SAyaw LIKha ng SIning at kultura (SALIKSIK): Status of folk dance documentation in the Philippines


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Physical Education

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DLSU Arts Congress 2020



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Dance documentation in the Philippines reflects the various cultures and ideas encapsulated on its context. The unavailability of a framework or guidelines for folk dance documentation in the Philippines adversely affects the preservation and propagation of the rich Filipino folk dances, as it limits individuals to perform a scientific way of capturing a precious piece of art showcasing the rich cultural traditions and customs of the country. This paper investigated the status of folk dance documentation in the Philippines of which utilized the qualitative narrative analysis research design. In-depth interviews and focus group discussion from purposively selected folk dance authorities in the Philippines made by audio-video recording were transcribed, coded, analyzed, compared, and interpreted. This study used open-ended questions that inculcated significant context of information from data and latter analyzed deeper with the used of related literature and studies. At present, various Philippine dance festivals and cultural shows still feature folk dances performed in native costume around the country. The different Philippine folk dance styles exist independently from one another, sharing virtually no similarities in form, technique, costuming, and character. Differences in religion, colonial experience, geographical location, and topographical features have all given rise to a multitude of cultural differences that manifest in dance forms. The movements of each dance tell a story of life. Dance whether as leisure, social activity, way of life, theatrical performance, or a minimum physical education requirement in the academic curriculum needs to be read and taken seriously.





Folk dancing—Documentation—Philippines; Folk dancing—Philippines

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