Teacher image and career preference


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Educational Leadership and Management

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Proceedings of the Thirteenth OU-DLSU Academic Research Workshop

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The Congressional Commission on Education pinpointed out that Teacher Education Institutes (TEis) need to raise the quality of high school graduates who go into teaching since teachers have a key role in raising the quality of basic education. This was done by offering scholarships. But this attracted students who need financial assistance to enter college, regardless of their aptitudes and abilities. This study tried to explore how better performing students from high school could be attracted to the teaching profession. The researcher gathered information from three major islands of the country regarding 37 college of education students', 45 high school students' and 36 parents' (a) image of a TEACHER and the teaching profession and (b) career preferences of these persons, that TEis may use in formulating policies and strategies to improve teacher education. This two-year (2007 - 2008) qualitative research had two main parts: "teacher image" and " career preferences". Data gathering involved three methods: (a) Draw-a-Teacher exercise, (b) interview and (c) questionnaire. This study shows how financial crises, economics, gender, and opportunity to work abroad, could change demographic behavior of individuals and families as reflected by their image of a teacher and career preferences.



Teacher Education and Professional Development


Teaching—Vocational guidance—Philippines

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