Hizon, Richard Mendez, Renato Jr Monfort, and Noel Ocampo

An Interview with Mr. Felipe R. Relucio, Bowing Alcantara, Marie Relucio, Eric Talag, Cha Victoriano, and Nancy Zara

An oral history project : Lourdes Adriatico De Leon, Ramon Carmelo V Alcira, Gregorio N III. De Chavez, Immanuel M Obispo, and Manolo P Hernal

An Oral interview with Mrs. Hilda Cruz Aldaba, Ramon H Aldaba, Luis R Cruz, Melissa Montilla, Loran Abanilla, Michael Jo, and Mike Blardony

Insights to reality, Sharin Almodovar, Cristina T Pe, Jaime D Ramos, and Genalin D Santiago

An Oral history project on the Christian Brothers of the De La Salle University based on interviews with Brother Andrew Gonzalez, Brother Rafael Donato, and Brother Rolando Dizon, Ramon Alonso, Carlos Callejo, Juan Miguel Ongsiako, and Gina Jalbuena

The pioneer's pioneer II, Roel Anastacio, William Dytan, Renato Ibaviosa, Daniel Santos, and Shanel Takahara

A Day with a monk, Gerhard Ang, Marvin Ko, Natalie Ngo, Rotina Ong, and Elizabeth Ramos

Mathematics of tomorrow, Mary Jennifer Y Ang, Melissa P Brillantes, Eileen Z David, and Fe Esperanza T Samson

Chinese schools in the Philippines, Rhody Belina P Ang, James Dy, Eddie Go, Elsie Sio, Dickson Sy, Jacinto Tan, and Mary Jone Tan

Scenes behind bars, Lyndon Aquino, Nolan Aniversario, and Conrado Talampas

An Interview with Mr. Domingo C. Abadilla, Constantine Azarcon, Ma Luisa Bautista, Renelito Bucad, Joy Cacha, and Arturo Jr Calizon

Youthful assemblyman, Constantine Azarcon, Onofre Ray De la Cruz, Rico De la Fuente, Stanley Laraño, Richard Pulmones, Mary Abegail M Tiausas, and Victoria F Yee

An Oral history project, liquified petroleum gas (LPG) as fuel, Melvin Balajadia, Lawrence Chua, Marilou Cua, and Jason Orquia

Contentment & simplicity : [interview with Dr. Alfredo Morales], Annabelle Baluyot, Ma Meredith Gana, Mary Ann Laguio, Bernadette Martinez, and Catherine Ruiz

[An interview with Mr. Fernie : a tricycle driver], Constantine M Bandril and Antonio Jr Syyap

The World an I.M.E. faces, Michael C Bayangos, Terence Tanlimco, Alvin Chang, Ronald Paulino, Zomil. Dominic M., Eusebio Dy, Bienvenido C Castaneda, and Eric Estabilio

DLSU computer science students' insights : a Chinese oral history project presented to Dr. Marcelino Foronda, Jose Antonio Bayquen, Lincoln Huang, Luis Lim, Jimmy Lin, and Jennifer Yap

Policy research and oriented work, Albee Benitez, Gerardo June Buan, Michael Laborada, and Noel Benitez

An Interview with Jose Javier Reyes, Sonny Bitong, Digna Cua, Cecilia Magbanua, Reginald Mendiola, and Nathaniel Siongco

[An Interview with Atty. Eusebio Cachero, A Cañaveral, N Cachero, A Casal, and R Naval

Electronics and communications engineering : a chat with a chairman, Winefredo Capilitan, Agustin Pian Ko, Steve C Molera, and Tze Fung Wong

Quo vadis, La Sallite?, Carlo Carmona, Edmond Chua, Dante F Cruz, Diosdado Jr Fernandez, David Uy, and Wendell Wee

An Interview with Mr. Angel Zonaga : General Manager of the Caltex Refinery, Maricar Celis, Ma Farina Escobin, Jose Alfredo Magbanua, and Jesselyn Protacio

A Couple, as Chinese writers : [Mr. and Mrs. Co Kai-Tze], Germilyn Go Cheng, Amelinda De Los Santos, Arthur Chung Muñoz, Benedicto Jr Lim, and William Uy

The Tan Yee clan, Grace Uy Cheng, Teresa Ong Chua, and Caroline Tan See

Magdalena, Alejandro Chua, Johannes Olano, Winston Ramos, and George Romero

An Oral history project in JP Rizal, John Leslie T Chua, Michael John Balaoing, Andrew Benolirao, Edsel La Rosa, and Symond Lim

An Oral history project band on an interview with an Ex Senator Salvador Doy Laurel, president of the United Nationalists Democratic Organization, Kevin Chua, Joel Arguelles, Roque Rocelo P Rabajante, Dominic Wong, and Jason Egwaras

The Watawat ng Lahi, Johannes Chuaunsu, Anton Luis Reyes, Robert Ronald Rodrigo, Telesforo Canedo, and Ronald Potenciano

An Interview with herbal doctor, Welfred Chua, Hong Yap Co, Tony Tiu Pua, and John Tan

An interview with Engineer Domingo Martinez, Alekos Chunaco, Ma Theresa Reario, Charlotte Robles, and Daniel Gregario Zinampan

Dr. Jose Rizal according to Dr. Jose Navarro, Edmund Bondad Claveria, Reynaldo Lampano, Alexander Navarro, and Allan Reyes

[An Interview with Dionisio Oplanio : a general manager of Chemical Dept., Nissho-Iwai Corporation], Emmanuel Concepcion, Thadeo Gazmen, Jaime Lim, Cecile Mascariña, and Carmen Zuluaga

