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Master's Thesis

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Master of Health Social Science

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Social and Behavioral Sciences


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Behavioral Sciences

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Jerome V. Cleofas

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Marlon D. Era

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Melvin A. Jabar
Myla M. Arcinas


Night Shift work is essential to the BPO Industry, one of the leading and fastest growing businesses in the Philippines to date. This study explores the lifestyle behaviors of BPO Night Shift Workers, as influenced by their sociodemographic characteristics, social support and how these factors affect their health and well-being. This study was administered to n=49 Night Shift workers for at least one year, in Metro Manila, Philippines, through answering a survey questionnaire. Jamovi version 1.6.18 was used to obtain descriptive statistics to determine sociodemographic profile, social support and health and well-being of night shift workers. Inferential statistics were used to determine the relationships between the aforementioned variables. Spearman Rho, Mann Whitney U and Kruskal Wallis were used accordingly. The study revealed that the mean age is 29.3, that most of them are single, and holder of undergraduate degrees. Most live with their family or friends. The respondents, on an average, have worked in the BPO industry for 1 year and 4 months and are currently working under the WFH set up. In terms of social support, the respondents can ask help from a no more than four (4) people, that people were interested in what they do, and it would neither difficult nor easy to reach out if ever they need help. Collectively, no significant relationships were found between the variables, but specific items showcased significant positive and negative relationships. For the most part, the lifestyle behaviors affect certain health and well-being aspects. Certain Lifestyle Behaviors such as food intake, caffeine consumption, smoking and alcohol intake have impacts to the physiological and psychological well-being of BPO NS workers. Further studies on the lifestyle behaviors of NS workers, including other factors should be explored so that policies can be created to fully protect and support the rights of NS workers.

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Contracting out; Work; Shift systems; Social networks; Lifestyles; Health; Well-being

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