Ethnic transformation of a Bajau community in Batangas City (part 2): Final report


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This research is the second phase of a study entitled Ethnic transformation of a Bajau community in Batangas City, which deals with the ethnic transformation of the Bajau community in their new environment. The study provides a fresh perspective on the ethnic transformation that happened among Bajaus in a non-Bajau territory. The transformation focuses on the Bajaus' economic activities as well as conflict management in relation to their dependence on the sea for livelihood. It seemed that boat-buildng is the only remaining skill of the Bajaus as they have found a purpose other than fishing: pearl vending. Since fishing is no longer a viable source of income due to lack of water space and urbanization, Bajaus in Batangas have shifted to other sources of livelihood such as cooked food vending, opening a beauty parlor and barber shop, and getting formal employment.

Bajaus in Batangas continue to adopt the process of managing conflict back in Mindanao. The insecurity of Bajau tenure in the community serves as a form of social control for them not to engage in troubles or conflicts especially with non-Bajaus. Early Bajau settlers have participated in the previous national and local election. Adult Bajaus are more of followers and supporters than leaders while young Bajaus have demonstrated leadership potential.

This study is a descriptive research. It utilized interviews with key informants and focused group discussion (FGD) with Bajau leaders, and representatives from the city government and NGOs based in Batangas City.



Race and Ethnicity


"Submitted to University Research Coordination Office, De La Salle University-Manila."


Bajau (Southeast Asian people)--Philippines--Batangas City--Economic conditions; Bajau (Southeast Asian people)--Philippines--Batangas City--Social conditions

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