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Doctor of Philosophy in Education Major in Educational Leadership and Management

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Educational Administration and Supervision


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Educational Leadership and Management

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Jesus Miranda, Jr.

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Teresa Yasa

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Rochelle Lucas
Abdul Jhariel Osman
Ma. Lourdes Melegrito
Anne Marie Ramos


In support of the higher educational institution’s [HEI] effort to effectively and efficiently manage the flow of organizational knowledge amidst the increasingly competitive market, this study aimed to understand the role of Knowledge Management (KM) practices in the effective implementation of Outcomes Based Education (OBE) approach in Malayan Colleges Laguna. Using the combined application of deductive thematic analysis and pattern matching procedures for a single-case study, the study validates a KM framework in the four key areas of Outcomes-Based Education system namely, Outcomes, Teaching and Learning Environment, Assessment and Evaluation, and Continuous Quality Improvement. Results show evidence of KM processes such as knowledge discovery, knowledge capture, knowledge sharing, and knowledge application in managing the institution’s tacit and explicit knowledge interspersed in the implementation of an outcomes-based education system. The study also identified crucial knowledge management mechanisms and infrastructure and technology such as organizational culture, organizational structure, information technology infrastructure, and physical infrastructure which enable these knowledge management processes. The resulting framework may be used in identifying the knowledge management gaps that need to be filled to ensure effective and efficient flow of organization knowledge in the context of Outcomes-Based Education system.

Keywords: Knowledge Management, Outcomes-Based Education, Higher Educational Institution, Deductive Thematic Analysis, Pattern Matching, Organizational Knowledge, Knowledge Management Process, Knowledge Management Mechanism, Knowledge Management Infrastructure.

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Knowledge management; Competency-based education; Organizational learning; Malayan Colleges Laguna

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