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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Chemical Engineering

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Chemical Engineering


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Chemical Engineering

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Luis F. Razon

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Joseph Auresenia

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Leonila C. Abella
Raymond Girard R. Tan


Reverse-flow operation has been recognized as suitable for weakly exothermic reactions, such as partial oxidation of methane (POM) to produce syngas. Many studies on reverse-flow reactor have been conducted. However, not many investigations have been extensively done on the effect of start-up conditions and procedures on the reverse-flow reactor. This study, therefore, aims to understand how the catalytic reverse-flow reactor works under POM from start-up. The catalyst used for the reverse-flow reactor was Ni/MgO/α-Al2O3 catalyst which was coated on the structure monolith surface by wash-coating. The effects of initial temperature (500, 600, 650, 700, 800oC), start-up procedures and operating parameters (flowrate, ratio of methane and oxygen, switching time) on the start-up behavior of reverse-flow reactor were investigated. The reactor temperature was measured by the thermocouple at two positions: at the center and at the boundary of the catalyst, which were recorded by a data logger. The concentration of the product (outlet gas) was analyzed by gas chromatography (GC). Based on the recorded temperature and GC results, the cyclic steady state was determined. The results showed that the initial temperature profile had a significant effect on the ignition of the reactor and the final state of the reverse-flow reactor. It also affected on the transition to cyclic steady state. At the lower flowrate, the effect was obvious: the number of half cycles necessary to approach cyclic steady state increased with increasing initial temperature. The effect of the procedure by which the feed gases were introduced into the reactor was also investigated. The results did not indicate any obvious difference for the final cyclic steady state when changing the start-up procedure.

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Synthesis gas; Monolithic reactors; Methane—Oxidation

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