Skip, sweep or rewind: A look into some libraries braving today's AV preservation challenges



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16th Southeast Asia-Pacific Audiovisual Archive Association

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This paper seeks to explore the state as to where the selected academic libraries maintaining AV collections in the Philippines (Manila-based) are currently heading at in terms of archiving their audiovisual collection, especially those that are in digital format, which are proliferating in remarkable leaps and bounds, not to mention very technologically volatile to contain. With the concentration now shifting from medium towards content, it is therefore essential to first find out how the library patrons in this study choose to work with AV content. What with the many powerful devices coming in different sizes and forms aplenty, and with today's generation of users who prefer to access sound and video recordings anytime-anywhere, media libraries ub the academe are challenged to revisit and re-strategize their AV presentation and access plan in light of these current realities. Highlights include the issues and opportunities that they have encountered as they go about their preservation efforts. Recommendations for crafting and/or realigning a plan to prolong the life of the selected media libraries' AV collections, as effected by their library users' access preference, is what this study endeavors to link together here.



Archival Science


Digital preservation; Audiovisual materials—Conservation and restoration; Digital media

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