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Organizing a file management system for legal division

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Business Administration

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Management Information Systems


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Management and Organization Department

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Pia Redempta T. Manalastas

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Rachel Quero

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Retchell Morales
Raphiel T. Bacar


The ultimate objective of this action research is to organize the filing system of the Legal Division to cater to our customers efficiently and effectively. When we followed the stages of the action research which are constructing, planning, implementing, and evaluating, my collaborators and I were able to address the perennial problem in Legal Division.

In the construction stage, we all agreed that the relevant problem that we can address is the filing system in Legal Division. This is because of the lack of an organized filing system since time immemorial. We have decided to make a change and challenge the status quo. Thus, despite the challenges, time constraints, limited manpower, and defective equipment, through our collaborations, we were able to make gradual improvements that have a positive impact on our daily operations. We no longer are file hunters. There are no longer delays in providing the needed documents and we were able to use our time more effectively in other areas of our job.

In this action research, we used and integrated the DMAIC Framework, 5S Framework, 7S Framework, and Kurt Lewin’s Force Field Analysis (FFA) to be able to make the change that we want.

We were able to attain our objectives. We now have a conducive workplace with no distractions among others. We no longer are dependent on each other presence in providing the requested documents. There is now a smooth flow and fast transmission of information and documents which saves our time, effort, and money of the Company.

I believe that this paper transformed me and even makes me more Lasallian because I was able to showcase my zealousness and my faith in God and in the people around me in the pursuit of this project which is very relevant in our Division. We were able to create an environment that is less toxic and helpful to the whole organization. This shows that we value them as our stakeholders and that we are willing to go through this project to be of service to them.

Most importantly through this action research, we were able to come up with a framework that encapsulated and incorporated all my learnings, experiences, and realizations in this action research. This framework is called the SCD Proof Framework.

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Filing systems; Office practice; Files (Records); Law offices—Records and correspondence

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