Home monitoring system via short messaging service (SMS)


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

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Conference Proceeding

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Third Humanoid, Nanotechnology, Information Technology, Communication and Control Environment and Management (HNICEM) International Conference

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The Home Monitoring System via SMS was developed with the aim of developing a prototype that can control multiple inputs through the Short Message Service provided by GSM networks. A z8 Encore! 1 microcontroller was used to interface with a Nokia 63102 via its UART feature and also handles signals received from various sensors and controls relays and motors installed throughout a small-scale house that was designed specifically for the study to simulate everyday conditions. C-based software was written to handle AT commands used to communicate and control the Nokia 6310 and keep track of the various items monitored and controlled by the system. Through this, the system monitors and updates the user of the status of each element it oversees and is able to execute pre-defined commands received through SMS. This allows the user to open the windows, close an appliance or turn on the lights even from a remote distance using SMS. The Home monitoring system can communicate with anyone provided that the user has a GSM phone 011 hand. The system operates in two modes - when the user is present and is away - with each mode providing a different level of security.



Mechanical Engineering


Home automation; Text messaging (Cell phone systems); Security systems; Dwellings—Security measures

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