A performance evaluation of the Master in National Security Administration program of the National Defense Collge of the Philippines (SY 2021-2022)


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This study sought to undertake a performance evaluation of the MNSA program through a comprehensive inquiry of its outcome and impact as well as its implementation for academic year 2021-2022. The specific questions answered pertained to a) the profile of the students, reasons for enrolling and expectations from the program, b) perceptions on the program components: mission, vision, goals and objectives, inputs, outputs and outcomes short, medium, long- term, performance indicators of success , external factors influencing outcomes and the emerging Logic Model, c) assessment on the implementation of the program: quality of teaching, satisfaction on courses, quality and value of individual courses, effective teaching method, challenging evaluation criteria, criteria for grading, suggestions course enhancement, positive/ negative experience, d) short- term outcomes manifested by knowledge learned, skills enhanced/ developed, attitudes changed, values/ personality traits enhanced and behaviour changed, level of competency in the attainment of learning outcomes, expected and unexpected outcomes, e) strengths and areas of improvement of program, f) opinion on continued allocation in the light of outcomes and impact, and g) recommendations for program improvement.



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Educational evaluation—Philippines

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