Appointee for academic year 2009-2010

Personality Involved

De La Salle University, Manila

Date of Event



Perla T. Garcia was appointed Director, DLSU Centennial Office, Jose Miguel G. Lisbona as Director, Graduate Admissions Office, Dr. Leila Calderon-Kabigting as Vice Dean of the Ramon V. del Rosario Sr. Graduate School of Business, Lysander P. Rivera as Vice Dean, Student Affairs and Maria Paz Isabel C. Trinidad as Director, Undergraduate Admissions Office for AY 2009-2010.

Event Type

Selection and appointment

Information Source

Help Desk Announcement : June 02, 2009.


Perla T. Garcia; Jose Miguel G. Lisbona; Leila Calderon-Kabigting; Lysander P. Rivera; Maria Paz Isabel C. Trinidad

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