Recalibrating service-learning program into pure online activity


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COVID19 pandemic has forced Higher Educational Institutions to recalibrate their syllabus into online learning. As De la Salle University (DLSU) prepares for online education, the Center for Social Concern and Action-Service Learning Program also must recalibrate its processes. To continuously remain relevant to society and its partner communities’ needs, it pursues its Lasallian Mission and, at the same time, effectively carries out its educational work. Relative to this challenge, service-learning, regarded to have effectively brought social awareness and empathy to students that substantially develop the Lasallian core values of faith, service, and communion, deepening their resolve to contribute a life-changing action to the plight of the poor and marginalized, must be conducted online, as well. While apprehensions to E-Service-Learning were due to its being new to DLSU, literature shows that it can be successfully done and can still deliver the traditional service-learning objectives. The “Type IV Extreme E-Service-Learning: Instruction and Service 100% Online”, identified by Waldner and colleagues, has been considered through an extensive literature review. This paper presents the recalibrated service-learning processes to match the pure online education setup of DLSU. Employing L.T. Burns’ modules of the service-learning program (preparation, action, reflection, and evaluation), I detailed the ESL process flow and its corresponding work instructions for both students and faculty. It carefully embedded the Lasallian Reflection Framework and Kolb’s model for experiential learning. ESL successfully emerged in its consistency to deliver student learning, project effectiveness, efficiency, Lasallian values, and program management.



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