Token economy system in improving task completion among kindergarten students

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Education Major in Early Childhood Education (Non Thesis)

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Early Childhood Education


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Educational Leadership and Management

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Kristine U. Hernandez

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Abigail S. Rice
Arvie S. Andal


Having students follow the expected outcomes in completing assigned tasks in online classes has been a challenge for teachers. To address such problem, this study investigated on the use of the token economy to improve the task completion level of kindergarten students. The single subject reversal research design was used in this investigation. To gather data, six kindergarten students were observed and evaluated for four weeks. Their mean scores were plotted using line graphs, and the observations on students' responses to the token economy system were recorded and used as well for data analysis. Baseline results showed the task completion levels of students were generally on the first level (emerging) for all aspects. They showed inattention and carelessness and were consistently asking help in doing their work. However, a significant shift was observed with all students during the intervention. All of them reached the highest level (outstanding) for all aspects. They ensured their work were correct, done according to instructions, and were completed by themselves. After removal of the intervention, they reverted to their baseline levels (emerging) and showed negative behaviors they had before. The results suggest that the token economy was useful in addressing task completion issues. The system helped students focus and be productive in online classes. However, random scheduling of the system is suggested. Periods of with and without the intervention can help in having the gains for longer periods of time, which can result to students keeping the good habits later on.

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Task analysis in education; Token economy (Psychology); Kindergarten

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