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Master's Thesis

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Master of Health Social Science

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Social and Behavioral Sciences


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Behavioral Sciences

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Melvin A. Jabar

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Marlon de Luna Era

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Romeo B. Lee
Myla M. Arcinas


Physical activity is said to be affected by one’s sociodemographic characteristics, social support and social media use, and it can also bring about many health benefits. Specifically, one’s age, sex, and educational attainment affects physical activity. Additionally, social support for health seeking behavior from family and peers, as well as frequency of social media use has a relation to being physically active. Physical activity is not only good for one’s physical health but also for one’s emotional and social health. Despite numerous studies on the topic, there is still a lack of studies regarding physical activity done in the Philippines, as well as it’s relationship with social media use. This study aimed to address this gap by discussing the physical activity of 470 Filipinos, aged 18-24, who are currently residing in Metro Manila as well as it’s possible determinants and effects on health outcomes. The findings show that only educational attainment was the socio-demographic characteristic that has a significant relationship with physical activity, wherein higher attainment would mean higher levels of physical activity. Health social support has a positive influence on physical activity as well. On the other hand, higher levels of social media imply lower levels of physical activity. Also, physical activity is shown to have a significant positive effect on overall, physical, emotional and social health outcomes. This study showed that higher educational attainment, better support and notably, a reduction in social media use is indicative of increased levels in physical activity, which in turn would equate to better health outcomes.

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Exercise; Social media—Health aspects

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