Integrating educational modules for children with chronic health and dental issues: Premise for community-based intervention framework in developing country


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Educational Leadership and Management

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International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research





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This paper consolidated the developmental initiatives and principles of two major researches conducted regarding children with disabilities in the Philippines that focused on chronic health and dental issues using the independent studies of Licuan (2009) and Laguilles (2008) as take-off point to recommend a Community-based Intervention Framework in a developing country. Given the two consolidated studies, this paper conceptualized and recommended a framework to enhance the services for children with disabilities in the country targeting children who are prone to having health complications that are chronic and dental in nature for application in the grassroots or primary level of the country’s health care and educational delivery systems which is community-based and school-based given feasibility for application at the preparatory basic education and special education levels as well as at the smallest unit of the Philippine community – the barangay. The study looked into the present demographics of children with chronic health and dental issues utilizing the Province of Cavite as the micro-represented research locale. Together with the profile review, the respondents’ access to health and education services were reviewed vis’ a vis’ the nature and implications analyses of their condition, family profile and economic status. All of these variables were factored-in to develop the framework that included the developmental guidelines, paradigm and new educational module frames that will be used as recommended platform for a succeeding study that will yield to the development and validation of completed educational modules. This in turn will be distributed and used by the families of children with chronic health and dental health conditions as well as the barangay health workers and concerned teachers to improve the quality of life of children with such conditions with the intent of instructional materials utilization not later than the year 2017 using the Province of Cavite as benchmark locale in the Philippines.



Special Education and Teaching


Children with disabilities—Education—Philippines

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