Study on the impacts of online shopping values, web atmospheric cues, and electronic word-of-mouth on young millennials’ repurchase intention


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Marketing and Advertising Department

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2021 Asean University Network Business and Economics Virtual Conference

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Due to the advent of technology, the internet, and the recent crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, substantial growth in the Philippine E-Commerce Industry has become very evident; where it has changed the way individuals buy and sell their products and services. With these exponential changes in consumption patterns where face-to-face contact has significantly decreased, the use of online shopping platforms has become sensational.

This quantitative and cross-sectional research attempts to explore and investigate the impacts of Online Shopping Values, Web Atmospheric Cues, and Electronic Word-of-Mouth on E-Satisfaction, and the direct effect of E-Satisfaction to Young Millennials’ Repurchase Intention ages 24 to 31 years old, and currently residing in Metro Manila and in nearby provinces, and who are exposed to a particular online shopping platform. The study adopts Stimulus-Organism-Response (S-O-R) Model by Mehrabian and Rusell (1974) which is rooted in the Theory of Environmental Psychology.
From the survey findings, it is observed that internal influence (Utilitarian Shopping Value), and external influence (Effectiveness of Information Content), (Web Entertainment) have significant and a greater impact in shaping E-Satisfaction. Moreover, the study accentuates the significant effect of E-Satisfaction on Young Millennials’ Repurchase Intention using the same online platform.
Further, the results show that repurchase intention using the same online shopping platforms can be achieved if and only if e –retailers give more focus on the website environmental stimuli that stimulate and dictates their level of E-Satisfaction which affects the entire online shopping experience.



E-Commerce | Marketing


Consumer behavior; Consumers—Attitudes; Willingness to pay

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