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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts in Development Policy

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Development Studies


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Political Science

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Ma. Divina Gracia Z. Roldan

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Francisco A. Magno

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Antonio P. Contreras
Marlon de Luna Era


The research is a Qualitative Descriptive study on the way the elements of a good watershed management system are reflected in the Santa Rosa Sub-Watershed Water Quality Management Area Board (WQMAB). The main objective of the Board is to sustainably-manage water resources in the Sub-watershed. The elements used in the evaluation are as follows: legal and institutional structures, social capital, technical capital, and financial resources. Local Planning and Development Coordinators and Local Environmental and Natural Resources Officers of the four Local Government Units (LGUs), four Barangay Chairpersons from each LGU and selected private companies and non-government organization answered the survey questionnaires. Results showed that all of the elements are present in the Board except for limited financial resources. The unclear source of regular funding may affect its future operation. It may become an unsustainable Board tasked to sustainably manage water resources and balance the interests and sometimes opposing needs of its stakeholders. This study will benefit elected local officials and personnel as inputs in their decision-making and crafting of local plans and policies, National Government Agencies (Laguna Lake Development Authority) in crafting policies related to watershed management system; private manufacturing companies in planning their rate of water consumption and participating in watershed management activities; academe with the additional practical knowledge that the research may bring; and most importantly the people residing within the watershed with the effort of the promotion of sustainable watershed management system that will ensure them of sustainable access to water in years to come.

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Watershed management--Philippines--Laguna

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