Splinter in the mind's eye, Vince Voltaire M Dayrit, David John Sanares, Ruben Jr. Barroso, Jackson Martinez, Dino Francisco, Joseph Lacson, and Romel Gozos

From dreams to reality : the life and times of Leonardo S. Sarao, Glen De los Santos, Noel Abania, Wedelle Encarnacion, Mike Cruz, and Marlita Mata

Aguinaldo... : the first Filipino?, Marynel Desales, Bernardo Gregorio, Marino Napalan, and Fernando Rocha

Iglesia Watawat ng Lahi, Ma Elena Eloriaga, Eileen Mae Mendoza, Gina Mendoza., Vivian Ortiz, and Malu Vicente

Mr. Augustus A. Damian : a chemical engineer, Elsie Christina Eribal, Evangellista Armin., Raymond Ganotice, and Vincent Tan

An Oral history project : Mr. Anotnio Vasquez, Ronald T Estrada, Marcelino Tiangco, Vivian Q Adviento, Rolly Santos, and Ernest Soriano

Philosophy as an important form of art, Jeannette Evangelista and Carolina Lim

Ronald Remy and the Charismatic Movement, Eugenio Fernandez, Rolando A Santos, Clifford Faire, and Edwin Torres

Ramon Magsaysay : as recalled by his sister Soledad Magsaysay vda de Cabrera, Anthony Fresco, Paz Lomibao, Rita Millar, and Ernesto Sordan

An Interview with Prof. Leofoldo Yabes, Dinah Gatuslao, Elena Silao, Regina Reyes, Marvin Cui, and Martin Perez

Concept of cultural differences, Joseph Gonzales, Klemson Sy, Reginald E Santos, Ferdinand Teylan, and Efren Federico Saraza

[The Iglesia Watawat ng Lahi], Ana Gonzalez, Jeaneth Dacanay, Jose Maricel., and Rowena Nocom

An Interview with Mr. Ulpiano S. Tobias, Curator, Aklatan Rizaliana, Jonathan Gutierrez, Rolando Arceo, Rolando Espino, and Jose Antonio Borromeo

Interview with some of the low-income earners of our society, Purificacion Ibañez, Ma Irene Isidro, Ma Lourdes Musni, Mary Lynn Samson, and Grace Marie Velacruz

An Adherence of a caterer's notion, Ma Leonor Infante, Eleonor Lopez, Bernadette Nakpil, Chona Sandoval, and Marianne Vestal

An interview with Ben Farrales, Clara Jardiolin, Theresa Matias, Ana Catolico, Mitzi Reigner, Jon Vitug, Emmanuel Martinez, and Eugene Ang

Mercedes Tiba : former helper of Emilio Aguinaldo, Paolo Ma C Justo, Francis Pangilinan, Ma Concepcion B Pascual, and Arlene V Quijano

A proud La Sallite : interview with Alfonso de Lange, one of the oldest DLSU alumni, Ronald Kemmerling, Raymond Lombos, Eileen Austria, Lorna Burgos, Raquel Francisco, and May Pacio

Made in China- in the Philippines : [interview Dean Jorge Po, 38, in Fookienese], Georgina Elaine Lee, May Sherri Sy, Hedy L Tan, and Genaline Yu

Made in China- in the Philippines : [interview with Director of Student Activities Vivian Lee, Georgina Elaine Lee, May Sherri Sy, Hedy L Tan, and Genaline Yu

Views from the less fortunate about today's Philippine setting, Carolina Lim

An interview of a call boy, Marie Antoinette Lim, Allan Jesus Agustin, John Eleazar Zenarosa, and Gabriel Velasco

An interview [with] Mr. Sy Yin Chiao, writer : the beloved recollection of Mr. Sy Yin Chiao, Suzanne Lim, Phillip Te, and Anson Ang Tiu

Interview with Mary Ngo, 45, head, Chinese Dept., Xavier School, San Juan and Mr. Go Seng Guan, 77, principal, Philippine Cultural High School, Jose Abad Santos St., Manila (both in Fookienese), Wilfred Lim, Oliver Uy, Philip Te, Shirley Averia, Jenifer Limqueco, and Harry Dee

Oral history project JPRizal : an interview with Mrs. Remy Jimenez, Clarissa Lukban, Noelyn Santos, Susan Sta. Cruz, and Anne Marie Tan

Oral history project on Chinese acupuncture, Crisanto Medina, Raul Rumanlan, Lai Suet Sze, and Yuen Yu Tsang

Interview with Evelyn Vales Garcia : interior designer, Robert Navarro, Raymond Paderna, Sharon Reyes, Jaye Rojas, and Victor Tambunting

Fashion world : an insight, Christine Ongtenco, Ma Victoria Joven, Ma Erlinda Gozon, Jolly Ann Tuboro, and Ernesto Sordan

Mathematics made in the Philippines, Helen T Ornido, Leonor T Amacio, Maria Fe O Bandong, and Ma Crisanta R Lim

An Interview with Dr. Francisco Herbosa, Michael Pascual, Gregory John Torres, Gilbert Jose Guerrero, and Wilfrido Geronimo Pablo

[An Interview with John Price], John Richard Price, Ferdinand Eusebio, Joseph Anthony Teves, Antonio Soriano, and Virgilio Melendres

Fashion according to Cordero, Juan Sarte, Alan Umaly, Pablo Villa, and Edmar Cabuniag

The True Filipino martial arts, Gregorio B Sta. Maria, Edgar Mangibin, Christopher Lim, and Anna Marie Valera